University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking is tedious and annoying.


Parking is tedious and annoying.


A lot of students go home on the weekends. However, there a lot of activities plan so go out and get involved!


The worst thing about my school, is I don't live a they typical freshman side of campus. This means I am far away from my graduating class. Although the side of campus I live on is nicer, it is also farther away from many thing like the cafeteria, gym, recreation center, and classrooms. The location of the building I stay i is by far the worse thing about my school.


The worst thing about my school is parking for commuters. Students pay tons of money for a parking permit and is still not guaranteed a parking space when arriving to campus. The parking spaces are first come first serve bases. The school sales more permits than they have parking for the students. Students also get tickets if they park on side the street even when they have still purchased a parking permit. Also, when purchasing a permit you can only park in certain spaces on campus. They have the worst layout for parking for students.


There was not anything worst about my school.


I believe that the worst thing about the school is that some professors use computer programs as a way to teach classes instead of relying on teaching in class as the way to learn. I feel as though I pay for the in class experience and should be able to feel as though that is where the learning is really taking place. The class I had the issue is was in precalculus and it was difficult to have to self teach myself that math whenever the professor would not help in that aspect.


UNCG is a great college and it is very diverse which makes it great to meet and understand all backgrounds of students. There is always something to do on campus or get involved with. I enjoy my school and everything about it so far and there is nothing that I would consider the worst about UNCG.


The worst thing about the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is that the tuition cost for out-of-state students is, I think, unnecessarily high. I realize it is like this with every University, but in my opinion it should cost less for out-of-state students to attend than for in-state students because our willingness to come and be educated at the school, when we don't have to, brings an influx of money, and perhaps eventually, employees to the state.


I never really thought about anything at the school was really terrible. So, If I really had to say something negative, it would be about the dorms. Good thing is next year they are renovating the older dorms and they have already made a better dorm for rising sophmores.


Bus drivers.


The population is mostly women. Intolerance for other beliefs than Christianity.


The campus was limited for space with the main road running through the center of campus.


Probably the same as above (parking and registration.)


The only thing that I wish I could change about my school is the fact that we do not have a football team. I know it is exciting when game days come around at other schools because the whole school is there and excited about it.


No scholarship applications for general school scholarships, the award them based on your FAFSA.


If you are not involved in sports support or greek life, you have a much harder time of finding nightlife worthy of college


I'm not sure what the worst thing about my school is. Since I commute, I am hardly there. If I could say anything it would be the price of textbooks. I know that most schools have no say over that but the other day I bought a lab manual for Biology. A simple, spiral notebook lab manual cost me $60.00. Come on, really? Why does this book have to break me?


Some of the dorms are not that new and the cafeteria food isn't the best.


I consider parking to the worst part about UNCG. There are many different parking lots, most of which are very expensive and a pretty good distance from the dorms. Some are closer than others, but its always a pretty good walk to go pick up your car. Though there is one parking lot that is off campus, but you have to ride the Spartan Chariot in order to get to it, which always takes about 30 minutes to the lot and from it. I just find the price and lack of spaces to be very inconvenient.


The school is located in a bad part of town and I dont really feel safe especially at night.


I cannot say anything negative about UNC-G. It's a wonderful campus.


There are so many people, it's hard to meet people.


I think the worst thing about my school is the layout of the campus. It is so spread out and makes it very hard to navigate, and get from point A to point B.


Some racial prejudices get in the way. Many blacks expect to be treated differently at the get go.


I think the worst thing about campus is parking. It is really hard to get a decent parking place sometimes.


The worse thing about my school is the fact that we do not have a football team. This is bad for me because football is my favorite sport.


Parking would have to be the worst thing here. There are numerous commuters as well as students that live on campus that drive, and Monday through Friday it seems impossible to find a parking space.


Only thing that can be considered bad at my school is the neighborhood in which it is located. I say this because we are located near the downtown area and you have to be very conscious of bums and robbers.


Students do not push eachother to excel to their highest potential and would rather make fun of those who strive to do their best. Many students leave on the weekends so the campus becomes deserted and socially only those in sororities and athletes are accepted and deemed worthy of acknowledgment. I think these issues are a problem for me because you have to be in an environment that makes you happy educationally and socially and here I find neither totally inviting.


No football team


we dont have a football team. Thats one of my favorite sports. But I think that our school would be so much better with one.


No Football team, not big enough, no school spirit, "suit-case college", not enough boys,


The worst thing about UNC-Greensboro is parking! It's frustrating and time-consuming to find a decent parking space. If you have a class at 12 pm, it's best that you leave 30-40 mintues before class starts. To solve this issue many people car pool together, which helps save gas. UNCG also offers parking shuttles for commuters who park in the lot a block or so away from the school. The HEAT buses provide transprortation both ways to most aparment complexes and one route is designated to stop at Walmart.


One of the worst things about my school was the quality of the food. There was a lot of it and a diverse mixture of different kinds it just wasnt like I expected the college food to be like, the quality wasn't as great as I expected.


the registrar's office. they're rude and very deameaning up there.


The worst thing about my school is probably the cafe. I really don't think anybody likes the food in the cafe.


lack of dining places.


The worst thing about UNCG is that it's very easy to go unnoticed. Meeting people on campus can be very difficult.


the worst thing about my school is that the teachers are sometimes not available to help because they might not be in they office but class. the classes are also far apart so that means walking a lot to classes acorss campus everyday.


The worst thing about UNCG is the dining services. The hours are terrible for an actual college student - who stops eating at 7 pm? Plus, if you have an event on campus you have to use their catering (not the nicest stuff...) which gets in the way when planning events.


The worst thing about the campus is parking. We have a lot of yard and landscaping with parks and fountains. Parking operations give out alot of parking passes with no parking spaces. There is really no free parking on campus. Campus is really strict about where you park and how long you are there.


The availability of food on campus. I lost 10 lbs when attending this school (when i lived on campus)


The size of many of the General Education Courses


I honestly can't think of anything :)


A lot of older faculty are stuck in their old ways and do not like change.


I think the worst thing is the parking situation because it's hard to find a parking spot.


Not enough parking


A lot of the other students are too "artsy".


not enough on campus housing. too many commuters.