University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very opininated and come from unique backgrounds.


Classmates at UNC Wilmington are always open minded and great with taking on their own tasks.


From what I have heard and experienced so far, my classmates are very well educated and well-spoken.


My classmates are for the most part very goal-oriented, and very serious about their futures. Most of the people I have met since attending UNCW have created a life plan, one which they intend to follow to get what they want for themselves. Of course there's always a backup plan in case of any setbacks. I respect my classmates, for the most part, becaus majority of them are really embracing the idea of becoming mature adults and model citizens.


Not very motivated.


My classmates were fun to be around. There was always someone to keep you laughing and work with on school projects.


They are intrested in their studies and are very diverse.


Diversity: There are groups for all types of people. Most of them are rather successful--from what i know. Out of place: An inner-city youth, most likely a minority. UNCW students appear to be cheery. Which is great, but for that type of kid, it could be hard for them to be accepted. Fashion: Flip flops, next question. Interaction: If you're "involved" on campus then you will interact with all walks of life. If you have no common interests outside of being the same race, then you may not interact. Wilmington as a city still suffers from "soft bigotry." Just research the coup-d'ete of the late 1800's in Wilmington or cross over 3rd and Castle downtown. Dining Hall: Who cares? Go eat. Student population: Most from NC. The rest are surfers from the Northeast. Financial Background: Mostly are middle to upper-middle class. Politically Aware: Most student regurgitate what their parents have told me. Few are capable of having a sound political debate. Most are right wing, but a considerable amount are progressive-minded.


UNCW is the most friendly community I have been a part of. I have had people come up to me while I was conducting campus tours, and say hi to my tour group. When you walk down Chancellor's walk, our large sidewalk on campus, you feel like you're on the red carpet because your friends, classmates, professors, and co-workers are greeting you with a friendly smile! Students at UNCW are very interested in leadership and you would be amazed at how student run so many of our traditions and programs are.


I think UNCW has an array of diverse students. As a student who grew up on the other side of the Atlantic, I feel as though my experiences help shape the ideas and help bring something new to the culture on the UNCW campus. I think we have a variety of different backgrounds amongst our student population which helps us be the best university we can be.

Anna Kate

At UNCW, diversity doesn't just come from your outside appearence, but also from the student's background, interests, and opinions. UNCW's student organizations embrace all of the different groups on our campus, whether their political or cultural differences. Although dedicated to their studies, UNCW students understand that there's more to the college experience than the work that's done in the classroom. On a typical day, you'll see students dressed in wetsuits, business suits, or flip-flops. There really is no possible way to be an outcast at UNCW because we have so many different things to offer.


My classmates are young, excited and exploring the possiblities.


The students at UNCw are all very friendly. I have really enjoyed getting to know, and working with my felllow classmates. I think that UNCW students seem very happy with their choice to attend school in Wilmington. Overall, students at UNCW seem excited about school, and content with the education that they are recieving. There is not much diversity among the students, however. The campus is a majority white students with cultural similarities.


They are open minded and willing to help one another.


My classmates were extremely fun to learn with.


Mostly friendly but not helpful when studying for a test, they mostly stick to the same group of people and don't look to make other freinds


My fellow classmates were quiet, young, and naive about life in general.


My classmates are very diverse, but I have not met anyone I cannot get along with, and everyone is very nice.


they are fun, outgoing, energetic and friendly.


my classmates are an eclectic group of open minded driven students who share unique perspectives on situations that arise.


My classmates probably dont study as hard as me.


The students here are smart, enthusiastic, full of school spirit and friendly for the most part.


Outgoing, extremely friendly and helpful students.


mostly motivated people


My classmates are funny, hard working, easy to get along with, helpful, fun to be around, share some of the same interests as myself, and help me to learn more and better my understanding of the material at hand.


Homogeneous. Not very much diversity racially or ethnically but there are many different types of people from different backgrounds.


Classmates in the business school are very kept to themselves during class times. When it comes down to schoolwork, everyone is very reserved and to themselves about getting their own stuff done. Outside of class, people tend to socialize a lot. Some of the fraternaties and sororities are big around campus, but you do not need to be in one to have a social life.


My classmates are a diverse, freindly, hard-working and often outgoing group of people.


My classmates were very friendly, helpful and similar to myself in many ways. The further I went into my major, my classmates as well as myself, became more intense with classwork and participation in class as graduation came near.


they like to drink and do their easy school work quickly


I have creative, fun, and energetic friends who all enjoy music and fun.


My classmates are people who have similiar goals and wnats in mind and are focused and what they need to achieve those goals.


My classmates are diverse, friendly, and helpfull.


When considering my choices in classmates, there is an interest comparisan that can be drawn between what I believe and what I'm going to tell you; the point is, that I find them to be engaging and thought provoking individuals that have helped me to grow both academically and psychologically.