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The cost is way lower. I also liked the size of UND better than other schools.


There is a real sense of school pride and community among the students. Everyone is very into hockey and it translates into a very large alumni group that seems active on and off campus. The location is unique being so far north. It is very cold at the University of North Dakota but it brings people together in a way that I do not think would happen at other universities. I am very happy with my education and the friends I made at the University of North Dakota.


Our school is unique in the aspect that it may be somewhat large, but the size of some of the classes gives students a great chance to get the help they need from professors.


What I find unique about the University of North Dakota are all the avaiation students from around the country, and around the world. Although the majority of the population in north eastern North Dakota is white, there are students that will come here from Air China and Norway to study particularly at our campus.


The University of North Dakota not only has a great hockey team they have great academic programs as well. The whole environment at UND is great, the campus is so beautiful and it's incredibly easy to find your way around. The whole community around campus is amazing, there are penlty of things to do on and off-campus. The only thing that may turn off some people is the cold winter, but for me that was the last thing I thought about. If the weather is an issue for other people, we do have buses on campus.


I like the fact that the buildings are built adjacent to one another, provided during the winter time shuttle buses are available for students who lives further away from their classes. There is always a variety of activities going on during the weekends that are hosted by student organization. It's great because you have another option to hang out and have fun.


The business program is phenomenal with countless opportunities to get involved in the business world and get real world experience. Many professors are successful entrepreneurs and share their wisdom and experiences with students. The local chapter of the American Marketing Association allowed us to practice our marketing skills and network with many local leaders and businesspeople.


UND offers a distance engineering program, which is difficult to find for an undergraduate BS degree in Electrical Engineering. As part of ABET accreditation all students are required to attend junior labs on campus. These are offered during the summer in an intensive 2 week time frame to allow for students enrolled in the distance program all over the country to attend.


The entire student body and faculty are very very proud to say they are part of University of North Dakota. It's like one big family.


Despite the fact that we might have the coldest weather of any other college, I really liked the "college feel" of the UND campus. It has a great balance. Not only the college itself, but the town as well.


The desiding factore for me was that UND has a Medical School and I'm hoping to attend it in the near future. Also I heard that the medical facility recieved a large grant to improve the programs (particularly nursing) and that was a huge benefit.


The University of North Dakota is unique due to its location. Despite, being located in Grand Forks , ND which has a population of 50,000 the city and the campus have a small town feel. Grocery stores, banks, and all other necessities are easily accesible on and off campus, even for students who do not own a car.


It's freezing!!!


I feel like I have a home at UND. I like that it is small enough that I can see someone that I know every time I am on campus, but big enough that I could meet someone new every single day.


I don't think it is different than any other school.


Amazing Hockey. Small classes. Nice sized city.


It has an Honors Program


I really enjoy the friendly school atmosphere as well as the amount of school spirit and pride. I like the size of the university and how well it is layed out as far as accessiblity.


Very strong hockey tradition, and really fucking cold


the natural beauty of the landscape around and on the campus. The environment created by students, staff, and the faculty in it. The convineince of the location of the campus in reference to the city.


I think UND is kind of a smaller school, considering that it's a state school. That comes with the advantages of smaller classes and more one-on-one time with professors, but it also comes with the disadvantages of fewer choices both on- and off campus. I know that it's pretty easy to get in, but I'm glad I did and I'm glad I came here. It is a really good fit for me (except for that gol' danged COLD) and I think that just about anyone can feel welcome.


I am very glad I chose to come to UND


i love it here! so much fun!


The town smells bad most of the time but when your on campus and the grass is green and the trees are in bloom or there is a nice even blanket of snow over the grounds I know I'm right where I need to be.


Being an RA is an interesting position to hold


Pretty much already covered it. Stay far far away.


I wish I could type more, but now I am bored.


UND is a great school to be a part of. UND is truly a campus where students can get involved, get a great education, and feel at home. UND graduates are proud to say where they earned their degree.




The place kind smells bad some days and the winters are amazingly cold but other than those it's not a bad school.


Good school. If you like stereotypical college experience (study a lot, party a lot, screw a lot) this is the place. If you like community involvement more and all that jazz, then NDSU is the place. Both are good, it's just preference.


Great school, good people, too much drinking, too much administration trying to control our lives, awesome classes, great hockey team :)




Not really. Thanks.


I think that the hardest thing facing this campus right now is getting the students voices heard and being utilized. We all having opinions of what issues that are needing to be faced- parking, housing, logo, etc. I also don't like not having a say of where my fees are getting used. There is just a large disconnect between students and administrators that needs to be addressed.


UND is the best choice that I made college wise. I absolutely love it here.


Make sure to pack your long underwear and warmest winter coat. Class hasn't been canceled in over ten years because of the weather.


I am an Alpha Phi.


I am a member of Alpha Phi Pi chapter


Alpha Phi


I can't stress this enough...the Administration sucks! I have never been somewhere where people were so lazy and incompetent. There are those few select individuals who do help students and know what their jobs are but those are few and far between. Expect long lines and to be told to come back later wherever you go. With this, the only thing that you can do is to be persistent and to ask to talk to whoever is in charge of the office. Sooner or later you will get an answer, but it normally takes a while. Work with your advisers, they can normally make things work a little more smoothly for you, but not always. I truly believe that the UND administration all come from hell and are the spawn of satan.


Alpha Phi sorority


Phi Delta Theta


UND is great university! I wouldn't want to attend any other! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion!