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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


UND is home to over 175 organizations on campus. I personally am involved in Students Psychological Association, Student Ambassadors, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and National Psi-Chi Society. There is a club for almost every major out there whether its Nursing Club, Accounting Club, or Dentistry Club. All athletic events are free to students except hockey. Hockey is the huge thing on campus to go to. However with our football and volleyball teams being granted great west champions this year other teams are getting more attention now. Especially with our transition to D1 now complete. Even if you can't compete D1 however a large amount of students play intramural sports! Greek life is another big thing on campus with about 8% of our students involved. I personally met my best friends in the dorms and there are many activities to get students to meet one another when they first come here. All my best friends I have today I met my freshman year in the dorms. Both Friday and Saturday nights we have NIghtlife events for those who don't enjoy the drinking and party atmosphere. Free food, movies, and activities like ice skating at the arena and grocery bingo are some of the popular things to do at Nightlife.


Within the first month of your freshmen year, expect your friends to get you to go to a hockey game with them. Even if you don't watch hockey games, go with your friends to at least one. The university and most of its students take great pride in the Fighting Sioux hockey team. If hockey isn't your thing, there is always opportunities in joining student organizations and becoming involved on campus.


Army ROTC is huge so is any of the flight oriented organizations


There are of course many different clubs and teams that you can join at UND. Every year there is a exposition of what clubs at teams there are at UND and they try and recruit. On weekends UND puts on a night life program, with different activities and bands and random stuff to do.


There are always lots of things going on on campus and in Grand Forks. The Fighting Sioux (yeah, yeah!) hockey team sells out the tickets to every game and there are plenty of other sports to follow. My scene is more artsy (sic), so I follow more of the theatre and music events. The theatre department puts on four (?) shows a year and this year there was no musical or opera, which made me kind of sad, but I think they're planning one for next year. There are concerts aplenty and many of them are free to students. The fraternities and sororities aren't as big here as they are in the southern U.S., but we have a sizeable Greek community that, for the most part, gets along with each other and with non-Greeks. I personally don't drink but can still have fun at the parties that some houses hold and I am often the designated driver. Some people get drunk every weekend, but that's their prerogative. For those that don't want to do that, every Friday and Saturday night the University Program Council has Night Life events like Rock Band tournaments and concerts at the Union, and there's always free food. Different organizations hold events all the time. My favorite this year was when the ballroom dance club had Salsa Night at the campus coffee shop. To get away from campus, there are always things going on in Grand Forks for theatre and movies and concerts, etc.


Student Government was a great way for me to get involved - but isn't for everybody. I would recommend doing a little researching of the student organizations before you come. There are hundreds of them - something for everyone.


fraternities. doors always open in dorms.. comedians are great events to go to! always something to do!


I mentioned above the amount of social clubs available to join. Although the terrain around the area is less than exciting the clubs travel all around and its a cheap way to get some travel in. The snowboarding club travels to different resorts for small fees with package set ups. For under 100$ a person can have a great snowboarding or skiing weekend with friends. The opportunities are there you just need to make the social effort to go out and get involved.


There is something to do every day of the week, that is all I have to say.


Lifting weights at the Wellness Center and riding green bikes Nightlife is a great thing


Lots of parties... with and without alcohol. There are also great student sponsored events throughout the year which are alot of fun - like a paintball tournament!


There is a lot of drinking that goes on here at UND. In fact, we're rated the 2nd most binge drinking school in the nation as far as I've heard. There are, however, quite a few things to do that don't include drinking. We've got a great program called "Night Life" which sets up many great activities on Friday and Saturday nights that are alcohol free. As a freshman, living in the dorms is highly encouraged, and make sure to leave your door open. You'll meet many more people this way, some who will be your friends for your entire college career, perhaps even life.


Uh... once again. Bunch of white kids sitting around drinking. Every activity here centers on drinking. People cannot even go to the park and have fun outdoors without drinking. I'm all for having a brew on a nice day, but people here focus the on the activity of DRINKING, not on doing something fun and having a beer on the side.


Deeks Pizza open until 2 AM is a lifesaver.


As a UND tour guide, I often get asked the question "what is there to do on weekends?" The answer is easy: what do other college students in different towns to on weekends? At UND, we do the same kinds of things. We go to movies, we eat out, we hang out with friends, we go shopping, and heaven forbid, we may even do homework. Potential UND students worry that Grand Forks will be a "boring" city to live in. Grand Forks has plenty of things to keep students occupied, whether it's going to the dollar theatre or heading to an on-campus costume party. UND is not a suitcase campus where students head home every weekend. Instead, students stay on campus and make use of the entertainment opportunities available to them. Greek life and other student organizations offer countless opportunities for weekend fun. Also, UND has a program called "Nightlife" that has alcohol-free activities every weekend.


The social life at this college is amazing. Everybody is nice which makes it very easy to go to someplace that you have never been before and be sure that you will be able to meet new people. We have alot of different activities such as intermural sports, night life events, and plenty of fraternities and sororities. You can be guarenteed that you can find something that fits you on this campus.


Residence Halls! I would definitely live in one, at least for the first year. Also...get a residence hall WITH the community style bathrooms versus the suite style. While the suite style may sound nice, four girls to one bathroom can be difficult. Also it doesn't allow you to keep your dorm rooms open, wheras the community style ones do! You meet so many people in your dorm, it's where the bulk of my friends are and I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't live in a dorm!


SIOUX CREW, is the school largest student group. We are just a group of fans who are get together and cheer our fighting sioux on, it is so much fun! Many people in the dorms will leave their doors open and it is an inviting environment. On the weekends there is this program called night life. They provide different activites for students to do on friday and saturday nights. It changes every weekend and is a lot of fun to go to with a group of your friends. Some people will hang out at the different frats for the weekend as well, whatever your weekend interests are they can be met at UND.


I'm not really into any UND clubs or activities. I mainly hang out with my friends at the dorms or at their apartments. One of the nice things about UND is that it only about 1 and a half hours to Canada, which is always fun if you're bored.


Hockey games are very popular. People party quite a bit. Some party too much, but most are alright. Sometimes it's hard for me to find something to do on a weekend that doesn't involve drinking, but I probably just don't hang out with the right people. Some people seem really preppy, and I don't like that. I think people could be a bit nicer here. Everyone at NDSU is nicer I think.


There is a lot of drinking available at UND.


Lots of drinking, hardly anything to do but that Frats/ soriorities are really lame (at least thats what everyone who isnt in one thinks) Lots of open doors in dorms, lots of people wanting to get to know one another


I think the hockey team along with the football teams are both very well known and respected. I would say that about half the students in the dorms leave there doors open. I met some of my closest friends through my sorority envolement. If Im awake on a Tuesday at 2am, i would be either studying or watching tv.


This is the only downside I have noticed at UND. It seems like the students have a huge problem with underage drinking and binge drinking. And as I'm starting to learn as well other drugs.


Popular groups include service groups, international groups, political groups, and groups of students from the same major. I am involved in Alpha Phi Omega, a service fraternity that participates in volunteer projects to benefit the community. A big part of UND social life is sports, particularily hockey. If I was awake at 2am on a Tuesday, I would be studying. Partying is definitely an important social feature at UND, most people go out at least once a weekend, maybe twice. But, there are also many students that do not drink and there are plenty of other things to do. Off campus is a little limited in Grand Forks but there is always something to do.


"You get out what you put in." I put so much into being involved on campus and it is worth every hour and dume I have spent. I still feel bad though when I have to turn down the kids that I hung out with before joining my sorority. It makes me feel like a jerk because nobody is better than anybody else.


I have just involved myself in the Greek society and I regret not doing it sooner, because it's one of the most valuable experiences of my life. Not only do you meet new people, you learn to get involved in the community, and with other people. It is also such a great "first-step" into adulthood, because you must take responsibility for everything you do; because you now represent a whole house, and even a community.


I think athletics is the biggest way to get involved on campus. Being a member of Sioux Crew, being in intramurals, or just hanging out with friends at a Sioux game is a great way to be social and meet people. Dorm doors are left open and RA's are great about having events that people will want to come to. My closest friends are from my sorority. The Greeks on campus are involved with other campus activities and are typically the highest performing academic students. At 2am on Tuesday I am sleeping, otherwise doing homework-definitely not drinking. On Friday and Saturday nights you can go to the Union or Wellness Center for some university programmed fun events. On a typical weekend I hang out with friends at an apartment or off campus house.


the most popular social event is the hockey team the way i met some of my closest friends is through the greek community


I am involved with a sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. I enjoy it and have met a lot of people from it, not just in my sorority but in other Greek houses.


By far the most popular group on campus would be Sioux Crew because of the 'sweet T-shirt' that everyone just must have!!! The main athletic events students attend are football games and of course, hockey games. My closest friends I met through sorority life, which leads me to say that I feel as though Greek life is a very important aspect of UND and I only wish that more people would partake in it. It just always seems as though one of the houses has an event going on - whether it be a dance, philanthropy/fund-raiser, social gathering of some sort, etc.


I met my closest friends by going through rush week and joining a sorority. My other close friends have been made by taking similar classes and having the same majors. Sororities and fraternities are very important. They are everything students are looking to find when they come to college. A place where they can call home, a place where they can make friends, and a place they can get involved! The Greek community does so much for the campus and community at large. And most of the people that are in a Greek house are not only involved with their house, but other organizations as well.


great greek community


I think the most popular groups and such are obviously the Greek houses and other organizations. I am involved in Alpha Chi Omega, the Alpha Pi chapter. In my dorm a lot of girls leave their doors open, especially their suite doors. Athletic events are extremely popular, the most popular sports are football and hockey. I personally have not attended a guest speaker. I think the theater productions here get a lot of exposure to the community as well. I met my closest friends either during high school or through my sorority, along with my roommate in the dorms. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'm studying. Every year we have homecoming and the Big Event, and other things that are big on campus. I think there a huge chunk of students that party on a very regular basis. Fraternities and sororities are important to those of us who take part, but I think a good chunk of those students that don't either just see frats as a place to party, or they dont' understand the system and those that part-take at all. Last weekend I painted my room at my house and hung out my family, my boyfriend was out of town and my other friends were busy. On a Saturday night I'm usually with my boyfriend and some other friends, either watching a movie or going out to eat or just doing whatever we feel like.


I am involved in a great organization called Students Today Leaders Forever. It is an organization focused around helping others and getting involved in the community. They also put on a yearly alternative spring break called the Pay It Forward Tour. I love this organization because it just offers a place to get information on what you can do to help the community and what is going on on campus. I am also involved in FOCUS which is Fellowship of Catholic University Students. This is a group that strengthens faith and puts on alternative friday night activites for students who do not want to be involved in the party or drinking scene.


UND nightlife, which happens on the weekends is cool. Students in the dorms leave there doors open a lot of the time. Hockey is popular, movies show in the union some nights that are fun. Good guest speakers come to campus often. I met my closest friends at my sorority. Greek life is very active on campus and a great way to meet new people. People party every weekend.


The men's hockey team is the most popular team to watch.


You have to join Sioux Crew... at least for the t-shirt.


Fraternities and sororites are a huge part of the UND campus. They add a great deal to the college experience. They are a great way to get involved, volunteer, and make friends that will last a life time. Sororities have above average GPA than non Greek. Academics are extremely important to them.


The most popular organizations would probably be the athletic teams and the greeks. I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega and I have been for two years now. When I moved here I didn't know anyone so I decided that the best way to meet new friends was to go through rush. I ended up joining alpha chi and it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.


good social activities and organizations


UND's social life is very good. There is ALWAYS something going on. Being in a sorority, we have a million things going on all the time. There is always a basketball, football, or hockey game to go to. Springfest is the best weekend of the year, no doubt.


Fighting Sioux hockey is amazing. Everyone goes crazy for it. I'm in Alpha Phi and I absolutely love it. Love it. I've met many people in the residence halls. I am usually doing nothing productive, school-wise, at 2am on a school night. We're probably up chatting and watching some program on TV. Greek life at UND is awesome and each house represents the university in a positive way. There is Night Life for students to participate in on weekends. I'm only off-campus to run to Target, etc. UND is full of traditional events - Homecoming, Springfest, etc.


Sioux Crew is the most popular group on campus.


A huge thing on our campus is our Men's Hockey team.


I like sports and I like to work out. I find exercise to be a great stress reliever. Since the new wellness center opened there are a lot more advertised opportunities to participate in intermural sports, which help you meet new people, maybe you can even get a date... Other than sports there are several different campus groups that you can be involved in. Some of them have to do with your majors and some of them are just for interest. You don't have to be in a specific major to join a specific club either, so if you are really into Archaeology, you can join the anthropology club even though you may be an English major. The biggest thing with UND is the GF community. If you aren't into sports and aren't into drinking there isn't a lot to do in the winters aside from watching TV and playing video games. I'm not going to lie, drinking is a huge part of UND, but what college isn't drinking a huge part of? UND has started holding Saturday night events that don't involve alcohol for students that don't want to drink or aren't old enough to drink. I haven't been to any, but I hear that they are really fun for everyone who goes. Again, off campus there really isn't a whole lot to do. There are a lot of bars, three movie theaters and some shopping, but that's about it. This place can be really fun, but it's all about you and what you make of it. If you aren't that social you would probably hate this place. It is fun because you and your friends make it fun.


I think that groups on campus all have there place and that they are all equally important so that students can enjoy all of their interests and meet many people. The fraternities and sororities definately have a prominent place on campus but not necessarily a bad place. These groups offer many great things to the community as well as their members.


I think at our campus the most popular groups and organizations would have to be the Greek community and the athletic programs. I'm involved with Alpha Phi. Most students leave their doors open. Certain Athletic events are more popular than others. Hockey is the main sport here. I met my closet friends through Alpha Phi. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday I'm proabably studying. People's partying behaviors vary some people go out every weekend. Some go out once or so a month. I think that fraternities and sororities are very important. Last weekend I attended the democratic convention with Obama and Clinton and attended UND's Got Talent. On a Saturday night you could go to the Union and be a part of UND's NiteLife.


The most popular are the Greek houses


Not bad, they try and do to much with non alcohol related events. It gets a little redundant. A large majority of college students to consume alcohol, and it just seems the administration refuses to accept the fact.