University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Very minimal diversity. There are mostly white people and they are mostly conservative Christians. When you're a liberal and non-religious, it's hard to find people you get along with.


I think I have always felt the thing that UNCW lacks the most is school spirit. There is no sense of camaraderie when is comes to school functions and I think this is because it's seen as a communter school. Since most students live off of campus, there is not a lot of things going on during the weekends for everyone to come together.


I would say the huge variety of UNCW's dining options makes it hard to stay healthy; however, I suspect this is the same for any university.


The worst thing about my university is the rising of the tuitions each year along with new buildings being built on campus at the same time. The rising of our school's tuition is what i find to be the worst thing because not everyone has rich parents who can pay for their college fare. Due to the economy, finding jobs can be a rarity making it harder to pay for college on your own!


I can't remember anything that would stick out as the worst.


Lack of diversity


Although I love UNC-Wilmington, if you are an incredibly avid sports fan, you probably will not be such a fan. Our current chancellor has not been a proponent for sports and therefore the funding has been cut back. We do not have a football team, and our basketball team has fallen behind in recent years. There are still loads of sports teams to join however, so don't let that deter you!


The worst thing about UNCW is that there are not many out of state students so therefore I am a minority. Most students know each other from high school so it is hard to break into a group especially when you are shy. There are also alot of students who live off campus and if you do not have transportation it is difficult to see these friends. This does however encourage one to get involved in order to find people with similiar interests.


The worst thing about my school for me is that it is hard for me to make any friends, and lack of diversity. I can't find many people that I have things in common with. I do not drink or use drugs, but most of the UNCW population drinks as a recreational activity. Most students are white, upper-middle class, conservative Christians, but I am not. I feel that I am very out of place in this college.


I think the worst thing about this school is having to pay for copies and print outs. Many teachers want you to print things out to bring to class but the school only gives you $8.00 to last the entire semester. For some classes this is gone by the middle of the semester and then you are responsible for adding your own money onto the card so that you can print papers and such on campus.


The student body is not very diverse, and could really use some more diverse students, both ethnically and socially.


Although UNC Wilmington is a great school the major drawback is that there is not much to do in the area. We would have to travel a distance to find things to do.


Very little racial diversity.


Some of our programs are disorganized. I do not have personal experience with the mishaps but many of the students have been inconvenienced with the disorder of the program. For example, our Communications program.


People aren't focused on academics as much as I would like them to be. We have the reputation of a "party school" and it gets really annoying that people assume just because I go here the I don't take my school work seriously.


The food, it tastes bad, and there is little variety, thats why!


The worst thing about our school would be the tuition and fees., however, the education and services you receive for those costs are worth it in the long run.


I ca nnot really think of anything bad to say about the school


Parking costs on campus. For off campus students a parking pass is way too expensive and there is little to none lots to accomodate all of the students. Parking fines are outrageous and a new system needs to be adopted.


We don't have a football team. It would be nice to have a sports team that attracted more school spirit.


Not enough scholarshhips available for Theatre and Journalism majors


The worst thing about UNCW is probably the diversity, or lack of.


The worst thing about UNCW is the fact that some of the faculty are too diverse. For instance, I once had a math professor from India; no one could ever understand anything he was saying, and he got mad whenever we asked him to repeat something. Other than the few exceptions, though, the faculty is very diverse and helpful. Also, another bad thing about UNCW is that there are a lot of students and not enough open seats avaliable in certain classes. That can be a pain sometimes.


Campus is to big. It takes at least ten minutes to get to class. Also they are to strict on parking, there are few guest spaces and no late night parking options for the library or anywhere else on campus for that matter.


The worst thing may be the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuitions. Out-of-state students pay nearly fur times the amount as in-state, with not nearly enough financial aid to suffice such a high difference. The facilities, education, and locales provided are quite excellent but i believe that the price is what makes the school slightly unattractive to out-of-state students.


The worst thing about our school would be the fact that the nursing building has not been built yet. This building is very important to me because I am a nursing major. Instead of constructing a school of nursing, the university focused more on new housing for the numerous students applying to the school. We desperately need the school of nursing to have a building instead of trailors. There are many applicants and they only take 60 in the fall and only 40 in the spring. The low number taken is because we do not have large enough buildings.


That there is not enough parking on campus, and they give everyone tickets for parking out of there zone, when there zone has no more parking spaces.


Don't get too distracted by the beach being so near


I consider the parking and housing to be the worst part of UNCW. The parking is sparse and very limited. There is barely any on-campus housing. I believe only freshman are guaranteed on-campus housing. The school is currently building new housing so that might help.


There isn't really anything terrible about UNCW, but I will say that more diversity would be a plus. However, in my three years here, I've noticed that the university has been working on this aspect.


I think the worst thing is the lack of religious diversity due to being in a small sounther city.




To be honest, there is a very strong liberal vibe that I get from the school, which in itself is not so bad, but it seems that it is not such a stereotype that hippie liberal dudes smoke a lot of pot. Not saying its just them... but mostly!


Absolutely nothing! Compared to UNCC (where I attended for two years), this university has way more activities and facilities to offer.