University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think that any type of person could attend UNCW as there is a place for everyone here. I've met countless types of people that go to this school. Everyone is very welcoming, no matter what race, gender, or type of person you are. There is no doubt that anyone wouldn't be able to find their own place at UNCW.


I don't know if there is anyone who should not attend UNCW. They have something for everyone. If I had to choose, I would say anyone not serious about their education, because at UNCW education is taken very seriously.


I believe that if a person is looking for a school at which he/she can party or have fun outside of class majority of the time and still maintain excellent grades will probably not do very well here at UNCW. There is a fine line between social life and education here; a person can have fun (it's near the beach, parties are fun, etc.), but it's definitely better to arrive with the desire to exceed in one's education.


Students that feel overwhelmed in larger classes and require a more personal learning setting should not attend this school. People that can not handle being on their own and being seperated from familiar settings would have anxiety here. If you do not plan on getting involved and joing clubs or learning communities, do not attend this school because you will feel lonely and isolated if not involved in some activity.


Anyone who doesn't like the beach should not attend UNCW. Any student who doesn't plan to work hard and develope personal relationships witht their fellow classmates and professors shouldn't attend UNCW.


You should not attend UNCW if you don't like/are not interested in the beach. If you are easily distracted by things to do other than homework, you might want to go somewhere where there isn't always something fun going on.


people who dont like the beach


A person that is not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to succede but instead only came to this school fo the beach. If a person like that were to attend this school, it would negativley affect all the students that my have a class with him or her. Their lack of enthusiasum or drive would take away from all that the other students could lean because it would also affect the teacher. This person's attitude would lead to a negative learning and teaching environment for everyone.


The type of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone with a closed mind or who is judgemental of others. UNCW is a very diverse campus with many students of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds who contain a wide range of ideas and lifestyles. Those individuals whom which are not accepting of other concepts and ideas other than there own should not be encouraged to attend this university.


Football players, those who don't like the beach, uptight


Someone that should not attend this school, I would recommend, would be anyone who wants to keep to themselves. The campus is very interactive as well as off campus. There is always so much going on around the area that it makes it very difficult to be anti-social.


Someone who does not want a social life. As long as they're ok with having a great time while getting a great education, they would fit in here.


Not a pre-med focused student, no matter what the advisors try to tell you in order to lure you here! School has a terrific marine biology program and strong research facilities for both ecology focused research and chemistry.


Someone is not ready to do there best to keep up with there school work.


Someone not outgoing or that doesn't enjoy the outdoors.


Someone who is used to a big city would think it was small. Someone very shy might think it was too big.