University of North Carolina School of the Arts Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Passionate artists that want to be around other passionate artists should attend UNCSA. Though the school has it's short-comings, the student body and faculty are what make the school worth being there. The connections and relationships you make can move your career forward and create lasting friendships that will undoubtly be benefitical as you pursue dreams of being a professional in your art. Of course artists will struggle, and the only ones that will fully understand that struggle are fellow artists.


A person who is truly dedicated to their craft, in which ever field they choose whether it be dance, film, theater, etc.


A very artistic person should attend. Someone who knows exactly what they want in life in terms of their career. Either dance, drama, opera, or musical instrument. Someone who wants to be in a conservatory setting for their studies. Also, less focus on academics and more on their art.


At a college like UNCSA, only people who are focused, driven, hard-working, and determined will thrive here. The enviorment here is stressful; students are expected to give not anything less than100% and are constantly pushed by our workloads and professor's expectations to always give our best. The school year is challenging but the rewards are a solid education, life-long friendships and partnerships, a devoted and inspiring faculty and staff, and a promising future. I couldn't imagine attending another university.


Someone how is absolutely positive that they want to have a life in the arts...and the arts only.


Open-minded, very hard-working, good with time-management, not obsessed with a huge social life or a huge life outside school, dedicated, ready to not get much sleep.