University of North Carolina at Pembroke Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What do I consider the best thing about my school? Well the best thing about my school to me is that its right close to home but still gives me the life of a real and civalized University that has brought success into many peoples lives. I know I can trust them with my education and even though I may not be on Campus yet, I already feel like part of the family. Go Braves!


I liked the small town feel. The classes were small and students got one on one attention.


The best thing around here is the small enviroment. In class you are a name not a number. It's easy to develop a relationship with your professors if need be.


One thing that I consider the best thing at the school is the level of education. Although the college is in a very rural area, the professors are still demanding the students’ best potential to do well in their studies by challenging them to always do better. The school has a diverse population and curriculum. They ensure the understanding of the courses and help is always readily available to those who need assistance, in any way. Students and staff look out for one another and everyone is given an opportunity to stand out. I love this school!!!


In the music department there is a great sense of family, which is inclusive of quarells and issues that must be worked through, but we always get through them. The instructors at Pembroke do their best to make new studens feel comfortable and are overall an incredible bunch who really know their stuff. Even though I've only been at Pembroke one semester, I've already noticed growth from the instruction I've recieved and look foreward to what is to come.


UNC Pembroke is a small university, it is a very good school for a smooth transition from high school. Leaving high school and going to college is both exciting and scary all at the same time. UNC Pembroke is a great school that makes u feel comfortable and secure.


The best thing about this school is the people. The people at my campus are willing to share their life experiences in order to learn of those of others. In this way we learn many lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom. Also, no one person can know everything in a particular field. The students here like to work together in academic situations, we all share what we know to enrich what we each know for our classes.


I love my school becuse first off it is smalll. That is perfect for me as far as the class rooms. It gives me a chance to really get to know my professors. I also feel that it is awesome that our tuition is affordable.


My school is very diverse. This is a good thing because we can learn about different cultures from our peers. It also alows us to be ready for the real world where everyone doesn't look like you or come from the same type of background as you. So the Diversity on campus is a major pluss for UNCP.


Small class sizes. Able to gain a relationship with your instructor


the best thing about my school is the diversity .


There are a few teachers that I have had that I have absolutely loved. They were great great teachers and card about their students.


Small classes, and the faculty to student ratio.


The best thing about my school is the size. I think it fits everyone because it is not that big nor is isn't that little. It is just enough for you to walk to your farthest class.


The classes are small and personal. I can always get in contact with my professors if necessary. Also, because it is so personal, students tend to work together to study, complete homework, etc. in order to help each other succeed.


The best thing about UNCP is the diversity and the fact that it is not a huge university, because it is smaller i feel i can meet more people that have the same interests as me. There are so many different type of races and ethinic backgrounds at UNCP and i love the teachers here as well. The teachers are so helpful and help you in any way they can and always are available to talk whether it is in a meeting, or through e-mail, they are quick to respond. I am glad i chose UNCP.


Small class room sizzes ensure you never get lost in the crowd.


The ratio of professors to students. Gives you more opportunity to get help from your professor inside and outside of class.


The University of Pembroke is a wonderful school. This is a small school, but that what makes UNCP important. In the U.S. News and World Report "America's Best Colleges and Universities 2008", UNCP finished 1st among North Carolina public universities for the percentage of classes under 20 students. UNCP also finished 1st among North Carolina's public universities for the percentage of international students enrolled in the university. For ethnic diversity, UNCP finished first in the South and in North Carolina for universities and tied for sixth among national universities. UNCP also finished fourth in terms of affordability.


The best thing about this school is the small class size. Students can feel like a person instead of a number. The teachers actually get to know your name and who you are. In some schools, it's not like that . Teachers and students have a chance to interact with one another. Plus, with smaller class sizes, studentd can interact with each other and make friends.


I came to UNCP thinking I would like the small classes. I like the small town. I like the small classes. I like my business law teacher very much.