University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the disparity of effort put forth by the professors. Some are very engaged and passionate about their teaching, but others do not share this same vitally. To say that some of the professors are boring would be an understatement. It is always a good thing to know the professor's personality before enrolling in a class.


The most frustrating thing about UNCW is attending the extension site. The extension site students, including myself, often feel like we are forgotten by the university. We do not have access to many services unless we drive over an hour to the main campus. We do not feel included in the main campus activties and social life.


There is no place to get something to eat late at night.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how easy it is to be distracted. I suppose this really depends on the type of person you are, but I, myself, am an easily distracted person and I have a horrible tendency of procrastinating. As the University of North Carolina at Wilmington is located at the beach, it becomes easy to skip class on nice days and head out for some fun in the sun. Overall, UNC-Wilmington is a fantastic school. You just have to be strong enough to avoid distraction and procrastination.


The most frustrating thing about UNCW is housing. They don't have enough housing for the incoming freshmen or the people who want to stay on campus during their college years. They do a poor job with giving students what they sign up for.


The most frustrating thing about my university is the fact that there are a lot of students on campus with different varieties of how they would like to get to their classes on such small sidewalks. Whether it is walking, skateboarding, biking, or rollerblading, these three ways of commuting to class, makes it had for us to get to class without getting hit or run over!


No food places opened late at night


There was nothing that stood out to be terribly frustrating at UNC-Wilmington. If there were any begrudging things at all, it would have to be some of the professors here, but that is not a campus-specific frustration, as you will find that problem everywhere. No frustrations here!


As a transfer student they still address myself as if my parents are in charge of my education. I am 26 and have lived 15 hours from my parents for the last 6 years and they still speak to me as if I don't pay my own bills and support myself. I am an adult and I wish they would address me as such




As an off campus student in my freshman year it is frustrating and dificult to get more connected in my school. Although we're a relatively small public school (10,500 undergraduate students) it is still hard to just "jump in" and find friends. Once you branch out and go to club meetings for a few times people are incredibly hospitable though!


The most frusterating thing about my school is the system used for signing up for classes. Even though I have more credits I got the latest sign up time and was left with all classes I did not really want.


The most frusturating thing about going to school at UNCW is the winter weather. There aren't very many trees around here and the ground is flat, so there's a lot of wind, which can give off a pretty good wind chill. Other than that, I have absolutely no complaints about Wilmington. I love it here.


The most frustrating thing is that there is no football team. I feel that collegiate football is a huge experience and am constantly traveling to see other schools play. If there is anything that I could change about Wilmington, then it would be to have a football team.


I think the worst thing about this school is when courses of study change while in the middle of earning your degree. It does not commonly occur but when it does, sometimes it can take you a little longer because you are having to re-do some classes. They get changed for the better but if you're caught in the middle it is rather challenging. And having to use Blackboard for everything and having it not work for you half the time.


Nothing that I have found was frustrating.


The most frustrating thing is the food. The food is terrible and not cheap. They make the prices so much higher in our on-campus convience stores.


The most frustrating thing about my school is signing up for classes. Sometimes it is hard to register for classes becuse there is a high demand for them, or they are common classes and you have to wait to sign up for them or wait for a spot to open up in the class.


The most frustrating thing about UNCW are tests. Here it seem you do not have a test for each chapter that is covered or just a few chapters ... tests here seem to cover 6-8 chapters at a time and you have a mid-term and a final. This is frustrating because you don't have quizzes or other tests to help out your overall grade. Most classes your grade is just determined by the mid-term and the final.


the majors offered and the classes which we have to take


One of the most frustrating things about The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is the lack of diversity in the on campus school activites. I would like to see a wider variety of choices to choose from so that more students will be inclined to participate with on-campus activities and help the develpment of UNCW's student body.


There have been many frustrating things, but the worst is the constant financial pressures they put on students. They constantly raise tuition, parking pass prices and on campus food costs. They are also making students pay for things that were once free, like visitor passes for their families.


The parking situation around the buildings. There wasn't enough for everyone. Hopefully, after the new parking deck, parking passes will be available for more students.


Time and money management.


1. Hyper-liberal 2. Administration can be extremely rude 3. Students whine too much 4. parking is a nightmare


The white people are close minded.


The most frustrating thing about UNCW is the parking. There never seem to be enough spaces in the parking lots and there is really no over-flow anywhere. Parking tickets are readily given out to students and visitors. There are a few places for visitors to park, but they really aren't anywhere convenient and require a lot of walking to get to a certain area.


Parking. A parking pass costs 220 and you are only allowed to park in one lot, if you want passes for other lots they need to be approved and are not usually granted. Also there is no student parking for the dining hall which is in the very back of campus and a far walk for everyone who doesn't own an apartment in University Landing.


Lack of financial aid and the way students must pay their bills on-line. Only limited payment options & financial aid award information not out in time to plan.


The most frustrating thing for me is the Auxiliary Services office. I believe there is a better way to arrange the parking system we have at the University. Many students refer to the Auxiliary Services workers that walk from car to car, lot to lot, ticketing cars as "Parking Nazis."


Some students have to park off campus and catch a shuttle to bring them to campus. I have never had to do this, but I have heard many of my classmates talk about this being an inconvenience. Another thing I find frustrating is that my classrooms are always freezing. Even during the warmer months I wear long sleeves and pants.


The amount of students who are on drugs. It's everyone these days.


There is not a lot of diversity. I think it is realted to being in a beach town rather than it being related to the school itself.


I'm poor but not poor enough to get a job on campus so I stay poor because even though I've put in 20ish applications around town I can't find a job and I'm not elligible for one on campus.