University of North Carolina at Pembroke Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school should be a person who doesn't mind going to a decent school in a small town with little activities to do.


Anyone that goes to college should be optimistic, even if they do attend a small college. Pembroke takes any and all students, I guess, it just depends on if the student feels this school is right or not.


Anyone. This school was so diverse that anyone would really fit in and feel comfortable.


A person that likes small class sizes, lives near by and wants to commute from campus everyday.


If you are okay with a small town and a middle sized school. A school with a lot of diversity. If you know how to get involved and make your own fun.


I believe that to attend UNCP you have to like a southern atmosphere. There is not much to do in town and a lot of time is spent finding creative ways to pass the time. If you are accustomed to city life, and like it, Pembroke is not the school for you. Everyone is friendly and it is hard to know a large portion of the students after a while.


Anyone who is looking for a positive learning environment should attend UNCP!


Someone that is interested in getting an education for a cheaper price and nod not really interested in a big college. They also have to want to be in a small rural town, with not too many things to do.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is ready to focus and buckle down in academics. It is unfortunate to see students slack off and not take learning serious. The professors here give each student a great path to follow. If followed and the student works hard, he or she will do great.


The people that attend this school ios dedicated to their work study.


students who are focused and want a quality education .


The ideal type of person to attend the University of North Carolina at Pembroke would be a student who is willing to attend university in a quiet rural environment with students who enjoy sharing their life experiences. Also, I think they should be willing to interact with the community through volunteering since this community has alot of need, like so many others. The student has to be willing to work hard for their grades since they are not handed out.


The type of student that should attend the University of North Carolina at Pembroke is a student looking for a unique college experience. A student who wants to open their eyes to what our world has to offer and wants to better communities across the world better. A student who wished to be involved and culturally explorative will find a great home at UNCP.


I think that the kind of people that should attend this school are people that are willing to learn and are capable of doing their work.


The kind of person that show attend this school she be open minded. There are so many diversities and ethnic groups here that you have to be open minded in order to get along with people because they have different backgrounds. Also, Pembroke is a school that will only allow students to strive for the best. The person should be hard working, dedicated, and focused in order to maintain a good academic year at Pembroke.


Anyone who is serious about their future and who want to see themselves excel should attend this college. The atmosphere is layed back and everyone is able to not only take classes, but enjoy the classes. Not only should recent high school graduates attend UNCP, but older people as well. They'll soon find that although things have changed the ways of learning have not.


give it your all, stay focused, because it is MORE IMPORTANT now than ever to get the right education, there is nothing to be taken for granted and do it while you are young. i was a slightly older graduate and and even older graduate student but it was ALWAYS worth it.


An individual who attends this college must be extremely responsible and just know that the financial aid office and advisors do not help you much. They put their job on you.


People who want one on one learning should attend this school. There are no more than 60 students in a class and some classes have as little as 10 students. If you want guaranteed interaction with the professor, then this is the place for you.


Its a nice school, There is nothing around here but Wal-Mart


Someone with an open mind who isnt afraid to have his or her ideals and values challenged.


The kind of students that succeed at this university are those who are willing to dedicate themselves to their work and are determined to perform at their best with no true focus on partying or a big city lifestyle.


anybody looking to teach should def attend. its very diverse and they are at the top of the list when it comes to education programs in the state. anybody who likes a place where things are going on but its not looud and busy like a city.


I believe any kind of person would be able to attend this school. I believe people who like the small town feel and smaller classes would like it her at UNCP better than say a bigger university. Someone who likes to be comfortable in their environment and likes easy access to facilities should attend this school, Pembroke, i believe, is accepting to any type of person no matter what their background or preference is.


Anyone would enjoy attending this school. With this school's small class size and campus, there is a lot of interaction here. It's a very diverse college. People who like the country side should like this school. There's no mall or busy streets, but people find things to do.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person that knows how to focus when the time is needed and knows how to take advantage of all resources.