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Of course the beach is my favorite part of UNCW. But I also love the size the campus is constantly growing but the school has a close nit community and doesn't feel like a larger school. There is always something happening on campus. The only thing that I can think of that some people may not like is the lack of a football team. However I don't think we are lacking in school spirit. Everyone gets very excited about basketball games.


UNCW is just the perfect size. The student to teacher ratio is good, length of time to walk from one end to another, and the amount of students as a whole. I spend most of my time on campus either in my on-campus apartment, by the leutze lakes, in the library, or in the classroom. The best thing about UNCW is how beautiful the campus is.


The size of UNCW is just right. Not too big and not too small. The Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach community is outstanding and there is always so much to do.


Best thing: Besides being located by the beach, the best thing about the university is the desire to promote university involvement. Some of the professional skills I learned have developed some strong characteristics that have benefited me as a graduate. Change: I stress diversity within the Admissions office. During my years, UNCW had an 8{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} minority rate. I'd also make the core curriculum more rigorous--global history should be a required class! Reaction: I'm from the Northeast, so people ask me if I went to school in Wilmington, DE. People in the South ask me, "How did you hear about UNCW?" Others comment on the fact that UNCW is a perennial NCAA tourney team. Time off-campus: I lived in the historical district. I was either at the beach or downtown. College town: Sadly, UNCW is suffering from the residual effects of being a "commuter school." UNCW Administration: They were building a lot when I left. Can't blame them for expanding, but they need to focus on two things: a football team and diversity. Controversy: No clue. School Pride: Some kids are intense, others could care less. Unusual: I wonder why some of the students are there in the first place... some of the students I knew had no desire to learn. Memories: I'll always remember starting my fraternity and how it grew. I'll always remember my time with my girlfriend. I'll always remember my creative writing classes and professors as well as my leadership professor/class. I'll always remember my unexpected albeit exciting time as an Orientation Leader.


UNCW is the perfect size because it is large enough that there are plenty of opportunities, events, and programs to keep you busy and involved. It is small enough though that you feel a part of the Seahawk family, and see people you know each and every day. Seahawks "bleed" teal, and the university is a large part of the Wilmington community. The campus and area are incredibly safe, and you get the best of both worlds by having a historical city and beautiful coastline nearby.


I believe UNCW has the best size campus. We can always see friends we know on campus each day, as well as seeing people we don't know each day. I believe that UNCW bleeds TEAL! Everyone always has UNCW sweatshirts and t-shirts on, we go all out at our Basketball games and the general atmosphere is laid back and friendly.

Anna Kate

Anyone who visits UNCW will quickly notice that we are not your typical school; we are a community of students and faculty dedicated to not only furthering our educations, but also to furthering the stellar UNCW reputation. Not only is UNCW a tight knit community, but the City of Wilmington embraces the students with abundant internship and job opportunities. UNCW is a public school, but the campus is secluded and gives the feel of a smaller private institution. With Wrightsville Beach 10 minutes in one direction & downtown Wilmington 10 minutes in the other, the location of Wilmington allows for students and faculty to take advantage of both cultures.