University of North Carolina School of the Arts Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Open-minded, accepting, and passionate individuals who all want to be successful in their art field.


My classmates are whom I collaberate with to create films, today and tomorrow. We are the future of the film industry, and eventually my classmates will be whom I reach out for help, work with, mentor, etc. They have become some of my best friends, and these are relationships that I know will last and leave a positive impression on me for the future.


my classmates are creative and fun.


My classmates know what they want to do with there life and will do anything they can to get there.


My classmates are highly creative and artistic, though they tend to socialize only within their repective art-groups (i.e. dancers with dancers, musicians with musicians, etc).


The future of filmmaking.


Overworked and burnt-out.


My classmates are focused, driven people who know what they want from their education, withstrong artistic and personal integrity, and a dedication to their work and to their art.


A small group in which most are good friends.