University of North Carolina School of the Arts Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The faculty at UNCSA is unlike no other. The faculty take their time to give one on one training in order for their students to succeed in the best way possible. Every single student at UNCSA has been hand picked from the best visual artists, actors, singers, designers, dancers, and musicians.


The best thing about the school is the education. Everyone is always busy because they are trying to take in as much learning as possible in four years. There is a lot of work involved in the arts


UNCSA is a great school. The professors and instructors care about their students and start immediately preparing you in your field of study unlike some colleges who wait until junior and senior year. I feel that one of the million things that is best about UNCSA is that it is one of the top colleges in the nation for the arts and all areas of the arts. The staff and faculty work hard to assure that you are learning the skills needed to be a top choice to employers when education is complete as well as providing top qualtiy education.


The best thing about this school is energy. Both students and faculty share a great passion for the arts whether it be music or film. Not only are the teachers artist but some of the people that work in financial aid or admission are artists, which is amazing. UNCSA is litearlly a community of artists.


There is a lot of individual atention for each and every artist who trains here.


The intensive program is fantastic. The ability to entirely immerse yourself into a subject is a rare gift and we have it here.


The best thing about NCSA is its reputation. The school is known as "The Juilliard of the South." It has a literally world-reknowned music school, as well as schools of dance, film, drama, design and production, and visual arts. It has several noted alumni from all schools. In general, NCSA is well-known in almost any place where the arts plays a prominent role in the community.