University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are so many clubs and organizations at UNCW to choose from. Students definitely get involved here.


Popular Groups: Greek Life is pretty big. So are the environmental groups. Writing/Film, too. Personal Involvement: Greek Life. I started my own fraternity to include more diverse group of college guys. I learned a lot from surrounding myself with different people of origin, opinions, etc. Athletics/Events: Basketball is pretty big, but overall, kinda ehh, (I transferred from PSU). Kanye came one year. The comedy shows are pretty legit. Dating scene: Pretty legit. Closest Friends: Fraternity. But don't get the wrong idea. It's very easy to meet people at UNCW. 2AM Tuesday: Listening to music, by myself, in the commons room or talking with my friends in the commons room. A considerable amount of kids party on the weeknights, but I didn't trust myself to get up for class the next day. Traditions: Beach Blast, Oozeball. Party: Every weekend. Holidays. Sporadic weeknights. Greek life: Pretty strong, but no too overpowering. Saturday night (no drinking): I really wouldn't know, but you can do some pretty sweet corny date stuff. Off campus: Surf. Take road trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway. All types of stuff.


UNCW will keep you busy both on and off campus. Resident Assistants put on multiple programs a week for the students on their halls. Our 200+ student organizations give everybody the opportunity to find their niche on campus. UNCWeekends provides bingo nights, ice skating, paintball, and other organized activities on the weekend. With Homecoming week, UNCW's singing competition "Dub Idol" will take place, as well as a comedy show, a trivia game, a blood drive, and numerous other events. If the Dub doesn't keep you busy enough on campus, you can explore downtown by taking ghost tours, horse and carriage rides, visit the Cape Fear Museum or Serpentarium, or a cath a production at Thalian Hall. Wrightsville Beach provides a good escape from studying, and is surprisingly warm for most of the year.


I think one of the best experiences I had during my time here at UNCW was living in the residence halls my freshman year. I had a variety of sophomores and freshman living on my hall. The sophomores were all really welcoming and accepting of us as we settled in on the UNCW campus. They invited us to different events on campus, we ate at Wagoner dining hall and Hawks Nest almost everyday. I made some of my closest friends during freshman year and the experience was one that everyone should experience. It also invites students into other ways to get involved on campus through the various clubs and activities offered at UNCW.

Anna Kate

Although UNCW sometimes has the reputation of being a suitcase school, nothing could be further from the truth. The campus does a great job of not shutting down on the weekends and, between the on-campus movie theater and the concerts/comedians that are brought to campus, there's always something to do. We even have organizations that are in charge of putting on events just for the weekends, such as paintball or ice skating trips. We do have a strong Greek life on campus, but choosing to be involved in Greek life, or not be involved, won't determine your social status at UNCW. All groups are completely open to anyone from UNCW campus joining and a lot of group members belong to multiple organizations on campus.