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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The general stereotype of my school is that it is a liberal art school and has people that are into several different things. We have a lot of music and art students that frequently express their opinion around campus everyday by playing music or having social gatherings. There is also a big stereotype that we a lot of male homosexual students and that we are an all girl school because it is over 70 percent.


The main stereotype is that UNCG is 70{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} women and 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} men. Half of the men that attend UNCG are homosexual. There is also a variety of races that go to UNCG. I agree with most of these statements, although I think all of these statements are exaggerated more than they should be.


There are not too many stereotypes that go along with UNCG. The most big one I think as many people think it is more of a "white" school. On the other hand, I walk around campus almost everyday and see many diverse races that are combined together like a "salad bowl." As far as Jocks go, we don't have many due to the lack of sports which we make up for in all the various clubs we have. Also, Every school has Geeks because it is a college people! The one place they are applauded instead of teased.


Students at UNC-Greensboro usually get a reputation for being flowery hipster kids who endlessly haunt the music/art buildings. Needless to say this stereotype is true for a good number of students here, but there's enough diversity of thought on campus that all social groups are represented in a more or less equal fashion. People resembling stoners can be found in the College Ave dorms, Psuedo-geeks can be found a bit farther up in North Spencer, a dormitory for the honors college students. Jocks are usually found on the quad near the sports building and greek organizations, and hipsters are abound in the Music and Art building. UNCG is good for having a laid back atmosphere from semester to semester, and doesn't promote one social group above another.


Since The University of North Carolina is such a diverse university, there is not one stereotype that pertains to the students here. Some of the stereotypes that have been associated with this university include there being a large number of homosexuals, a liberal school and a lack of school spirit. I would categorize all these stereotypes as inaccurate. As previously stated, this university is so diverse; there are so many different types of people, with different races, ethnicity, beliefs and etc. As far as school spirit is concerned, there is definitely not a lack of that.


As a transfer student, I really had not heard very many stereotypes about UNCG, other than the fact that there were supposed to be a large number of homosexual students. This is not necessarily true. Since I am a transfer I have seen two different college environments, and UNCG is a truly diverse and dynamic campus. There are individuals from all different backgrounds, generations, and walks of life. I have not met two people that remind me of each other. The range of age of individuals surprised me a bit, but being a science major, there are many post baccalaureate and adult students. I think this creates a more well-rounded environment and you will definitely leave being able to say you met many different, and amazing people. You have the opportunity to learn from each individual a different approach to academia. I really believe the student population of UNCG is one of the best random assortment of people, listen to their stories about how different people got here and you'll see what I mean!


We are stereotyped as a highly Liberal school. Meaning we have a lot of left wing minded students and faculty at the University. I don't believe this stereotype is completely true! Though there are many Democratic/ Left wing minded students, I have found through my three and half years on campus that there are just as many Republican/right wing students and thoughts present on campus.


UNCG is one college in North Carolina that doesn't have a very strong sterotype. People may know UNCG as a "black" school, or a school with a large amount of homosexuals but really, it is the most diverse University in the state. When I walk around campus I see a differnt type of person everyday.


I have not noticed a stereotype about students at UNCG. There is a wide variety of students all with various interests. There is not a football team so there aren't as many "jocks" as there would be at a school with a football team. Overall, I feel that the UNCG student body is friendly, open minded, and willing to make new friends.


I don't believe that one stereotype would fit here. We have students from many different backgrounds. Different race, ethnicity, religion, name it and there is probably someone here who is like that.


There isn't a specific stereotype at UNCG. There is a little bit of everything at the college. There are a few jocks, but not too many because their isn't a football team. There are a few frat kids that make themselves known, but they're also easy to ignore if you choose to do so.


One of the most common sterotypes about UNCG is that it lacks school spirit because it does not have a football team. This sterotype is very untrue as students at UNCG are actively present at a wide range of sports events and activities here on campus. Though there is no football team, we still show our Spartan Pride during an eventful spirit week leading up to our annual homecoming men's soccer game. Go Spartans !


It is inevitable that schools with have their groups and stereotypes, and most of the time this fact is accurate. At UNCG, it is extremely easy to find something that works for you, even though some of the groups here are most pronounced. There is a profound athletic group established (mostly from fraternities and even sororities) but these groups stay dedicated to their sports and fitness more above anything else. There is also a safe and established LGBT community on campus, and UNCG has been ranked among US schools as a 'safe zone' for the gay community. Besides these two main cliches, you have intellectuals, metrosexuals and even hipsters present. These are just my initial observations, but I have never seen a lone person on this campus. You always have a person to connect with, and the overall message that spreads across our population is chill, laid-back and positive.


I have heard that this is one of the most diverse campuses when it comes to race.


University of North Carolina at Greensboro is know for the big international and exchange student population. We have students studying from all around the world here and we have got a great study abroad program too. In fact, the UNC's main study abroad program office is located in UNCG. We have a huge International Day Celebration every year in during the Spring semester. Every Friday the Office of International Student Services hold a International "Friday-fest" for three different countries to present their culture, in the form of a dance performance or a skit or even a presentation on the country and its people. Almost, all the the nationalities studying at UNCG have been given the freedom to start their own club and most of them are very-well established, with American student being a part of those club too!


The stereotype here is that there are a lot of gay student. That is very accurate, even thought all school might have some gay student, but here at UNCG, there are a lot of them. I know some them. UNCG is a very diverse school and with a large international exchange program and so gay student fit right in and are okay about their sexuality and they are as normal as every other student.


Our school motto is based around diversity. I think people here are very accepting of others and are fairly open minded. However those attending other universities in the area tend to see UNCG as being a suitcase college that attracts a rather large gay population.


The biggest stereotype we have is that most of the guys are gay, but even though we are a very diverse campus (most diverse in UNC system), and we are very friendly towards everyone, we are not a gay campus. We accept everyone and anyone!


Hello here are some common stereotypes about UNCG: 1. Too many "hipsters" Answer: While there are "hipsters" are my school they are your typical liberal artsy students who bring a great free spirited vibe to campus. 2. "There are a lot of gay people" Answer: UNCG is considered to have a high population of LGBT students which is awesome!