University of North Carolina at Pembroke Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the way you register for classes and so on.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the level of recognition the university obtains. It is a great college with an amazing heritage and background. I think that the University of North Carolina at Pembroke doesn’t have the recognition that it should.


The budget cuts in the University of North Carolina system leaves smaller schools like UNCP without some resources. This may be something small like your professor's inability to print out handouts because of paper restrictions or everyone in your Microbiology lab may not be able to use their own plate for an experiment. Lack of resources creates situations where everyone may not get a hands on experience.


Going from one department to another for anwers. Scholarships are hard to get and other money not available.


Administrators and professors, I feel that they could have better helped their students & could have led them on a better road to success. Especially by offering things that could help them to find a job or further their education , like internships, assisting on research projects, and providing real-world experience.


There is a lack of resources.


I am not a big fan of there food on campus. It would be best to have a car to eat out at Lumberton, which is 10 minutes away from campus. They have disgusting cafeteria food!


One of the most frustrating things I have begun to notice around the campus of UNCP is the violence. As a student who resided off campus, I have begun to see an increase in burglaries in and around the apartments. Over Christmas break, my roommate was a victim of the violence as she returned to find her window broken and her play station missing from her room. While hoping that increased security around the apartments would decrease the violence, this attempt failed as my neighbor was followed into her apartment and robbed at gunpoint.


My school is a very different compared to the place i'm from people wave and say hi, but here they just work pass you like they don't even see you but the trick that helped me get pass that was realizing that this isn't home and i shouldn't expect strangers to be that open with me. Its the real world and you just roll with the punches or any kind of hang up you come across.


Fake People.


The most frustrating thing about UNCP is the attitude of some of the students.


The most frustrating thing would be the nursing advisors. They do not have offices on campus, and it is difficult to get in touch with them on occasion.


No one is friendly here at this school. Parking is terrible. You have to bring transportation or you are stuck. Teachers are not always friendly, well actually no one is. Dorm mothers are a joke especially in Belk Hall. They acted like they would really help through my freshmen year but they didn't. I feel I can trust no-one at this school.