University of North Dakota Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


To some extent yes. Only a portion of students drink, get bad grades, are loud, etc. What about the students that aren't taking part in those things? They're also getting blamed for inappropriate behavior and they aren't the ones to blame. It's unfair.


Cold weather - yes. Alcoholics - some are, some aren't. Prejudice - no. Hockey fans - some are, some aren't. Disrespect for Native Americans - no.


Everyone fits some type of sterotype, its all about perspective.


Sometimes. I think UND students are often heavy drinkers, based on how much I hear from friends and classmates, and surveys like this that are published in the student newspaper. Students here tend to be reserved, which is where I think the cliquish stereotype comes from. I think the conservative stereotype comes from just being in North Dakota and the reputation of the state.




We do care a lot about our hockey, and yeah, according to statistics, we drink a bit, but not the worst, and no, we aren't all hick-like, we're just chill.


I find a lot of conservative students, and the school is located in a very cold climate, so yeah, go to UND if you don't mind freezing for a few months. There should be more parking spaces, and not spaces that cost money. The cops are pretty hard on the students, along with the people living (by choice) on the school campus. The Noise violations- preposterous, utterly ridiculous. Move! You are on a college campus: there WILL be parties.


To an extent. UND hockey is an important part of this campus, especially with the new Ralph Engelstad Arena that students have the great opportunity to facilitate.


I definitely believe that this stereotype is true. The students, administration, and faculty of UND all are very dedicated to their jobs/responsibilities and also committed to the overall success of the university.