University of North Carolina School of the Arts Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I haven't attended the school yet.


The worst thing about this school are the dorms. I'm thankful to have a roof over my head, and to be completely honest this is more of a superficial complaint, but they're very very old. The dormatories are conveniently located in the heart of the small university, but they are some of the oldest buildings at the school. With a little renovation, they wouldn't be that bad.


The fact that this school is so unconscious to it's environmental impact is very frustrating. I come from a very environmentally conscious state and part of the country and it makes me mad that people do not respect the environment more here. It also makes me mad that the campus does not do more to fix this problem. There is almost no recycling and there are faucets throughout the school that leak and have not been fixed for the two years I have been attending the school.


The worst thing about this school is that it doesn't encourage failure as much as it should, even though failure is really how you learn in artistic fields. I believe everyone should strive for excellence, but I also think that if we have too much pressure to succeed immediatly, we cut ourselves short of reaching our full potential. The faculty also tends to get too involved in certain student affairs, while turning the blind eye to the needs of the student body as a whole.


We have so much work and are always busy doing what we love that we never really get to converse and collaborate with the other art schools within the school (there's Film, Dance, Drama, Music, and Design and Production).


The worst thing about my school is the fatc that it is a conservatory. Although it puts an emphasis on learning your art fully, the intensity of the programs can be wearing. Not everyone is ready for the amount of commitment necessary at my school. However, for those who can survive, the school holds many opportunities to grow and realize your complete abilities.


It is rather lax and lacking when it comes to academics, because students are so bogged down with their arts classes.