University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Beautiful campus, food off campus, travel time


I usually talk about how great the programs are that are offered and how I usually get the classes that I want when registering.


I brag about the diversity and the professors.


UNCG is a big college with lots of resources but a small college feel. There are many resources such as the writing and speaking center that help students succeed. I would encourage any student attending UNCG to fully take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available.


How friendly it is and how good the teachers are.


The faculty and staff at UNCG are the best at giving me or any student who is green behind the ears an opprotunity to furthur themselves in life and in study.


Being able to be away from home, but close enough to still visit. Also, I have great friends here and the campus is beautiful.


UNCG is a large campus with a small campus feel. Located in the city of Greensboro, UNCG is located in the third largest city in North Carolina; an ideal location if you are considering applying for an internship. UNCG offers many opportunities for students to conduct research in their state-of-the-art facilities. There are more than 180 students clubs and organizations and a great relationship exists with the surrounding community. UNCG offers more than 100 undergraduate, 63 masters, and 22 doctoral programs. With approximately 1,400 courses taught per year, you are sure to fit in.


It is usually cleaner and quieter than most nearby campuses. A&T college students usually come over to visit and sit around our fountain in the middle of the campus to get away from hustle and bustle of thier campus. It is a beautiful campus, surrounded by trees; it's always green even if it's a grey day. Being here has it's ups and downs for being quiet, especially on a Friday when you're really tired and just want to take a nap and not worry about loud music, unless there's an event going on!


When I talk about UN Greensboro, I brag the most about it being a perfect fit for those students who want to abe a part of the UNC system, but don't want so large a campus as UNC or NC State. Greensboro has eveything a college student could want, the arts, food, proximity, without the daunting size.


I brag about how laid back and friendly the campus is -- not to mention how BEAUTIFUL the entire experience of being at UNCG and learning is a safe, clean environment.


UNC-Greensboro has a lot of cultural diversity; it is the most ethnically diverse campus within the UNC system. Ontop of the ethnic diversity, we have cultural diversity as well. We have a large gay population, and they fit right in as well. Straight students do not harrass gay students, and vice versa.


That the campus is pretty and its calm.


The teachers that care.


how diverse it is




Our excellent programs. Whether they are academic programs such as the several professional schools that are well established on campus, or the organizations to join. There are also residential programs, such as First Year Experience, Make-A-Difference House, Warren Ashby College, and Cornelia Strong College. There truly is something for everyone and they should be able to find their nitch and get involved!


How much I love my dorm apartment!


We have a gorgeous campus, a great art department, a great teaching program, and a good nursing school.


The students are nice, quick to make friends. There are many extra-curricular activities in which to participate. Students have a say in what administration does for them.


I usually talk about the location. My college is located in a good-sized city and it's not too far away from where I'm originally from.


You get a solid education without doing 3 hours worth of homework every night. People are great, and the price is right.


Good teachers who are passionate about their subjects. UNCG has a nice campus that's attractive and is just the right size for me.


I always tell them how beautiful the campus is especially during the spring time.


The University of North Carolina is really diverse in its "races" and classes offered. I have really enjoyed taking some of the unique classes such as "Racial Literacy" and "Poetry." Also, UNC-G is "going green" by putting plastic bottle bags in each dorm room and recycle bins across campus, they turned off their fountain during the drought, and have electronic recycling bins at the end of each school year. The school is in the middle of Greensboro so driving to get groceries or to pick up last minute project needs is not a worry.