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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would go back and tell myself to stay focused when you get to college and not to let your social life get in the way of your grades because ultimately, its the grades that are most important.


If I was a Senior in high school again, I would tell myself to go now and get your education. Do not start a family right after high school. You may want a child now but you can better raise a child after you get your education and learn more about life. You may think you know what you want but you have not lived enough to know what you want. Education is very important for your future! Spending 22 years in a mill is not a good way to live. If you'll go to college you will not be sorry! You can go to colege and even study abroad. Travel and see the world instead of spending all your life trying to make ends meet. Get an education!!


Partying is fun but it's not everything. Get settled in to campus life and go from there. Groups and hall council are a great way to meet people and network. Even if tons of your friends from your high school go to the same college as you meet to people just for the experience. Don't get in a habit of skipping class because it will become addictive, and attendence is class is one of the best ways to start on a great acedemic path in college.


Try to be patient and try not to stress. Things will happen but it will all work out in the end.


I would tell myself to stay focused. Although having a social life is great, grades are more important and should come first. I would also tell myself that adjusting may be difficult at first; but once you adjust you will love the college life. I would also remind myself that self-discipline is a must! A lot of things will take place around you that maybe be tempting to try, but you must remember that just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean its right. I would also keep myself aware of the reason I am going to school in the first place. School is a place to have fun and meet new people; however, that is not the main purpose. You go to school and learn so you can have a bright future.


I would advise myself to study and not let uneccessary things distract me. I came from a home where my father never graduated high school and my mother was a high school graduate, because of this I never had anyone who could relate what I was going through in college. Being a first generation college student made it extremely hard and I struggled in my academics. If I had the chance to go back I would tell myself all the things I have learned this year and be successful from the beginning. I have brought my GPA up from a 2.0 to a 3.1 in two semesters which my advisors say shows I could have been successful all along if I had not been afraid to ask for help. I have learned when I need help I should not be ashamed to ask for it, it does not make me week; it only makes me stronger!


Take your time....listen to what your parents tell you.......don't trust people so easy..........


If I were to go back in time to let the high school me know what was most importnat about college life, I would tell myself that I can be anybody I want to be in college. High school students often conform to their school's trends. They feel the need to be a part of a group for comfort or survival, even if they disagree with everything the individuals in that group stand for. When you get to college, you have the chance to reinvent yourself. You don't have to be friends with a certain group or anyone at all. You can find a place of your own, mix and match friends until you finally fit somewhere.


If I could go back in time, and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take my education seriously. Even though I may feel that I have accomplished a lot, I would remind myself that I've only accomplised half of what I need to. With that being said, I would tell myself not to be afraid of asking the professors questions in class, or going to visit them during their office hours. This can prove to be very beneficial. The next thing I would tell myself is to take advantage of the opportunities that I will have to interact with the other students at my school. Being that we have one of the most diverse univeristies, it would be fulfilling, and maybe even helpful to make new friends, and to begin networking. I would also explain to myself the importance of exploring the city where I attend school. Being aware of the activities off of campus would allow me to become involved in different community service projects, connect with students from surrounding colleges, and become involved in other social activities.


To stay focused. And buy a very loud alarm clock.


If I could go back, I would advise myself to live on campus and to become more involved in campus and volunteering activities. The transition from high school into college is not hard at UNCG. Everyone is very friendly and there are a lot of things to do to get you acquainted with the campus and the people. Meeting all of your professors is a good idea. They can help you not only with the class but with job opportunities and internships as well. It is easy to balance school and a social life as long as you allow time for both and do what is necessary first. I would advise myself to not get a job the first semester so that I could get used to school and the amount of work that is due regularly. I really enjoy the atmosphere at UNCG and the surrounding area. I believe that it was the best choice for me.


I took college courses my senior year that transfered with me when I came to college. I would just simply tell myself not to get comfortable with those transfer credits because you still have to pull your weight and those credits dont count into your GPA.


The most important thing to consider when choosing a college, is to make sure that it feels right for the student. The only way one can learn to the most of their ability is if they are in a stimulating, nurturing environment. Take extracurriculars into consideration when choosing a school, because the friends one makes when doing what they love, are the friends that stick. Last but not least, know that if the strain of transitioning into a new place becomes too much, there are people to help, and that it is vital to ask. College is the most difficult and rewarding experience for young people. Enjoy it.


The advice that I would give parents and students in finding the right college is to make sure that you are choosing a school that is safe. Also find a place that is close to jobs to work because college can become very costly and haivng a part time job can be very helpful. Students need to remember that although you are in college and the workload can be very demanding you still need to enjoy the time spent in college. You should get involved in most of the campus activities because this is the best time of your life! You do not want to leave college with any regrets and wishful thinking because you didn't get involved and made the most of your college experience.


It's not where you go, but what you do with your time there, that counts.


Just go with your gut instinct. Go to a school where you feel completely comfortable on campus. Remember that no matter how good a reputation a school has, you will only be able to succeed in a place that makes you happy.


In order to make the most out of a college experience you have to make sure the college is right for you. Don't rush into a school, see them all and then make the right desicion. You also have to make sure you get involoved, find out what there is you can get involoved in and do it. You have to keep your head on your shoulders and focus on your school work before you can play. College is about setting your future straight with a degree and career, but while you there make life long friends, have a good time, and get involoved. Your college years will be the best years of your life, I've only been through one but I know already their are going to be a great full three years ahead of me. There nothing can make you feel better than feeling happy with the choices you made.


Visit the college before you apply, ask around the campus of current students about their opinion of their school. Your learning ability and the teaching plays a big difference in your education. You should definitely sit in on a few classes on campus.


I would tell them to make sure that it is the right school that they want to go to and that it offers the major in the field of study that they want.


Parents should let their student discover what college suits himself/herself best. When parents press their student to go to a certain college, it inhibits the student's ability to open their horizons and explore what college would fit him/her best; afterall, the student is the one attending the school. For the rising high school grads, congratulations! Go to an institution with which you feel most comfortable, one with lots of options for a major, and one with a student body you can most closely relate to. Pick a place for the right reasons, not because all your friends are going there, or because it is a prestigious school. Your close friends in high school will always be your close friends; you are not losing them or replacing them no matter where you go to college. Attend a school you like, not just because of its high class reputation. Your personality will speak louder than your choice of college when in a job interview. A university name does not determine your level of intelligence, creativity, or personality, only you do. At school, join a student organization or an intramural sports team. There's plenty to do at every school!


I believe you have to want to be ready to learn and succeed with your goals. My best advice to parents is to take an active part in your child's education, but don't push them. Stay informed, let them learn as adults to make decisions conducive to their career goals and social needs. Parents should take an active roll as a friend and mentor, not a dictator! Step back and watch your child explore themselves - provide insight where needed and help your student meet their full potential. My best advice to students is to get involved and stay aware of resources on campus. Know what your paying for, know what your school offers to you as a student and take ANY help you need. College is a stressful time, enjoy it because it will only get more stressful out in the real world. Explore your talents and interests, they will best benefit you and be your guide in making the most of your education. Let it work to your advantage!


Visit the college first and take your time deciding and don't go just because of the sports.


Think about where you would like to be in the future. Then find what college will help you fill in the gaps of who you are today and who you want to be in the future. Any college someone choses should be academically challenging but there should also be a comfort level which is satified as well. College is a major part of one's life and finding the college that fulfills your academic, moral, and social needs will make the transition into a new life much easier.


I would let parents know that finding the right college can be a difficult decision. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, considering the amount of money that goes into funding a child's extended education. So serious thought needs to go into the decision. Finding the right college is about finding a place that allows your child to be themselves in all aspects of their schooling, and enables them to succeed. Finding the right school is also about finding a place that can stimulate your child's mind and provide them with ways to explore different avenues of thought. Ulitimately, finding the right college means finding what's right for your child, not yourself. Even though you may be concerned for your child's education, the decision for the right fit should go to the them since they will be the ones surrounded by the environment.


Work hard and realize you are going to have to make sacrifices to get the things you want.


Find the college that best suites you. Dont listen to what anyone has to say. I feel like every highschool student's parent should take there child on a college road trip and visit alot of college. Not only is that motivational, it inspirational. Seeing a college as a potential student puts a sense of urgency in the students heart ( at least it did for me). Once the student graduates high school and starts their first year of college try to get them to get their feet wet in some type of organization or some kind of service. This will allow them to meet people and establish themselves as a serious student at the school. Also try to get the student to talk to their teachers. Teachers repect a open student so much more then one who sits in the back quiet. Plus you never know how many times you might have that teacher, seeing how most professors teach more then one class. Last but certainly not least dont let the student's social life take over. This is very important. Often times the student is overwhelmed with the freedom college brings.


I would strongly stress the importance of searching for colleges and scholarships early. The problem I had was not knowing enough by the time I was a senoir in high school and by that time it was almost too late. Get started your freshman or sophmore year in high school. It will definitely save alot of stress and headaches down the road.


Its not about going to the most prestigious college, its what you make of your experience at any college and how hard you push yourself educationally or mentally to achieve your goals. Try new things, be brave, and if your not happy change the things that are holding you back from what you want. Never let anyone tell you no. If your wrong the first time around with your decision on what college you want to go to make sure to not wait around and stick it out... change to a place that you can love because if your happy socially you will most likely be academically successful as well.


The key to finding the right college is finding what's right for your individual needs. Just because a school has a prestigious name or a fancy campus doesn't mean it will be the best option for you personally. Focus on your academic interests first and foremost, and allow them to guide your decision. Searching for a college that has a strong program in what you want to study will significantly narrow your options. I wanted to find a school where I could double major in Dance and English, and this unique combination led me to the one university where I knew I could recieve the highest level of instruction in both subject areas. After limiting your options, do some internet research based on the factors that are crucially important to you. For some people, this will be the level of diversity and acceptance in the student population. For others, this might be a vibrant campus social life or the quality of on-campus housing. For me, this deciding factor was location, as I found the two-hour proximity from my family's home to be a perfect fit. I wish you the best of luck in your search!


Let student pick a college that the would like to go to not one that caters is to the parents interests


Visit as many colleges as possible!!! It really helps in the decission making process.


The best advice I can give towards finding the right college would be to pinpoint a good atmosphere. A big part of the entire college experience is having exposure to other cultures and ways of living and learning (this goes for the students as well as the faculty). That in itself trains you to be yourself even among the influences of others. It teaches you critical thinking; the ability to think "outside of the box," and at the very least tolerance. Pick a college where there are plenty of activities to keep the mind engaged, but not so much partying as to be a distraction. Find an accepting atmosphere on the campus as well as the surrounding city so that the individual in the student can experience independence on campus as well as off.


Parents don't decide for your kids what you'd think is best, let them choose themselves. Just look for the school that really catches your eye, somewhere that has a good focus on what youre concidering to major in.


Don't go to a school or move to a different place just because your friends are going there. If you're starting somewhere new, do it with a positive attitude. Get involved and meet lots of new people.


I would advise parents to let their child make their own decision, and advise the student to make their decision based solely on themselves. I see too often students enrolling in a school because a parent wants them to, or because their best friend or boyfriend is attending the same school. College freshmen have to make the jump from being that high school senior that is completely comfortable with their surrondings. Take the risk of attending a school where you hardly know anyone, you will meet people who are in the same situation and make friends that will last a life-time. Choose the school that fits you. Choose the right size school, choose a school that has an academic program that fits your goals as a professional. Visit different schools and feel the moods of the atmospheres at different campuses before making your decision. But most importantly, make sure your final decision is exactly that... your decision.


i randomly chose a school which ended up working perfectly for me; but, i know that it does not always work that way. i think that a student should take advice from parents and others about where they would like to go, but always remember that it is YOUR college experience and no one else's. i know too many people miserable trying to fulfill others dreams. i think you should start off finding a college that excels in an area that you are interested in. you should then take other factors into mind like distance and size. if you are really attached to family, a five hour drive is not always the best. and if you like a more personal environment, a large campus is not the best route. as far as the college experience goes- classes are important. but beyond the books, you can make really great friendships. so stress, but not too much, these are the best 4 years of your life [or 5 years :)]. you're independent, but not completely into the workforce. so learn from yesterday, revel in today and look foward to tomorrow!


Finding the right college is not always easy for everyone. There are many factors that must be considered such as: academics, distance from home, tuition cost, student diversity, and student-teacher ratio in classrooms. Making the most out of your college experience is completely up to you. The best way to mazimize your college experience is to get involved. Become an active student on your campus. People pay attention to those who are making a difference and becoming a positively known person around campus. Along with getting involved, I would say that in order to make the most out of your college experience you need to try new things. The best thing about being in college is the availablility to to experience new things. I think that you do not fully know what the best college is for you until you take a chance and experience it for yourself.


The advice I would give to parents and/or students who are trying to find the right college is to look for what interests them at the university or college they are going to apply. They should try and find out if the university or college has a good program on what they want to major in also. Making the most of the college experience is totally up to them. If they want to make the most out of college, I think they should be involved in their college.


My only advice to you is dont decide where you want to go because of friends or because of the sports! Look into what you are interested in studying, the safety procedures and the safety of the campus enviroments! Look into the the school ratings and where that school ranks amongst other schools your interested in. Sometimes the smaller school are better because of the student teacher ratio, and the comfortable or friendly enviroment. Make sure to get involved in any way possible. College isnt just about making the grades, its also about making friendships and creating a network for yourself. Good Luck in your future adventure, where ever it may lead you!


Make sure you visit the college first. Just walking around camus can give you an idea of whether you would enjoy attending school there. Whether you like small or large schools is important to consider as well. Smaller schools have smaller classes which allows more student professor interaction; whereas larger schools generally have better sports teams and more extracurricular activities. There is no need to worry about where your friends are going to school because you will make some lifetime friends when at college.


UNCG is a great university for the arts, science research, and literature. The professors are friendly and do a great job of directing student studies, as well as help them on their way to a future career path. This is a friendly medium sized campus with open-minded students. The best way to make the most of what UNCG has to offer is to go with a great major that contains your potential career focus, and follow it with your professors to guide you to many opportunities in your field of study.


Although college may be a nerveracking expermient for most parents, they must not slacken the leash too much when it comes to staying in touch with their kids. While the prospect of binge drinking and recreational drugs might tempt the average student, they will find that college is more of a time to evolve and mature and soon the drinking tickets and hangovers will fade and the window of graduating on time will too. It is normally wise to get a job if you plan on having money to cover your vices, but don't plan on your parents to foot the bill for everything. To truly make the most of your college experience, you must first ask yourself what it is you want out of college, because normally that one thing you came into college to do won't be the one thing you'll end up doing.


College is the most important stepping stone to adulthood and it is crucial that students find a good college that fits them as a person. Personally I like medium sized schools, ones that are large enough that I feel like I'm in my own little college world, but that are small enough that I do not feel overwhelmed by it all. Finding a good sized school is always helpful. When you touring a campus try to tour at a time when people will be on campus so you can see how the students behave and how the campus operates on a normal daily basis. Going on a weekday while classes are in session will help you get a true feel of how large or small the school truly is. This is especially true for commuter schools since at these schools the campus is fairly empty on the weekends. Once you find a school that makes you feel at home, you've applied, been accepted and you've moved in; go out and meet people! Target areas of the campus relative to your interests because more than likely people like you will be there. Networking is key in college.


The best advice I could give to upcoming college students is to tour a lot of schools and find somewhere where you think you will feel most at home and that offers the most for your education. You may or may not know what you want to major in going into college, but it's important, even if you do think you know what you want to do, that the school you pick has a lot of options that interest you. There's nothing worse than getting to a college, starting your major classes, realizing it isn't the major you want, and then finding yourself without other options at the college you're attending. It's nothing to rush into, so take your time and find the college that is the best fit for you.


To find the right college I suggest that they visit the school that they want to attend. Make sure to also talk to someone who goes to the school to see what they think about the school. I would advise that they do a lot of research and make sure that they have the major that they want and also the costs. To make the most of you college experience just have fun, but dont get too caught up. Its ok to go out and party but you have four years to do that so keep up with your grades. Make lots of friends so that you can have a stress reliever. In college you'll learn a lot and just take it all in and enjoyit.


One of the most important things for students and parents to remember about finding the right college to attend is to choose an institution where the student feels comfortable. From their first visit, the student should feel welcomed by the faculty and upper classmen. The student should never pick a college just because that?s where their parents want them to go. Also, parents and students should make sure that college meets the basic needs of the students by providing various on-campus resources, such as tutoring, which provides better education and success. Good financial assistance is also a must! Students should make the most of their college experience by taking advantage of their campus resources. Many colleges, such as my own (UNCG), have various on campus resources available to all students to help with class as well as social life. It's very important for all students to not only attend class regularly, but to participate in social events as well that they consider to be culturally enriching and to have diverse experiences. No matter where you choose to attend, it is important to network and be involved on your campus. So get excited, get involved, and stay active!


Visit the college before you committ to go there.


Do not look for the college that is known to be a party school. Look for a college that will give you the most benefits towards your major. If a school specializes in the particular field you are planning to enter into then that school is more than likely going to help you out the most in the long run. Also, finding a school near your home is the best way to go. It is cheaper therefore you will not have as much debt when you are paying back all those loans, and if you get home sick its easy to visit to have some of mom's homecooking. It gets very boring sometimes eating at the cafeteria everyday and you will be craving mom's cooking. Make sure you search for a college that has the most benefits for the kind of money you are paying to attend that school. Also, always go with what you want not what anyone else wants because in the end the student is the one that is going to be getting the job in the future and you want to be happy.


The advice I would give to parents and students visit the school and speak to teachers. The students should stay focus on their career goals, but be social. Get out and experience what the school has to offer.


I think that you really have to have an open mind about college. You can't go into it expecting on thing because you'll get something completely different. College isn't just about getting a degree, it's about learning life lessons; it's about making mistakes and learning from them. I think a lot of high schoolers don't understand this. After one year of college, they will be a completely different person. You learn a lot.