University of North Carolina at Pembroke Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is it being to close to home. I feel as if I am I still in high school. I want to go where nobody I know has been there.


The worse thing about my school is that the campus is extremely open. I honestly wish there was a higher level of security so that it would be harder for people to enter the campus.


The worst thing about my school is if you don't have a car to get off-campus, you'll get quite bored. There isn't much to do on the weekends unless there is a volunteer opportunity or you have a car. Also, almost everything is about 20-30 minutes away.


Being in an Accelerated program where classes are only 5 weeks long is challenging. I would make sure you have the self-discipline to do your online coureswork and not get too distracted.


Probably the slippery sidewalks when it rains. I always fall!


This campus is located in a small town. The area does not have many areas to shop, or any good places to hang out or eat.


I would say the worst thing would be not being able to get all the classes you need to take. I realize times are tight and budgets are short but at the same time we the students are trying to take all we can to finish school and get in the work force full time. Other than that I don't really have any other negative comments to make about UNCP.


The only bad thing I can see is the lack of resident student parking.


My shool is located in what some might call "The middle of nowhere." There is not much activity that goes on in the city of Pembroke and that is quite a downfall at times when students desire off campus fun or activities.


They are not focused on the student's long term goals in life. I feel that the professors just do enough to get you out of the class.


I think the only thing I dont care for about this school is not in their control. I heard that the state was going to raise the price for next school year.


The thing that I consider as the worst thing about UNC Pembroke would be its location. I would liek to do many things in the community as far as service and internships but it is a little difficult considering that Lumberton is about 12 miles away and I am not driving this year. But aside from that, UNC Pembroke does do a great job of providing the essentials for its students. Most of the things we needs as far as resturaunts, supply stores, help, and aid are right here on campus.


The worst thing about Pembroke is the location. Pembroke is in the middle of nowhere and in order to get to grocery stores or somewhere else, then you will have to drive. And sometimes people don't have a car so that can be a big hassle. Other than the location, Pembroke is excellent.


there was nothing that i would actually call a bad or worst thing because for me all things were good. i financed my own education and it was weell within reasonable costs for that in addition to accessible by a short travel allowing me to stay at home and save needed money.


The academics or the food


The worst thing about my school is the campus dining. the food is not good most of the days and i wish that there were more food choices.


There are not enough elevators.


Our school is going through alot of constrution, in the future these will be positive improvements for the school. Right now the continuous construction serves as a major inconvience. Parking and campus traffic patterns are frequently interupted and student fees seem to keep increasing tuition each semester.


Middle of no where. There is nothing around the town.


The lack of social events.


The biased professors


The worst thing about my school, or any school for that matter, is the transition into the school. My school in particular, doesn't really have a program to help with the transition of going from high school into college. Luckily, cheerleading and dance helps me personally balance my social and professional life as a college student. If there was a class or program to help freshman adjust to being a college student, there where be a smaller percent of freshman failing english and overall having to create an appeal for grades in order to keep thier financial aid.