University of North Carolina at Pembroke Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This school is out in the country and extremely small town. I would say a person who loves the big city and big campus shouldn't come here. This school offers small classes and some may prefer to sit a class of 50 or more, here class size on avgerage is around 25 students. Also a person who doesn't want to be far away from home, this school an hour away from bigger cities.


I believe my school can be made for anyone willing to make the next step in their life to pursue their dreams and goals. Pembroke has such a vast majority of different people and is a flourishing and promising school in my area. People who come here are serious about their future, and know that they are getting top of the line education at a fairly decent cost compared to most schools. So if you're willing to take the next big step in your life, UNCP is for you, if not then no you wouldn't make it.


Someone who does not deal well with a diverse population.


Students who are looking for a campus located in a major city would not ideally thrive at this school. This university is located in a rural town, but is within short driving distance to larger cities.


If you are looking to get into trouble then UNC Pembroke is not the place for you. Someone who plans to party all the time and blow school off is not going to do well at UNC Pembroke


I believe this school welcomes all people, but if a person would prefer to live in a large city and attend a larger university then this would not be the right campus for them.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is someone who does not like small towns.


someone who is extremely shy with hopes to still make friends.


there is no type of person that I wouldnt recommend this school to as there is something for everyone to be found within this campus's boarders.


Anyone who is used to the city life of a well populated area should not. The population of the school is not that much.


I would definately say this is a school for the open minded individual. A person who finds themselves feeling uncomfortable in rural areas, and unable to adapt to cultural diversity should probably choose another campus.


Pembroke is a very small school, set in an even smaller town. I don't think this school is good for people that have dreamed about attending a big school, thats all about sports. While we do have football and basketball which are both awesome, its nothing like that of UNC Chapel Hill. Pembroke is good for anyone that needs a small personal setting in order to succeed both socially and academically.


Any one that wants a small campus that allows professors to foucs on every student and have more time for each student.


I think a person who is not committed to learning and does not except diverse cultures and races should not attend the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. This college is located in a very small city, which does not include alot of entertainment or shopping centers, so if a person is looking for a big city they should not attend this college. However, I enjoy this small town and the atmosphere.