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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advice that the student take a gap year to work or see the world so that he or she might have a better idea of what they want to study when they get to college. Also, make a list of things you want in a school (lists of extra-curricular, majors, scenery, types of housing, size of school, does the cafeteria offer kosher food, etc.) so that when you are shopping for colleges you will know what you are looking for and can make a more informed decision.


If you're not sure what your major is, don't sweat. It's a big world meaning big opportunities. You will eventually find something that you are passionate about and once you do, no matter what college you attend, your passion will drive you and pull everything together to make it all a great experience in the end. :)


I would advise parent to talk with their children to see what schools they have in mind. then look at the size, population and location of the school and pick the best one that best suits/fits your child's needs. Also going away to college is not for everyone so if a parent feel their child is not emotionally or mentally stable to handle college life on their own, they are probably right. Follow your first instinct, talk with admissions personnel and see what kinds of scholarships and financial aid packages each school can offer.


Visit lots of colleges during open houses. Dont settle. Make sure you know you are going some where you will be happy. Where ever you decide could shape you into the person you are going to be in the future.


Students should pick the school that they feel is best for them...they shouldn't go to a school just because their friends are going there or because their parents want them to go there. Students need to take responsibility for their own higher education and make a decision for themselves.


I would advise them to be proactive in getting the broad and detailed view on the college they are interested in. Some colleges may have what you want in one aspect, but not in another. Before applying and accepting, be sure that this is a college that you'll be glad to say you attend and that you'll still feel good about years from now.


I would tell parents that they should allow their student to decide which college they want to go to. Do not make the decision for the student. They need to go to the place where they want to go and they will be so much more happy and actually want to learn and participate in any kinds of extracurricular activities they want to. Definitely get involved and always remember to be yourself and never let anyone bring you down because of your race/skin color/religion/sexual orientation or any others. Enjoy your college experience and don't forget to study!


You have to get yourself outhere and visit and look into as many schools. At first it may be overwhelming, but just know that everyone is in the same boat as you! Have fun with it.


Go to the college you would like to go. not where your friends go. In college you will meet new friends and experience alot of fun. Keep your mind focused. Partying comes last. As long as your work is complete you can have fun. Make wise choices: studying or going out. Pick the studying because going out wil not help you get a good grade on a quiz or test Attend tutoring if needed Dont be afraid to ask for help or ask for something to be explained by the professor b/c 9 times out of 10 someone else has the same question


Make sure you look at many schools before making a decision.


Be sure to look into everything that the school offers, but don't stress out too much. It is important to know the school you're going to, even if you don't know what you are going for.


College is a part of life that everyone should experience. It is the first time that you are away from home and out on your to prove yourself to be a responsible adult. College is considered as the last stop before real adulthood by most. You will have a great time meeting new people, being involved and getting the best education that you possibly can to prepare you for your future career. Your time in college will be one of the fastest times in your life so never hold back and always go for what you want because one day you'll look back and ask yourself if you did everything possible to make your college experience one of the best experiences in your life.


Visit the school before you agree to go. When you have found the right school there won't be a doubt on your mind! Be sure to think about location and size!


Go visit the colleges because seeing them in person, sitting through a class, meeting the people in your future department will make all the difference. The worst thing that could happen is you get to college to move in and you hate it.


If I were to talk to any perspective students and their parents, I would have to start out by saying that the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is one of the most beautiful campuses that I have visited. UNCG incorporates modern buildings with a historic feel. Professors at UNCG are always willing to help their students suceed in their classes, and typically you are able to have a professor for more than one class through the years here. UNCG creates a life changing experience that no one should live without.


go see it for yourself.


yes i would.


Keep your options open - explore all possibilities when deciding where to go to school. The four (or more) years that you spend at college will shape a large part of who you are, and you want to make sure that that shape is one that agrees with you. Don't make your decision lightly, or you will regret it, someday. That said, listen to your gut - it is rarely wrong.


I believe that every person that does decide where they want to go to college knows what they want no matter the distance. For my parents, it was very hard for them to accept the fact that I was leaving home to go off on my own because in my culture, family is very important. My mom wanted me to go to the community college in town, but I told her I knew what was best for me and that I wanted her to support me. After I left home, she began to realize that I had dreams. She was happy that I made my decision to go to a four-year college even though it was far from home. My advice to parents who has children who are going off to college is believe that your child can make it because they are already dreaming it. If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college is to tour campuses and find out what kind of atmosphere is going to make the future student comfortable, whether a city, or quiet country side. Ask questions to students that are already attending a college of interest to get opinions on how campus-life is for that particular campus. Search online to find statistics on colleges and choose one that has a good student to faculty ratio so if the student needs help it is available, as well as knowing the enrollment of the college and the particular degrees that certain colleges are known for. To make the most out of the "college life," live on campus for at least one year. Dorms are a different world all by themselves and it's an experience that every student should have. Be sure to attend a few athletic activities such as soccer games, baseball games, etc. and some intellectual activities such as orchestral performances and interviews. There is a lot more to college than partying and skipping classes, students just have to be open to new things. And, PS: ... APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS!


If you dont know what you want to do go to Community College first then transfer to a 4 year university. Trust me, I wish I had.