University of North Carolina Wilmington Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The size of the campus. Classes are a short walk or bike ride from dorms.


The best thing about UNCW is that it provides several opportunities for students to learn and have fun outside of the classroom. With all of the clubs, seminars, cultural events, and more, there is so much to do and learn at UNCW while having fun and making the most of your college career. Also, the study abroad opportunities are amazing. There are several countries that students can go to study and get an education somewhere else while being enrolled in this university.


The best think about UNCW is the size and the amount of people. It is the perfect sized University! I don't feel like i am a invisiable in a sea of students. I feel like I can speak to my professors and they actually know who I am . The setting of UNCW is awesome for a student who after long day of class, can make their way to downtown Wilmington or one of the beaches and relax and relieve I have made life long friends at UNCW and I have and will make more Life long career choices!!!


There are many activites and clubs so you are sure to find something you are interested in.


I think the best thing about UNCW is the environment of the University. I have never had a teacher that would not help a student. Everyone is friendly and excited to be here. It makes learning and a college experience so much more meaningful.


Although my school is not very diverse, I think that the environment is extremely friendly and most people are very open to meeting new people and trying new things. UNCW is right near the beach, which is definitely a huge appeal to students. I think that Wilmington is a perfect city because it has the beach for a more calm and relaxing area, but it also has the city for shopping and going downtown. UNCW is getting harder to get into and I feel as if it is growing to be a reputable and prestigious school.


I wish i would have known college life is expensive! I would have tried to work more hours or get a second job in order to have more money for college.


I feel comfortable enough on campus to be myself and not care what anyone thinks.


I love how friendly my school. No matter whether you need help with school, need help finding a building, or are just looking to meet new people, UNCW is there to help. I've never had a bad experience with any individual person on this campus. Other students are always willing to help me study, find activities to do after classes, or help me find someone who can help me if they can't, themselves. It is very impressive and something I did not see at universities elsewhere.


The best thing about the University of North Carolina in Wilmington is that its small, so the classes get you closer to your teachers. Also there is the obvious fact that it is close to the beach, which is great during the summer. Also, because of the negative rumors about the student population, which incidentally aren't true, the student population is made up of students who are not only very smart, but also truly wanted to go to UNCW, which means that there aren't any bitter people and everyone is friendly.


The best thing about UNCW is it's amazing campus. The weather is very mild here, making walks to class very enjoyable. The campus is spread out over many acres of land, most of which is wooded with trees covered in spanish moss. There is a pond near the center of campus, and many students hang out on the grass around it in between classes. It is easy to get plenty of exercise, as the dorms are placed at a perfect distance away from classes and dining halls, about a twenty minute walk.


The campus is really pretty and the teachers are very interesting and helpful.


UNCW is like our own community, we're like a family and are always so friendly to each other. You rarely come across someone who is rude or unfriendly.


The vast array of opportunities to get involved and feel connected to the campus community.


The best thing about my school is that it is so beautiful and the people are so friendly no matter where you go, including students, teachers, staff, ect.


the people


I love the professors. They are, for the most part, open-minded brilliant people who really want their students to learn.


The people. That includes faculty, staff and students. Everyone is so nice. Even if they aren't going to become your best buddy, they will still be nice. There is always something going on, whether going to the beach or the movies or a concert.


There is a great sense of community and everyone gets along well.


It is self contained. Campus is separate from the rest of the town but everything is still easily accessable. This makes me feel safer.


My academic adviser and the atmosphere.


The university is a very academically focused place and you will be sure to succeed and have the qualities needed to obtain almost any job you may want in your field as long as you work hard and stay motivated and determined. The faculty is very helpful, as well as your fellow students. People are always offering advice or guidance to anyone who needs it.


I like the sense of belonging here. It's a smaller school in the UNC school system, and you form many close friendships and the campus is easy to navigate and is even somewhat high-school like in the set-up. There are lots of things to do and be involved in such as Greek Life, intramurals, outdoor programs, and many more.


The best thing about this school is that everyone is generally helpful and nice to everyone. No matter what age, race, or group you are affilliated with, you will find that most people are willing to be your friends. Perhaps it is the relaxed atmosphere of being near the beach, but it works.


The area it is in and the atmosphere it puts you in. This area is a very nice campus and its expanding but it's still not huge. The school is about ten minutes from Wrightsville beach and about 50 minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC, a huge vacation spot. It's always nice weather here also, hardly any complaining about that. It's an awesome place to go to school at because it offers a little bit of everything.


Diversity, you can be a 20 year old freshman or a 40 year old one and you are both accepted at uncw. Also the teachers are fantastic and highly devoted to helping you succed in whatever you choose to do.