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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?




To a point. There are a lot of people here that drink a lot, but then there are also a lot of people who don't drink at all. It basically depends on which crowd you hang out with. As for the stereotypes towards Greeks, almost nobody I know fits the description of a "typical" sorority girl or fraternity boy.


drinking - you are going to be able to find drinking at any college campus, UND is not the exception. It is not as bad as I had anticipated. staying in ND, suprisingly has not forced me to hang out with or see anyone I don't want to. UND is a big enough school that you can completely reinvent yourself or hang out with the same people - whichever you choose.


every college has lots of drinking.. especially to students that have never had the true freedom of doing it...




Yes and if you come here even if you are not a hockey fan you will turn into one.


UND has made a name for having lots of drinking parties, but their student-athletes work really hard and make time for studying during trips so their grades are some of the highest at the college.


heck no there is so much diversity here


No, people are just lazy


No, we have so much more to offer and we are a cultrally diverse community.


The above is only slightly true due to the lack of exposure to other races and cultures.


Yes absolutely they are true. There is NO diversity here.


Yes and no. There really isn't that much to do here, so a lot of people just drink. However, there are many people who have found alternatives to drinking. They have also started a thing called Night Life, where there are activities for students to participate in socially, without drinking.


Although many of the students that come here from out of state are interested in aviation, UND has other good academic programs to choose from.


Not for everybody. Alot of the students at this school are from places that are very diverse. Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota are very diverse and there are a great deal of students from there. There are also alot of students from other states at this school because of how big the Aviation program is.


I suppose the campus isn't as diverse as many schools are but there are plenty of opportunities to learn about cultures other than your own through international nights and things of that sort. As for the stereotype that everyone farms, nothing could be farther from the truth!


Well Hockey is huge, everyone is obsessed it seems. I guess that is just normal for this part of the country. yes, it gets very cold and windy but its not like that all the time. Winter flew by this year so it seemed like nothing, and now it it beautiful, sunny and warm again.


no, but a large majority are.


Yes, for about 50% of the students.


None we are just a bunch of normal college students from all over the country.


In a way rich kids is right, except a good majority of people have student loans, not everyone is really smart, and Grand Forks is big for ND but in the grand scheme of things its a small town.




NO. not everyone on the UND campus drinks. Not all people who attend UND make lots of money. While some degrees are easier than others, I wouldn't call college easy.




It is true that there is a lot of social drinking associated with the school and it's students, but I know many students who are very serious about thier education. As for the classes not being challenging, I have not found that to be so in most classes. When I got here I was pleasantly surprised by the level of work expected from me in my classes.


I believe that there is a large group of students who do contribute to the school and the community on a regular basis, yet there are kids who never even try.


No, not at all, you'll find conservative people and you'll find people who love partying. However, everyone work fine together, and there is something to do for each person. That there is nothing to do here is a complete lie, there's actually too much to do, and too little time.


not for the entire student body. many drink, but many choose not to. There are many new non-alcohol late night events programmed to curb binge drinking.


for some but much of the student body drinks responsibly from my experiences


not to the whole school, to some individuals yes


To some extent, yes


I don't think we are binge drinkers. Some of the student body may be, but the majority are not. I think our sports teams here at UND are very athletic. The stereotypes of the Greek community are very inaccurate.




I think that for some students they definitely are accurate;however, there are a large amount of students who don't go out and drink everynight, including myself and a lot of my friends.


On the drinking issue, I think it is fairly accurate but I am fully aware of the cultures that do not participate in such actions. I find that the majority of the students however fit the binge drinking stereotype and that is where the focus is instead of the part that doesn't drink. It is also impossible to completly avoid stereotypes based on organizational differences and so yet those are also fairly accurate even if it does not represent the whole but only the majority.


Yes, it is fricking cold here, but you get over it and have fun anyways. You can choose to drink or not. There is always something else to do. We all love hockey.


For about half of the student population


Absolutely. My first night at UND I went to a party where rum was poured down my throat like it was water.






not for majority of students


Sometimes but there is alot more to the students than these stereotypes portray




No, not really. It does become harder to be involved in campus leadership if you are not in the greek system, but it is by no means the only way to be involved. Many of the students at UND do come from smaller towns in ND, but there are also a great deal of students that come from larger cities and suburbs from all over the United States. Because of the Aerospace Department there is also a growing number of international students that attend UND as well.


No there are students from all around the world attending this school. Also our school is a top research university, which is over looked by this stereotype of being only a party school.


For some people the drinking stereotype is accurate but not for all students. The other stereotype is false, classes are hard and students put a lot of work into them.




For the most part. Only people from far out of state are aviation majors.


No, UND isn't a party school, it's a good school, education wise. It may seem like it just because thousands of students drink, but thousands of students don't drink. It's a big school so you're going to find both.


I think it is small for some people but it's not like you know everyone. The education isn't bad at all, in fact depending on your area of study you might be chosen by employers for attending UND. The second one is partly true as we aren't the most diverse student body, but we also have plenty of diverse students and opportunities available to us.