University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The best person to attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is someone who really is a go-getter. Most of the students on campus are a part of an organization, sorority, or club. If you can find a group to relate with, then your college experience here will be like any other! You, also, have to be confident. A person who knows what they want and goes after it, and has the confidence to back that up, will absolutely blossom here. You really could not have a better fit!


Anyone who enjoys basking in the sun, the great outdoors and socializing with random fellow students, professors or faculty is a good fit for this university.


This school is not as ethnically diverse as other schools. Most of the students are caucasion, so someone that is not caucasion would have to be okay with the little diversity that this school has. Also, because this school has a great social environment, but is also very academically established, the student would need to know how to balance his or her academics and social life.


People that love the beach should attend the school. Other people that should attend the school should include: people who care greatly about the environment, surfers, and people that lve other people.


Anyone can attend this school and feel welcome. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and everyone is friendly. There is not a "kind" of person- everyone fits.


A person that likes to go out and have fun. Someone that is looking for a great balance between academics and leisure time. Someone that wants to get involved and enjoys the beach and humidity.


UNCW is a school for those that can be successful and thrive in a large learning community. People that have goals and dreams that reach beyond the boarders of a small town and even this country would find this university to be a dream school. Students that enjoy meeting new people on a daily basis and contributing to their education and community by taking part in mutiple events on and off campus would enjoy studying here.


Someone who likes the sun but doesn't mind the rain, a student who is goal driven and plans to make the most out of college. UNCW is a great place to explore new hobbies and people. It's a diverse environment with a varity of people from all different walks of life.


Any kind of person with the desire to have a great education. The school is beautiful, safe, and inviting. I enjoyed my education at UNCW.


Someone who enjoys a beach community in a medium-sized city atmosphere whom is interested in nursing, teaching, or business.


The kind of person that should attend is someone that is ready and willing to learn and make the effort to do all that is asked of them. The would help faclitate a great learning environment or eveyone. They should also have good self discipline and time managment because being 10 minutes from the beach can be very distracting. They should know that they need to do their school work first and go to the beach second!


Anybody can attend this school. If they love the beach, and want to make many different types of friends, then Wilmington is the right place. While being a beautiful campus, it also has great teachers that care about the students, and many people who can be potential friends.


This school is in very close proximity to Wrightsville Beach. Many of the students, myself included would describe ourselves as beach hippies. The feeling on campus is much more relaxed than on a normal college campus. The school spirit is not at the same level as say East Carolina's or Chapel Hill's would be. The students are very friendly and nice and we all love living by the beach.


A person who likes to party, might be considering joining a sorority or fraternity, and is considering a major in business, communication studies, or film studies. A person who is used to an environment that is not very diverse. A person who may come from a wealthy, conservative background. This kind of person will really enjoy UNCW. Most students who attend UNCW really enjoy it.


The kind of person that should attend UNC Wilmington has to be motivated and hard working. You cannot be easily distracted. You have to be completely focused on your studies. Having fun is not a bad thing, but everything in life has to be balanced. Some students at UNCW make the mistake of having too much fun and forget about their studies. In order to be successful, it is important that you have self-control and that you create boundaries for yourself.


Any kind of person.


I think that anybody who is laid back and likes the beach would definitely like this school. I would recommend this school for anyone pursuing a degree for nursing (there is a new nursing building under construction!), film, marine biology, and possibly business. I would not recommend this school for anybody out-of-state if you are not looking for a degree in any of these areas though, as there isn't financial aid available to out-of-state students.


Anyone that loves making friends and getting a quality education.


I believe any person that has a strong desire to learn and a strong motivation to do well academically should attend this school. No person should ever feel uncomfortable or out of place on our campus.


Someone who is laid back and open to diversity, yet still has strong goals and a bright future in sight.


Anyone can fit in, but there is a definite political bias toward the left.


This school is great for people who are active, enthusiastic and like the beach. It is a school that is challenging if you choose to challenge yourself but not one where school will completely take over your life. It has a good balance of fun and work.


A person who is laid back but cares about getting good grades. People here have a positive attitude and have a lot of fun, but you need to know when to step back to concentrate on academics. If you love warn beach weather and the air of Southern hospitality, this is the place for you!


Anyone who love so have fun and work hard at the same time.


A person eager to get an education should attend this school. A person willing to make sacifices for their education. A person who can stay focused on their studies and still have some time for a social life.


Anyone who enjoys having fun, hanging out with close groups of friends, enjoys being involved on campus, and open to try new things will fit in well here. Also, if you're a big fan of the beach and related activities (surfing, fishing, kayaking, etc.) this is the place for you.


A person who is willing to learn, likes the beach, and is willing to work hard.


Uncw is deffently a place for beach lovers. The beach is 5 minutes away from campus. The weather changes every few hours , so if you like the wind, the sun, and the rain all in the same day then this is the place for you.


Someone who is well-educated and is focused on pursuing higher learning. At the same time, in order to full experience the social scene as well as the academics, it should be someone who can balance their time well and is open to new ideas, activities, and people.