University of North Carolina School of the Arts Top Questions

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my school is purely an arts school. i selected it because i would be surrounded by other people who have the same interests as me


Other school have artist mixed with doctors and lawyers, in UNCSA we are all artist and we all work together. Is more like a conservatory than a University really.


UNCSA is a complete community of artists. All students who attend are some sort or artist whether is be an actor or a stage technician. At UNCSA you cannot major in math or english or sciene, there is just the arts.


The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is an absolutely amazing school with a faculty of your wildest dreams and a curriculum that will challenge you like nothing before. If you love your art (film, dance, music, design, drama), and are serious about honing your skill, then this is the place to be. It is the most wonderful and terrifying choice you will ever make, and you won't regret it. Never doubt your desire to follow the arts, because it is a beautiful thing, and we need more of it.


This school provides the opportunity to work with very talented professionals who are still working in your chosen field of study. It allows you to strive for perfection, but gives you a safe place if you fail.


This is the only school of its kind, with five separate and distinct "schools" in a conservatory setting--dance, film, drama, music, and design and production. The Design and Production school is particuarly unique because it is perhaps the only stand-alone school in the nation focusing on the technical and design aspects of theatre. Most other schools require students to get general "Theatre" degrees with a focus on their particular interest; at UNCSA, students can major in everything from Scenic painting to Cello. The aristic community here is very dynamic and diverse, and the facilities are great.


The teachers in my program know the students really well, and if they don't they schedule meetings with us to get to know us and serve our best interests both in our arts and academic class. They try to involve themselves in helping with the students financial situations. When certain stdents are ahead of the class, teachers push them to learn even more and are very attentive towards students that are struggling as well. The individual attention at North Carolina School of the Arts is far beyond what I have seen and heard from other students at other schools.