University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is very self-motivated. You can become the most enriched individual through UNCG, provided you don't need a professor holding your hand through your whole education.


Anyone should attend this school because it has everything you need. If you are artistic, then there are classes for that. If you want to be in the medical field, there are classes for that. If you want to be a musician, there are classes for that. It is all in what you want and need and this school will provide it. Just don't be afraid to use as much help as you can get.


I believe anyone can attend this school - the campus has the most diverse population in the UNC system.


Anyone, really. It's a pretty inclusive school with lots of different programs, being a liberal arts college.


Someone who doesn't mind city life and can hold their own incase of anything. Also someone who never wants to park on campus unless they get there before 8:30 am.


A good candidate for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is one with ambition and that starts during freshman year. The start of college is where you learn the ins and outs of school and find that perfect advisors who can help guide you for the next few years. A UNCG student has spirit and loves to participate in social and charitable events. The best students are those who look back on their tenure with pride and that is built by being active in your university.


The kind of person that should attend this school is some one who would want diversity in their life. The person should be open to many new people or things. They should be determined to their school work and have a good work ethic.


anyone who wants to have a great college experience, both academically and socially. the faculty and staff are great and the campus is eclectic, with kind and respeful students. students who like to explore different areas of studies will have a great opportunity at this institution. there are many clubs and student-based organizations about an array of different subjects that that will interest anyone. you learn alot more about yourself and leave with a great education that will serve you well in your future endeavors.


I think that the type of person who would thrive in the school setting offered by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, is an outgoing individual who is dedicated to his or her education and who enjoys being around other people. The campus is fairly large, which allows for a great deal of social networking and involvement in social and educational activities. Almost anyone could make it at this school with the proper amount of determination, but it is very much an extrovert's environment, offering those who want it the ability to have an impact.


Any person who is dedicated to doing their work and who is willing to study will do fine at my school.


This school is great for all different types of students. I have seen every type of student from Black, German, Artist, and Athletic. This school is perfect for anyone. I really love this school because they have an amazing theatre program and that is what I am majoring in.


The question should be what kind of people does UNCG doesnt have. UNCG's communtiy has a touch of every part of the world. The Spartans support every kind of lifestyle, holds events to embrace those who may or may not been able to express their true selves.


A person who is open minded and willing to challange themselves is a person who should attend UNCG.


Anyone can attend, but someone who is open to new ideas, high on individualism, and academically focused. We have good nursing, education and music programs so if you're interested in any of those, this would be a good choice. All in all, a person who loves to have a fun but is also serious about their work.


Anyone wanting to get a good education, and have a great future. The sky is the limit, if you're serious. There's alot of programs here that help you too, if you're not financially sound, or a first time college student in the family, etc. I think everyone here is great.


Anybody that is looking to be inspired artistically would love to here. The school buildings, the dorms, everything that is surrounds the school is beautiful. There's a golf course that connects to a walkway that is again, very beautiful and romantic. This school is primarily liberal so anybody that is free and open to everything would love it here.


Someone interested in Music, Nursing, Education, or Business should attend this school. These departments are the schools strong points.


If you are determined to better yourself and want to futher your education, this is the school for you. I have enjoyed my time at UNCG, gained lots of knowledge, and met lots of interesting people.


A well cultured person who isn't scared to be in a diverse ssituation.


All sorts of people attend UNCG. I've noticed in my time here that the people here are very accepting and open. If you are creative and are driven to do well in school, UNCG is a great place to be.


Someone who is open minded and diversed is the best candidate for my school.


Someone who appreciates meeting many different kinds of people


All kinds of people can attend this school. If you are an open minded person who loves diversity this school is perfect for you. This school has a strong art focus, so anyone who has a creative niche would definitely fit in.


Any kind of individual would discover a good fit at UNCG. It is a remarkably diverse and accepting campus, where people of every ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation feel welcome. While there are many strong academic programs offered, I believe that UNCG's artistic majors atre its strongest. Dancers, musicians, actors, and visual artists will all find excellent training at UNCG.


A self-motivated person who is ready for the next chapter of their life.


i think that this school is good for liberal individuals; however, i believe that someone who is not very open-minded should come here, too. it makes you learn and understand better and helps to take away any beliefs that are untrue. i was once that sort of person and i am forever indebted to everyone i met that made me a better person.


Everyone is welcome at UNC-Greensboro. No matter your religion, race, sexual orientation, or political views, there is a place for everyone In Greensboro.


Anyone that likes a dynamic school with a great emphasis on art, the sciences, and literature.


Any kind of person!! People who are unique, open-minded, unsure, or whatever!! Its a great experience for anyone!


I would say that the type of person that should attend the University of North Carolina at Greesboro should be very open-minded and diverse. This university is very artistic and liberal. There are so many different personalities around this campus and everyone is unique. There are many different focuses as far as majors, however, there is an emphasis on Nursing, Music, and Art. Also, I think that if you are looking for a school that is big, but also small enough where you get personal attention, this is a great place to come.


if you like a small school setting but with a decent amount of kids


A person who enjoys Art, crafts, Democrats


Any person can attend no matter what your background is.


Any one who wants a good education and wants to meet people from all different walks of life.


Someone who wants diversity, who wants to experience a cultural environment. I would say that anyone should attend.


A student who is interested in learning in a diverse setting. Also, a person who is more interested in social actions than with sports activities and school spirit. Being interested in the arts would behoove the student but isn't a must.


Someone very open with others opinions who doesnt take anything to serious.


Someone who is focused and wants to get a good education at a somewhat competitive level.


The type of person who should attend this school is a person who doesn't like big schools; doesn't care for a school football or very active social life. Also, if they don't mind diversity, this would be a great school.


Any kind of person! UNCG is VERY accepting. There are so many people that are out of the ordinary that no one stands out as being odd. Homosexuality is very big on this campus.


Anyone who is willing to learn in various aspects from educational to social.


Any person can attend this school. The school is really relaxed and helpful with the needs of everyone. We have many different ethnic backgrounds and people that have disabilities. The school is not overwhelmingly large, nor is it too small, and with the sororities and fraternities, volunteer projects, and other on-campus activities there is always something to do.