University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend University of North Carolina at Greensboro?


If you hate nature and long walks, interesting people from across the globe, and lots after classes fun; the University of North Carolina at greensboro is not for you.


Closed minded people should not attend this school. Everyone is tollerant of different ideas and beliefs but don't deal well with the "my way is the only way" attitude.


To attend UNCG a student should be open minded and understand that the campus is very diverse not only involving race but also reliion and involved with the LGBTQIA.


People who don't enjoy large crowds shouldn't attend UNCG.


My time at UNCG has shown me that those that take freshman year as a year to ‘figure it out “then this is not the place for them. This is no party school, sure we like to have fun but you can always find the student library full of students on the weekend. If you’re looking to attend a weekly college football games look again we are the Spartans a collegiate soccer team. UNCG is looking to build future leaders so take your studies seriously and you will be welcomed by peers and faculty a like.


I am ultra-conservative, morally and socially so please don't take these words the wrong way: UNCG is not a place for the intolerant. What I mean to say is that UNCG is a liberal school by several definitions: as an institution, as a community, and as an open forum for varied opinions and beliefs. So if you're not able or willing to express your beliefs with the proper discretion, I'm not sure UNCG is the place for you. Too many people are so casuallly wounded by good people who say the right thing the wrong way.


The type of person that would be interested in UNCG would be a very social person who likes to be involved with campus activities and just get to know new people. Everyone here is very friendly so I would imagine if you attend here that you will be the same. If someone is artistic, they should attend this school because of the great dance, music, and art schools here. Really if you are an all around person this school will be a great school to attend.


People who arent going to strive and be determined.


If a student is not willing to learn and is not willing to work for the grades that they want, they should not attend UNCG.


Someone who likes to be walked through a process should not attend UNCG. It is a large school and you are left on your own in many cases. You can not be afraid to ask questions or get lost in a crowd.