University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The one thing I wish someone would've told me about my freshman year is that most of the classes you will be taking are just general education classes. I really wish someone would've reiterated this to me, because I easily could've saved thousands of dollars by taking the same classes at my local community college. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed attending a four-year university for my first year of college, but now that it's over I realize I could've saved myself a ton of money. After just one year of taking out loans I'm already stressing about paying them back, and I still have about three years of schooling to go!


I wish I had known just how relaxes everyone would be on campus before I came to UNCW. I was very nervouse about going to college and knowing how nice and relaxed everyone really is would have helped me a lot.


I would inform my former, younger self that life is not always what we expect and it throws different difficult situations at us at the worst times. The important thing to remember is to stay true to yourself and always know who you are and never let anyone affect the way you view yourself or your decisions. Also, that you're going to make mistakes, it's inevitable. When this happens don't beat youself up over it: learn, accept and move on.


I wish that I had known that the beach was as close as it was. I would have brought more beach supplies and my car. The rumor of not being allowed to have a car for the first year is not true.


I wish I had known how to surf.


I wish I had known that I did not want to be a pharmacist, which is what I went to school for during my first two years at UNC-Wilmington. As a result, I suffered from taking Physics I and II, Anatomy, and Chemistry I and II. So the takeaway here is: you will probably change your major and career choice a thousand times, but that does not mean you should not pay it some thought going into school. That way, some suffering can be avoided.


I wish I had known the full extent of the funds needed to satisfy my needs. Between tuition, books, housing, and general living expenses, it can add up very quickly. Though I work full time, it is still hard to balance work and school, as well as social life. The cost of books can be through the roof expensive, so I wish they could give a detailed list of exactly the cost of the books.


That all professors don't require you to have the textbooks and that you should wait until after the first day of class to order books. Also, don't by new books, there are PLENTY of ways to find used books. For example, go online to or


I wish I would've completed an orientation that took me to all of the different buildings so I could be aware where everything was located.


I wish I would have known which degree I wanted to persue. I joined a program at this school that is not highly funded and I feel I could have went to a school more dedicated to my degree program with more funding.


nothing i like the experience i had


I wish I had been riagonised with the learning disabilty so that I could have had help at the very beginning of my college careet


I was fortunate I was an older student with a family and children. I am glad I had that experience to know not to procrastinate and stay up all night long before a test or a major assignment. Unfortunately, I was a commuter student and therefore often felt left out of the crowd and often only associated with other single parents or commuters as well. I wish I had know more about being involved in the school and how to better manage my time to participate in more school activities than I did.


I wish I had known that I would make friends easily. Going to college in another state that I did not know anyone in was really terrifying to me. I knew I would love the school, but I spent too much energy stressing about making new friends.


Before I had come to college, I had heard a lot about college life from my older sister who had joined college a year before me. She seemed to be having an amazing time at her school and I was excited to start my experience. What I wish I had known about college was how liberating it is. For once I was away from my family and my friends at home and it felt strange. Being away from the people I've been with and loved for a long time is very different from what I had expected.


I wish I would have known to be more open. Talk to people, make friends; everyone is in the same position of coming to a new school and not knowing anyone. To be open to new ideas and listen to other people's opinions so that I could have supported my opinions better.


I did alot of research so that way there wasn't really anything I was to confused about when I got to UNCW. Do alot of research on the school, and the program you are looking to go into to make sure it is really what you want.


It is not as diverse as it seemed while on tours and orientations.


I wish I would have known about the housing crisis. The my freshman year, I had three people total in a small all girls dorm room.


Save up as much money as possible before you come.


I have learned everything I have needed to know before school and at school. I'm not sure how to answer this...


It is an amazing experience, milk it for all it's worth.


How important it is to take school seriously from the very beginning in order to graduate in four years.


Take more AP classes.


How small it was. Most of the students are clicky. I just dropped my sorority.


How much fun I was going to have here! It really is a great school and most everyone here is super nice!!


That every school is not perfect. It has a lot of good qualities, as well as qualities that aren't so good. Your college experience is what you make it.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be to start in the middle of the year. I was accepted last year on a deferral for the Spring semester. It is extremely hard to live with 3 other girls on a floor where everyone knows everyone and you can't get the classes you need because you do not get to register with everyone. Then you have to chose your room situation for the next year 3 weeks after you arrive. It really puts you in survival mode and creates a challenaging situation.


The amount of financial aid actually given.


Study tips. Better organizational skills. How expensive college was. And how I would make friends that were going to last a lifetime. The years go by too quickly.


Does not have a proper pre-med focus, although they still court these students. Academic advising is weak for Biology majors. Make sure you are able to obtain all the information that you need to make the proper class choices, independently.


The administration runs you around in circles when you have questions


I wish I would have known how amazing this school was before my freshman year of college so I could have came here from the start! About all the involvement you can do on campus while you are in school here!


I wish I had known how friendly people were here.