University of North Carolina at Greensboro Top Questions

Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


The best place to get work done on campus is the fountain pool behind the EUC. I swear it seems like the most peaceful place and great scenery that will keep you in your zone for studying. Also, if you like to work in study groups there are rooms in the upper level of the library where you can schedule a time for you and your group to meet. The rooms are like big conference rooms with huge size screen TV's that work as an computer.


The library for sure. There are 9 levels in the library, so there is plenty of quiet space to get your work done and focus.


There is a meditation room at UNCG that is the best place to get work completed on campus. It is as quiet as it gets. The library is also a great place for accomplishing tasks.


The best place is get work done is at the library, the environment promotes learning. I have spent the entire night at the library once to write my paper. I did most of my work in my room because my roommate was not too loud. The dorm on campus have study areas which are very inviting and its has tables, desks, and a flat screen TV just in case you want to take a break.


We have an amazing library that consist of 9 floors. Floors 2-5 are group floors were students may talk, floors 5-9 are quiet floors.