University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I wish I was more aware of the hardship of managing paying for school and living expenses. I was previously at a community college, where school expenses were drastically less expensive, and I was living at home. This year has been more stressful due to having such limited funds and having to live on a strict budget. Another hardship was trying to find a job in my new town that worked well with my school schedule.


I wish I would have known that off campus was cheaper than living on campus.


The only thing I wasn't prepared for when I first started was the level of difficultly I would be experiencing. I knew it would be difficult but I wasn't quite aware of how tests were done. I wish I would've known that everything that the professor said or refers to, importatnt or not, is fair game for the test. Intially I only studied important things highlighted in the outline and didn't do as well as I would have liked. Once I realized I need to study everything, including topics not mentioned, my test grades greatly improved.


I would say that UNC-G is a school of diversity and growth both inside and outside of you. It is up to you how you want to make your college years but the people who are there to help you are true and sincere and an open door policy is always there so that you are heard and not just listened too.


When the scholarship deadlines were.


I wish I had looked into the programs at the school a bit more


Coming out of high school, I had no expectations of what would be required of me upon entry. I assumed it would be like high school where there would be an abundance of teachers to help if needed. My experience in college has not been that at all. I have found that the professors treat us like adults and not children. I have had to adjust to this type of enviroment but it has been a good adjustment. It would have been nice if I had some type of communication with professors prior to the year beginning.


The lack of weekend events and the way my department makes cliques


I wish I had more helpful resourses available to me about scholarships and free money for college. Having to take out a loan, work, and go to school is difficult, to say the least, but it is a struggle many like myself face. I hope for these opportunities in the future so that I can focus on good grades and better earning potential. So many college students graduate with an average of 50,000 dollars in school loans, and without safety of knowing whether the job opportunities available will be adequate enough to support us and our loan debt.


I wish I had known what classes I was required to take once I got here. I should have taken Statistics in high school, but I didn't know I was going to be needing it for college. I wish I would have known that you should not come into college with a boyfriend. I wish I would have applied for more scholarships early-on to help my mom's financial status.


I wish I had done more research into my major and the credits it required. It can save so much wasted time and effort to choose your courses wisely and avoid extra or unnecessary ones.


Before starting college, I wish I would have known how hard the work was and what to expect out of professors. The workload is managable but I wasn't aware of all the studying that is required in order to keep up good grades. Coming from high school is a really big transition and knowing what to expect going into college would have helped a lot.


I wish I had known that class selection was limited in math and science fields before I came to this school.


I wish I had known more information about parking on campus, and where campus buildings are, also to know where events are in those buildings.


I feel like I was well prepared for this school. I also did a lot of my own research, so I was aware of things that would take place and different opportunities.


I feel like I was well prepared to come to UNCG. I received lots of pamphlets with helpful information over the summer, so there were no surprises.


I wish I had known more about the surrounding area of the school.


That you shouldn't declare a major until you complette a year of college so you can get all your general ed out of the way. Also that you should take AP classes in high school.


I wish I had known more about the degree's offered at UNCG.


I wish I would have had better preparation in certain aspects like who to contact when one is struggling with managing academic and emotional hurdles.


I wish I had known that the school that I attend now were not necessarily out to help me but themselves. I wish I knew that most teachers werent very helpful or didnt like their jobs as much.


Lack of space in the nursing program.


I wish I would have known how small tight and compact the student apartments are. They make it look so much bigger in the pictures online then you get there and But as far as education wise I pretty much like everything.


Ap courses from high school


I wish I had settled on a concrete major before I came.


That there was so much hatred and contempt toward whites here.


That some classes you don't have to buy book for just because it's recommended and when you buy them they might not buy them back.


I wish I had known that the window for university scholarship applications were so early. I received offers everywhere else, but I missed the deadline. I feel like I missed out on extra money.


I wish I had known how to better keep up with assignments, in regards to not attending that particular class everyday.


That not many people are social


I feel that I was well prepared as far as information the school or other students could have given me. The only things that I needed to learn were those things that you must learn for yourself such as a major and who to choose as friends.