University of North Carolina at Pembroke Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Greek Life! Greek Life allowed me to meet dozens of people with similar interests as me, even if they aren't in my sorority. Greek Life helps you with networking, volunteering and doing all sorts of community service that I probably wouldn't have done without joining a sorority.


The small class sizes and the interaction with the professors is ideal for anyone who truly wants an in-depth learning experience. The on-campus resources, as well as those online are very beneficial for various types of learners.


The thing I like most about UNCP is the people. You see your instructors can make all the difference in your education. I can remember attending orientation and hearing staff after staff member after staff member stressing to us that they wanted to know us ( the students) by name. I feel like I am apart of one great big family that really cares about helping me reach my future goals. This step in life can be very overwhelming. Therefore I wanted to attend a university where people would know me by name and not number.


It is a small campus community. This gives you a better chance at one on one time with your professors who have easy office hours. The classrooms, library, and cafeteria are with in walking distance of the residence halls. Right on campus is the GPAC auditoriuim where students can attend community events. In the Fall of '11 there are plans to place a full Starbucks in the Lowry Building.


When I am talking to my friends and they ask how school is going, I respond by telling them about the professor to student relationship and also the freedom. In an average class room the student to teacher ratio is very much benefitting. We have time for the teacher to explain it endepthly to ensure that there is understanding. College itself is way more liberal than high school; it is much fun but with that freedom comes responsibility also.


When I discuss The University of North Carolina at Pembroke to my friends, many ideas come to mind about how this college has potential to be better than any other college. One idea that continues to come to mind is the individual attention that I receive when I am in a classroom. Classes on campus have a ratio of 15 students to 1 professor which allows me to receive extra help on class work that I may not be able to comprehend. By having a small class with extra attention from the professor, I am able to improve my grades.


when I brag about my school, I brag about how it is very personal because it a smaller university. Which enables the students on campus to get to know each other better and gives more personal one on one time with the professors, better enabling them to get the more help if needed.




I tend to brag on how nice everyone is. On a daily walk to class, I usually get six or seven greetings from people I have never met before. It is a very nice school, and the people who attend are willing to help and are extremelt polite.


The instructor accessability. Insructors at our school are very knowledgable about the subjects that they teach and are also very engaged in the progress of all students at the university.


The housing, the teachers, and the price.


its a small town with a unviersity, thats amazing. its great. there is always something going on on campus. there isnt much to do in a small town but we arent far from the beach or the city...


I tell my friends about the small class sizes and the professors. Typically a class is about 17-25 students in size. This allows for more one on one contact between the professors and students, which I feel has helped me alot. Also I tell them about the diverse community of students . Finally I really tend to brag about the events that we have come to Pembroke. We usually have ballets, broadway, guest speakers (most recently Patch Adams) etc. These events expose us to the world outside of a small town.


The accesability of professors and the small class sizes.


small classes, goofy professors, and that it is located in a quiet area of the county and if you want to city effect you can drive about 45min to Fayetteville