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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It is hard to describe in such a short paragraph the valuable experiences I have learned within my first year of college. Not only have I advanced my interpersonal and communication skills but I have met so many new people who have expanded my network of friends. I know college should be about learning and declaring a major but it is much more then that to me. I see now that even though all of that is important and the main focus, college teaches you to be independent from what you knew to be your world in high school and disciplined in not only your studies but so many areas of life. If I had to sum up the one experience that has made the most impact, it would have to be that college prepares you for the world by forcing you to become disciplined in the areas of achievement. The only person that can make it happen is you as there is no one to fall back on in college.


I have loved being at UNCG. This is a school that every type of person can attend and because of that I have had the opportunity to meet so many new and different types of people. I have become more responsible while being at UNCG. I feel like an adult when I'm here because the teachers treat us like adults and not like little kids.


College has turned me into the person I am today and, honestly, I love myself. I speak up for what I believe in and have the tools to do it without coming off ignorant. I have tons of confidence that I believe comes from having some many great friends who support me no matter what. College has shown me that it is completely okay to be myself because there will always people out there who accept me for exactly who I am.


It is valuable to attend college because I had desired to have a career and to challenge myself. I felt that college would be a challenge that I wanted to overcome. I wanted to be a nurse and the only way to get there was through going to college plus I wanted to be different and make something out of myself that is why I am now attending and I enjoy it!


I got a great education and I had a lot of fun along the way. I was more prepared for my future.


I have learned a lot about diversity through my college experience. There are many different groups of people and they are all integrated in different organizations around school.


I recieved a great education in my field and the most amazing life experience by studying abroad, which is something that UNCG is really excited and open about. I was able to study many areas of interest to me outside of my department which has helped shape my goals for the future in a different way. I learned how to find the people that you need to surround yourself with personally, instead of just falling in with those that are around you. While I did not learn much in the way of networking, I did learn what it takes to make a working career in the field of Dance, which most career help does not take into account. I learned how to be independent and to go after what I want out of life. I learned how to better control my emotions and how to relieve stress. However, the most important thing I learned from college is to believe in myself and my talents becasue if you do not believe in yourself, no one else will either.


A sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. Confidence. A very good job with good pay. Job security. Some admiration from others. Use the skills learned to volunteer and help others. Knowing I can take care of myself and be on my own during college. Student loans were worth it and have since paid them off as planned. Friendships. Great memories.The greatest benefit was the completion of a long term plan/goal. Realizing because of college that there are a lot of things I can accomplish if I want to.


I have learn so much of about the types of nationality at my school. My school is well diversify, and that every one matters. Majority of the students that I have talked or socialize with are from different background and we different in many ways but similar in a lot ways. I have met kids that were the first one in there family to go to college including myself, we have talked about how much we want to make a difference in this world by helping other especially the lest fortunate. As Biology student I am glad my major will prepare me to help other live a better and healthier life.


My college experience is a continued journey of welcomed challenges to overcome. I chose to attend college through my own desire for success and I chose a Speech Pathology degree as my path towards helping people. I thrive in an environment that offers endless knowlegde, and I believe the differences between people should bring us together, not seperate us. My natural temperment as a child was severly shy, so I have had to overcome alot of obstacles in my pursuits. Attending college has allowed me to increase my knowledge and understanding about people, as well as, overcome some barriers I've created by wanting to shy away rather than be a eager participant. I have come a long way in discovering myself and my role in the world. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to further my education because I believe it is essential for society to better understand the world in order to make adequate decisions about how to make it better. It has been very valuble to me to feel that I am participating in something meaningful. The opportunity to attend college has brought me purpose and drive towards success.


In the recent months at UNCG I have learned something that I wish I would have learned my first year in college, not my sixth. I have learned that in order to succeed at any school, there must be a goal in mind. Not only does the goal need to be in your mind, it also needs to be in your heart. I know that sounds cliche and a little bit cheesy but I believe it to be true. Saying to yourself, "I'm going to be a doctor" and having that goal in your mind is good, but not enough. You must have the goal in your heart. The goal must be the thing that drives you. The thing that says to you "You can make it to your 8 oclock class!" There must exist within you a passion to achieve your goal. If this is not the case you may still reach your goal, but it will have been in vain. It's like climbing a mountain and reaching the summit without any desire to be there. You climbed in vain. The goal must be in your heart.


I would go back and convince myself to stay on campus instead of being a commuter student. I would tell myself to set aside plenty of time to study, and I would get a head start on reading most of my text books. And lastly, I would tell myself to be more open during those first few days of classes so I might have made more friends.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself that I need to know how to manage time, money, grades, and taking advantage of scholarships and college courses. Time is the most important thing in College for it takes a considerable amount of time to study and read. Managing money is important because money does not come by easily. The money use in school is either from grants, scholarship, or loans. When it comes to loan, the money must be paid back in full including interest. Not only that, the grades matter as well; this is where scholarship and grants may help pay for college if the GPA is maintain well. As a senior in high school, I should have look into more scholarship and apply to it so that I would not have to loan so much money now for college. Also, I would have taken the advantage of taking more college courses by doing duel enrollments, which may have helped me earn some college credits by spending less money.


You really going to have to buckle down and figure out your goals you would like to achieve and how does college fit in with them. You have to have a balance between work and pleasure. You can go partying and hang out with friends just make sure you don?t have a test the next day or anything due. Scheduleing is important, look up the buildings so you may be able to put enough time to walk from class to class. Get to know what college has to offer you, what events fit you, what kind of money do you need for like washing clothes and get to know the area. VERY IMPORTANT dont forget to file for FASA, and apply for as many scholarship as you can. The money is going to help with books because even if the college offers a discount for students doesnt mean that its going to help a whole lot. College has the recreation centers that has a many facilities and group exercise classes which there is something for everyone to enjoy. More importantly, most of the services are FREE! That is one of the numerous benefits of having a college id card.


I experience a classic internal struggle when I ask myself this question. On one hand, I believe I am right where I am supposed to be and my life 's events happened just as they should, so I wouldn't change anything. On the other hand, I would tell myself to slow down, relax, and take a year off to travel to genuinely get to know myself. I would strongly advise myself as an eighteen year old to avoid partying and alcohol, because it only causes trouble! I would stress the fact that nothing good has ever happened to me by staying out all night and drinking bud light! I would advise myself to go to a college close to home. I now know how important it is to have a family support system close by to keep you focused and strong, as I began my college career at a school four hours away from my parents before transferring home to UNCG. I would advise myself to become invested in creating meaningful friendships with other females, because I have learned how crucial it is to have girlfriends for support. I have learned these lessons through experience and I am grateful.


I would tell myself to be more friendly with everyone you come in contact with at school and participate in more extracurricular activites. It is so much more fun to come home and hang out with a big group of friends to catch up on things versus not having anything to come home to. I would tell myself to be aware of the things I want to accompish because if I had known that I wanted to go to UNCG and be a Nurse then maybe I would look more into the classes I needed to be taking now. Most importantly, I would tell myself to apply for every scholarship that is available to me because people should learn to use their resources. I would tell myself to take every opportunity that comes available to me because experience is the key to life. I would tell myself that when you go to college, don't forget about your family at home who constantly misses you and your voice. I would tell myself to focus on your goals, that is why you are at school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high schoo senior knowing all about college I know now, I would tell myself to learn how to study. College classes are difficult, and to succeed, it is essential to learn how to study. I would also tell myself to get more involved in campus events, clubs, and social groups. They make college much more enjoyable, and they are a great way to meet new people and lifelong friends. If I coul go back in time, I would tell myself to attend every class; you never know what you will miss by being absent just one day. Missing class can be th difference between a B or C in a class, or an A. All of these facts are important to know when preparing for college. If I had known these when preparing, I would have had more of an idea of what college was about, and how to succeed.


Jordan, take your time and enjoy right now. Don't look into the future and try to predict what will happen. But don't look into the past and regret what happened either. Concentrate on now. Keep in focus what is really important and prioritize your life. Literally, write it down and look at it daily. Remember why you are here and what it took to get your here. Don't let your parents down, but more importantly, don't yourself down. Get help when you need it - please don't wait until the situation feels hopeless. Read your syllabus and assignments throughly and keep up with the reading and writing. Don't be afraid to go to your advisor or others if you feel lost. It's okay to ask questions. Remember you are going to have to push a bit harder than you have in time's past. But it will be worth it. And you will look back and say, "Those were some of the greatest years of my life. " Have fun and stay focused. Don't forget why you are here and what it took to get you here. You are a winner!


Look. There's nothing wrong with taking your time, but you have to realize that if you change majors mid-stream then you'll pay for it at the end. Pick one and stick with it, so you can finish up quickly. Always work a 15-hour job while you're in school. It'll feel great to be able to afford random pizza or movies, and not having to rely on your parents will improve your self esteem. Also, be the one with a car. It'll make you a lot of friends, and the opportunity to build relationships by always being in-demand. Live on campus for a semester to see what it's like, even if you decide to move out or back home. It's worth the experience. Don't rely on your parents. Whenever it's humanly possible, make/do/buy what you need for yourself. It's tempting to bring your laundry home, but consider this practice for real life. Your parents' respect, and the car or place to live it'll buy you once you're finished, is more valuable than the $1.25 you'll pay for a rinse cicle.


I would tell myself don't buy books before you go to the class, study a lot with lecture notes and the book, and living on campus is not necessary.


Focus on your schoolwork and keep all of your deadlines organized so that you won't forget them. Stay determined.


Dear High School Self, Go to school initially and finish the first time through if possible. Going to school for a semester and taking a break may seem like a good idea at the time, but it will only prolong your journey to obtaining your degree. You don't have to know what you want to get a degree in as soon as you begin school, but do some research and meet with your advisor - that is what they are for. Transition by being prepared for the unexpected. Ask for help if you need it or don't know what to do next. Your ability to gain your degree should be taken seriously and although you may feel invicible at times, life is unpredictable and it will be hard. If you have to delay school for a semester or two, go back. Save your money and make it count toward bettering your life by learning something you love. Smile about the funny things you are going to encounter and speak eliquently to everyone you come into contact with. Make impressions on your teachers and advisors - good impressions that is. Concentrate and take a deep breath. Never stop learning, MC


If I could go back and tell myself what I know now about college I would tell myself to take things slow and apply for everything early. I realized that the earlier the application for scholarships and colleges the better the chance of getting it. Also everything is much less stressful if you turn in everything early instead of last minute. I would also tell myself to wait until second semester of freshmen year to have a job; instead of going into college not knowing what I am doing and trying to work. It is best to get accommodated to college before you try to jump into everything else.


If I traveled back in time a few months, to when I was a senior, I would tell myself to loosen up outside of class a little, to show a lot more people that I am a great friend and that I am fun to be around. I would advise myself to go in for tutoring whenever possible and to get to know the professors, because they have office hours for a reason, to help students. There is a gym on campus that is free for students to use. I would tell my senior self to take advantage of the free gym equipment and excercise classes that are available instead of using them only once as I did in my first semester at school. Your dorm room is not there for you to lock yourself in, you need to get out and experience college life the best you can. Go on more bus rides around Greensboro so that you can see where things are located. Study hard and know your surroundings, you are about to relocate to a different city. Everyone is not friendly, and some have absolutly no intentions on being so. Keep your eyes open and be happy.


If I went back into my senior year in high school, I would have put alot of thought into my choice of which college I was going to attend, instead of going with a community college.My experienc e at GTCC is an overall great one but i wish that i would have went to an university so that i could enjoy the college life like all of my friends are now.I would have given myself the advice to put much thought into the whole choice making when it came to my deciding on what college would have been best for me.I would have talked more to my counselors so that i could have gained more information about the different universities that were out there for me to attend.And I would have took the opportunity to have visited several differetn colleges.


As a high school senior, transitioning into college would be a lot easier if you start making good study habits and time management strategies in order to be better prepared for college. College is as hard as you make it seeing that you can take your time and study everyday which will prevent you from craming before a test or you can set aside certain days or times to study for classes. In high school group work may have not always been fun but in college it helps to make study groups with people in your hardest classes so you will have extra help with work. College makes you become a more responsible person since professors don't remind you of assignments and it's your responsibility to check your email daily for new updates. Keeping in mind that you want to succeed, allow yourself to take school seriously and know how to balance a social life with school life.


Dear Abby, Don't wait! That's what everyone is telling you. Your about to be a new mother and your just finishing up High School. It seems so stressful and like you have so much on your plate to even think about college. It's almost time for graduation, your belly looks like a watermelon, and your so nervous about so many new opportunities that are about to enter your life. College is an opportunity that will change your life forever. So don't wait! Listen to everyone else and get it done as soon as possible. The more you put it off the harder it is going to be. So enrich your life with just one important decision and you will not regret it. GO TO COLLEGE NOW!


The transition from high school to college is a big change. Not only do you have a new surrounding but you have to take care of yourself. I would give myself advice on how to make it. Not only should I ask other people advice when I get there, I should also listen to that advice. I will make sure i bring a recipe book from my mom with me (who doesn't like a home cooked meal). I would encourage myself to make a variety of new friends. The friends would help me with homework, stress, fun, and everyday life. For the most part how I have handled my self has been great, but of course knowing as much as I can before the big change is always great.


There are so many things that concern an incoming freshman of any college. Your living situations, academics, freedoms, environment, and activities all have the opportunity to change dramatically. As for myself, I wanted to get away from friends in high school and experience a place where I knew no one. My choice made the first semester of school challege, but also exciting adventure. I was never tied down and able to insert myself in new situations that i had never experienced. Looking back, I would tell myself to be open to everything and anything because the outcomes are infinite. Never keep the mind set that a certain aspect of your life won't be challenged and will remain concrete as you enter into the first semester of school. Moreover, I would tell myself to look into the different religious affiliations, academics, and clubs that interest me rather than who will give me the most money to attend their school. In addition, whatever choice you make does not have to be right the first time around. If you're not happy with an outcome of a choice you've made, specifically a school, you can alway adapt your decisions. RELAX & ENJOY!


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell her about the many university merit scholarships available to high school seniors who have maintained an excellent academic average, and who have been actively involved in student organizations. Not having the full support of my two parents to go to college, I was not fully informed about all of the scholarships available ,such as this one, that provide students the opportunity to go to school and realize their dream of one day becoming a professional. I would also tell myself to inform my sisters, who too aspire to go to college, but due to the rough economic time worry constantly about how to afford it, too focus hard on their studies and to never give up because with hard work and effort anything is possible. I would further tell myself that I will do well in college if I focus hard on my studies, build relationships with my professors, and look for research opportunities. I would tell myself to not be afraid to apply for the honors college and that: ?you, I, will do great.?


The advice I would give myself would be to go the extra mile and be more focused. I've always had good grades, but I never took the extra step to get an A, if I knew I could get a B with no effort. But if I would have tried a little harder and taken that step, I might have gotten a scholarship to help pay for school; which is a problem at this time. I also would have listened to people and actually applied for some scholarships. And to use all resources available to me, I know now that they're there to help me out; I let so many valuable resources slip away, which could've saved me a lot of trouble. Also to remain focused on the goal at hand, I noticed all the other stuff is irrelevant now. My grades are my number one priority and to be focused on the decisions I'm making now because they will determine my future. Just to push yourself to the limit in every way possible, because the reward is amazing. The choices you make in high school affect your college life 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}; so be careful.


I would become more skilled at time managememt. There have been several times in school where I have needed to do my work, but instead spent time being social. However, I have grown out of this habit. Also, I had to adjust to going to several different classes in different buildings on campus, but this was a change that was easy to adjust to. Another facet of college is that unlike high school, the teacher aren't going to spoon-feed students the material. Professors expect students to have a good understanding of the coursework.


If I could go back and give myself advice about college I would tell myself 2 things. The first thing that I would tell myself is not to stress so much and to go with the flow. Everything will work itself out and it is not as hard as people say it is. The second thing that I would tell myself would be to get involved in campus groups and organizations you never really feel comfortable or a part of the campus until you get involved. Plus it's a great way to make freinds. That is what I would tell myself if I could go back and give myself advice.


Make a plan for your future. Talk with counselors or someone in the field you want to go into for advice, and research the profession. Check out schools early so you can make a wise decision. You can do it, even if you don't have much support. You only fail if you never try. There really are people out there who will help you in every area of your pursuit for a higher education, and a great future. The Bible says you have not because you ask not, so just ask. Don't look at your circumstances, just believe!


I would tell myself the importance of studying and working hard in college. I would have taken more science based AP tests (physics and biology), and studied harder for the ones that I did take. I would tell myself that college is a lot harder than high school, especially in academically rigorous programs such as engineering and physical sciences. I would also tell myself to go out more and meet as many new people as I could both for networking purposes and for maintaining a good social life. I transferred to different schools many times, and I would warn myself against this as it can result in lost credits and quality points that count towards one's GPA. I would tell myself to look for research opportunities as often as possible, as the experience is very valuable later on.


Four years is a large portion of your life and you need to make the best decision possible. To do this you must know your priorities. However, that is not as easy as it sounds, it will require time and hard work. We go to college to learn who we are and what we want to do with our life and it is priorities that will guide you to this self discovery. You must understand that your priorities are the most important aspect when considering college. When you begin looking you will have an idea of whats important to you but in order to make the best decision possible you must visit many potential colleges in order to get an idea of how your priorities will fall into the day to day life of the school, how they will compare to the people, the teachers, the school goals, the academics, absolutely everything. Therefore in order to make the most out of these four years you must figure out whats important to you and visit colleges in order to find the place that will let you adhere to these priorities and thus allow you to discover who you want to be.


If my present self could go back in time and speak to my highschool self, it would have a lot of great wisdom to share. I would first tell myself to stay focused on my grades and ensure my SAT scores were as high as possible. I would continue to give myself words of encouragement when times get tough. I would let myself know that college isn't easy, but if you stay focused on the goals you have set forth, you will meet your them and the outcome will be even greater than you imagined. I would tell myself to keep your family and friends close and enjoy the good times, once you have graduated work will try to consume your life, but it is import to not let it. I would also tell myself to hold faith close to your heart, and thank God for everything that you are blessed with. Afterall, it is thru He that all things are possible.


I would advise myself to take advantage of every opportunity to truly find the best "match" for my spirit regarding my next educational endeavors. Unfortunately, I believe that most students have not had enough time to consider where their true passions lie...and how to incorporate these insights in their decisions regarding where to go to college, what course of studies to pursue, and which organizations and individuals may support their successful achievement of their future aspirations. I'd encourage myself to take various personality and interest inventories (such as the Myers Briggs and Big Five Personality Tests) during my senior year. This would help me to consider what most inspires order to truly grasp what my path(s) should be. This is important, for many additional classes are taken (only to change majors later), much time is wasted, and unncessary amounts of money expended while pursuing the dreams of others (i.e. parents or others who want you "to do" or "to be" THIS), and not what may be YOUR brilliant destiny.


As I look back on my high school senior year, I wish I would of had the oppurtunity to seek advice about college from people other than my mentors, parents, or peers. Although their words of encouragement and inspiration was indeed very useful, no one can truly generalize their college experience. It is impossible to relate a personal encounter to someone who hasn't experienced it for themself. If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself these things: study and do well on the SAT and ACT, apply for as many scholarships as you can, and don't worry about what others are doing, worry about yourself. Although those were considerably actions that should take place prior to the entry of college, doing those would guarantee a head start on the journey to a higher education. It's easy to get caught up when you're at the end of the road in your secondary educational career. A case of "senior-itis" can bring about a series of struggles that may cause you to be behind financially and mentally, making your freshman year unbearable and tumultuous.


I would tell myself to be prepared to read and study a lot more.


I have learned so much about myself throughout my college experience. If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a high school senior there are a few things I would make sure to address. I would express how open one needs to be during college. You meet so many different people from different places who do not always think and approach things the same way as you. I would remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that it will be ok when I grow apart from some friends. I will stress that sometimes some people are only in your life for a season. I would tell myself to be a bit more spontaneous because sometimes fear can hold you back from challenging yourself. It is how you deal with those challenges that make you a better person. I would push taking the initiative in the classroom sooner. I wish I had realized sooner the importance of really connecting to and utilizing my teachers. It can only help and benefit you whether directly in the class, through networking, or when you need a recommendation.


Work harder in high school to get your grades up and study harder for the SAT. Just because you got accepted to college does not mean that your SAT scores won't affect you anymore. If you want any scholarships you need good SAT scores. Take it again!


Don't take partying too seriously, it won't help you keep your financial aid.


Hello Joe, this is future Joe and I have some advice for you. Get involved. Stay focused. Take all the dual enrollment classes at the college as you can; you'll save time and money. Do a really big cystic fibrosis fundraiser in honor of "our" twin brother before everyone leaves for college. Make this your volunteer mark of the year. Get more active in the Science club; you end up really loving math, science and physics. Be sure to manage your time and be aware that you are doing that. Use a calendar or the phone, but plan ahead. Allot time for track/soccer practice, studying, family, girlfriend, hanging with the guys. Pay attention to how mom cooks and cleans as she goes. Keep track of your accomplishments so you can use them on job applications. Don't waste time and money on Sylvan SAT prep; get a personal tutor and take the test again in your senior year. Remind mom to do FAFSA in January, not in April; that will avoid all those tears she shed. So, my friend, my self, step back and look around; make sure you are going in the direction you'll enjoy.


I had heard so many verbose proverbs when I prepared to attend college, but the deepest philosophy I could offer someone is to "do you", it simply means do what you want to do and be who you are. That phrase can apply to every facet of the college experience, choose friends who fit YOUr personality and YOUr desires in a friend, choose a major that will give YOU the career YOU desire, obtain the course load that works for YOU, and experience everything YOU can. The college years are an open book and you can fill the pages any way that you desire to, it's the time where you can do the most, with it requiring the least. I've found that the students who had the most trouble and couldn't adjust were living for someone else, and worried about fulfilling a promise that someone else wanted for them. If you do you then you will graduate with the feeling that every second you spent as an undergraduate will be worth the 10 years of student loan payments that come afterward.


The first thing I would say is to not focus as much on going away from my home city of Greensboro, NC. I went to a school that was 2 hours away and ended up coming home almost every weekend. If I had known that I would be missing my family so much and visiting home so often, I would have chosen a local school. Also, I would have given more thought to my school choice and based it off where I really wanted to go and what my major was going to be. I ended up applying to a school only because a friend was going there, and then transferring the following year. My current college is in my hometown, and better suits my needs. I would have also encourage myself to have visited more schools and really think about how college-life would be different from being in high school.


Just do it! Go out for that Dance major, look into that sorority, try out for the dance band team, try out for that dance group, and do yo *&{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}^ homework on time!


Never ever give up! follow your heart but dont forget to listen to your head too!!


Don't let the amount of time and work required for any major scare you away from it. Decide what you really want to do and pursue it confidentally. Don't be so hard on yourself and don't be afraid to take risks. You can do it.


I would probably tell myself not to be so scared. I would tell myself that, yes, leaping into the unknown void called college can be intimidating and frightening but it can also bring that exhileration that makes life worth while. I would tell myself that the big world that I am so afraid of is really quite wonderful and full of people who are caring, funny, sharp, and brilliant. I would say that I was making the right choice by choosing Greensboro. I would let myself know that I there is an ease about the campus that can only be riveled by the ease and comfort of home. I would advise myself to get out on campus, get involved, and talk to people. They are not as scary as one might think and by some miracle they are going to help us to evolve as people. Basically, I would advise myself to not be a chicken, enjoy my surroundings, meet new people, and enjoy the new part of my life. These are the things that would have made the transiton simply seamless.