University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UNCW is a school by the beach with erratic weather, interesting people, and always something to get into if you are willing to search hard enough.


UNCW is a beautiful university with a strong sense of community and people who are eager to expand their education.


I would describe UNCW as an academically challenging school, with great people, academics, and professors, as well as a welcoming place with many opportunities for students.


Fun at the beach, but still gotta work hard!


UNCW is a beautiful campus with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere and quirky lovable professors.


UNCW is a very friendly southern school, located conveniently near the beach, city, and town.


Beach school, beach town, good times.


UNCW provides a great educational experience because the staff members are very knowledeable and passionate, and they are concerned with your success as a student


UNC Wilmington has one of the best and highly accredited Athletic Training programs in the southeast U.S. and does everything in its power to assure its students success academically.


Refreshingly located near the cool ocean waters of the North Atlantic, UNCW is a visually appealing group of brick buildings that inspires awe and makes one feel proud to learn in such a peaceful atmosphere.


The University of North Carolina Wilmington is a school that helps broaden student's horizons, helps them to think in a totally new and different way, and makes going to school something that students want to do.


UNCW has a lot to offer, whether it be the varied academic areas of interest, the numerous extracurricular activities, the multitude of on campus events, and the nicest people you'l ever meet.


UNC Wilmington is a great school. It is one of the top 3 schools in North Carolina. It actually is tied with NC State. NC State is number 2 but there are more students there so UNC Wilmington is number 3. Chapel Hill of course, being number 1. I like UNC Wilmington because of the diversity of students there.


Very laid back and fun.


My school is a fun, interesting, unique, diverse learning environment that strives to meet everyones individual learning styles.


UNCW is a happy campus. Students enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to study there. We have some brilliant and very interesting professors. Wilmington is a beach community. When not doing school work, the beach is the place to be.


UNCW is a good place to be.


The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is environmentally friendly, academically focused, supportive of all the students, open to all ideas, and friendly to those of any ethnic background.


UNC Wilmington creates a beautiful and productive place to learn and develop yourself.


I love everything about it, from the campus life to my job to my classes to my friends; our campus is absolutely beautiful.


UNCW is a friendly, creative enviroment; the people make the school what it is.


The best state funded school in north carolina.


UNCW is a place with friendly people and a laidback atmosphere.


Amazingly awesome.


UNC Wilmington is a great school, through and through; there could be much more said about it, but honestly I've found nothing but positive things to say about it, and making a long list of reasons would be ludicrous.