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What is unique about my school compared to other schools I considered is that there is an evenly distributed amout of time taken for studying and a social life. The campus gives me a relaxing feeling where I'm able to study in a peaceful environment, especially in the library and around different parts of campus. There is also the sense of community because there are several activities where the students can get involved, and the students seemed to want to help one another in social and studious situations. There wasn't a sense of competition in the air.


The enviromental aspect of our school is a different feeling since we are so close to the beach. Everyone has the beach attitude and is always laid back and ready to relax on the beach. Since everyone is involved with the beach, it is really easy to meet new people and find something in common because the beach is the perfect place for everyone to come together and have a good time. Also, the diversity is all around because people come from all over the place to a school at the beach.


We are only 10 minutes from the beautiful beach.


University of North Carolina-Wilmington is not only situated near the beach, it is rich in Civil War history. The college itself promotes a strong sense of community involvement and community commitment. The school is making very great progress and is developing strong prorams even though the school has only been around for 66 years.


I really liked the layout of the campus. It was just the right size and everything was easily accessible. It also was very welcoming which helped solidify my choice.


UNCW is an awesome college filled with friendly and fun people/faculty. Before attending I thought I was going to transfer, but now I never want to leave!


Find out what you want in a college before you apply. I went to UNCW because I realized the exorbitant amount of money I was about to spend on college and said to myself, "If I'm about to go into debt, I might as well be on a beach surrounded by beautiful girls." My interests may be different from yours, but I'll tell you, I had an effing blast at UNCW.


I think that UNCW has some of the best Study Abroad opportunities. I knew as soon as I visited UNCW that I wanted to study abroad back home in the U.K. There programs and staff are exceptional and it was one of the best decisions I have made since becoming a student here at UNCW!

Anna Kate

The best way to get the feel for UNCW is to come down and visit the campus. As an out-of-state student, I wasn't able to come look at UNCW until after I had already been accepted, but the visit is what truly convinced me that UNCW was the school for me.


UNCW, all around is unlike any other campus I saw, from the way it is layed out to the experiences we hav here. We have an incredibly helpful, friendly population here. I love it. It's something all of my friend from other colleges or universities comment on. It's as if UNCWs staff puts student, some they don't even know, before themselves. Its heartwarming, really.


The most unique thing about UNCW is definitely the beach. It is less than a ten minute drive from campus, and offers so many activites to do in the occasional spare moments students have. Running on the beach is a great stress reliever and is a break from working out in the gym. I personally love having the oppurtunity to sail whenever I want to, through the schools sailing team. Overall, going to school so close to the beach serves as a great oppurtunity to make a students college experience more well rounded.


The atmosphere. If you are having a bad just by walking outside and seeing the sun and how beautiful the campus is rises your spirit


It is at the beach and had many program specifically designed for the area, such as marine science and anthropology


less black people


Since we are close to the beach, we offer a variety of clubs that are very eco-friendly and allow the student outdoors recreation opportunites not many other schools can offer. Community and student involvement is a big priority at the school and key to future success. Job fairs allow the students to ineract with career pathways on a one to one basis which bodes well in future career opportunities.


The location is beautiful, being near the Carolina Coast. But the school keeps tearing down the natural landscape to build parking decks and new dorms, for an increased freshmen class--class sizes are already too large!


It's by the beach! They are very friendly here and the campus is really nice.


it has the beach


the beach, it's large but not to large.


close to beach great surf lots of parties awsome teachers great time


UNC-W is located near the beach but has all the necessary accommodations and resources of a major city.


I choose UNC Wilmington primarly because they have a helpful and friendly faculty. I felt as though they would be the most helpful to me as I prepared for my future.


The cost was unique. UNCW was far more affordable to me than any other college.


Right next to the beach. The campus is set all together. It's like its own community without roads or the city cutting through it (i.e. Chapel Hill) And tv shows and movies are filmed here!


Very focused on marine biology and environmental issues. Beautiful area and nice sized campus.


My school is near the beach, has beautiful climate, and is a city that can provide you anything from going to the movies to actual film making (Screen Gems Studios is located here). It's a fairly big school in a big town, but at the same time it still has the small school feel like you know everybody.