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What is the stereotype of students at University of North Carolina at Greensboro?


There isn't a specific stereotype for the students at UNCG. There are conservative, liberal, frat boy, artistic, poor, wealthy, etc. It is impossible to brand everyone into a specific stereotype.


It is not really a place dominated by a stereotype. Very diverse student body, ethnically, religiously, socio-economically. . . every obscure interest I could have imagined was represented, as well as several that had never occurred to me. . .


Depends a lot on the major really Music majors are kinda cliquey and love ska. They are really intense about music and kind of music snobs, but it's to be expected when you're that good at an instrument. I know a lot of them and they're pretty nice. Nursing majors are intense, same with education or business. There are a lot of women here. Kids in the Mary Faust college are weird.


none that i have heard


UNCG is sometimes called UNCGay because of its open acceptance to all types of students.


It is artsy


Suitcase school, the G stands for Gay not Greensboro, most people smoke


One stereotype is that UNCG is a commuter school, and that there is nothing to do on the weekends. UNCG is also seen as a university without much school spirit.


Lots of frats and Sororities. Wierd people.


Large gay population, soccer jocks, artsy