University of North Dakota Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


People generally look down on und because they think it is a major party school.


I like the size of UND. The campus is nice, and I never have to go to far to get to any of my classes. Most people that really haven't heard about UND react positively about the business school, or the hockey team. I also like the fact that Grand Forks is a much better college town than Fargo is. I will always remember my experience here with being in a fraternity, it is an education in itself.


I absolutely love UND! It's the perfect size and Grand Forks is deffinitely a college town. There is so much Sioux pride! Sioux yeah yeah! It is such a beautiful campus. The only real complaint I hear is that it's too cold here.


I think the things that most students complain about is that there isn't much to do around town. This might be true if you are coming from a bigger town to Grand Forks, but I have always found plenty of things to do with my friends. The UND sporting events are really fun to go and there are sports almost year round to attend. There are bars downtown for people who are legal and there are 3 movie theaters, a mall, and plenty of fun local places to hang out at. I think that there might not be as many malls, restaurants, and other hang outs as people might be used to, but most of the time you can find something to check out.


The best thing about UND is the wide variety of ways to get involved. I like being able to have several things in common with others on campus, so the student organizations here are very important to me. I also enjoy seeing recognizable faces everyday, so I feel our campus is just the right size. As a freshman, I feel like I'm very busy. There isn't really a place where I spend a lot of time at because I tend to do run all over campus. If there was one thing I could change, it would be housing agreements with students who are interested in joining sororities and fraternities. Right now, the biggest controversy is the debate over keeping the Sioux logo. The most frequent student complaints are issues with parking, housing, meal plan increases, and hockey ticket distribution. I will always remember my experience and involvement with Student Government. It is a great organization and is a great way to get involved on campus and get to know leaders who can lead in you down the right road.


I think the Universtiy is approaching our smoking ban in the wrong way. I do not like cigarette smoke, but I don't think banning smoking has really accomplished anything, except adding a lot more litter. UND seems like a pretty good size school. I definitely would not want it to get any bigger, and much smaller, and I don't think I would like it. When people hear I'm going to UND they think that I am either going there for hockey or to drink. Unless they went here, most people don't have a very positive opinion of this school.


The size of UND is just right, not to big or small. Any different and it just wouldn't be the same. I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm room, in class, or at my sorority house. The most recent controversy that most closely affects me is a Gamma Phi Beta incident that involves possible racism, etc. There is definitly school pride here at UND, most strongly linked to the hockey team I would guess. I have lots of memories as of so far, and many more to make...this is only my first year!


I would say the best thing about UND is the campus. It's well maintained and there are many activities for people to do on it. If I could change one thing, I would probably change the attitude towards new students. I think that people here tend to be a little reserved, which can make them seem very unfriendly and even a little hostile. I think the size is fine. People really don't react when I tell them I'm a UND student, or they talk about aviation. Most of my time on campus is spent in class, but if I'm not there, it's the Union, the library or Tabula. This is definitely a college town, I feel. I live near the bars, and there is a huge difference between holidays, summer and other times when the dorm-living students leave. UND's administration is really no better or worse than other schools, but I feel like there are some choice issues that need to be worked on. The biggest recent controversy was probably the issue with the "Fighting Sioux" name. I've never really been a "school pride" sort of person, and that has not changed at UND. I think the most unusual thing about UND is it significantly changes Grand Forks' population. I took part in an anti-war rally, and that was something that I will always remember, even if it was a little small. I feel the most frequent student complaints are with the administration and the lack of security with it. Students feel they have to oversee what the administration is doing, and that they cannot trust things to be done without it.


The best thing about UND is that our campus is beautiful, we have nice people and the hockey team is so much fun to watch. I would not change anything. The size is just right. People tell me that our hockey team is amazing when I tell them that I am going here. I spend most of my time at the athletic facilities or my dorm. Grand forks is a college town. UND has great administration except we dont have an athletic director. Our biggest recent controversy on campus was the campus wide smoking ban. There is a great deal of school pride. Something unusual about UND is that is it is known for aviation. One experience I will always remember is moving in weekend. The most frequent student complaints is about the weather.


Personally, I love everything about UND. Grand Forks is a college town, but its a nice one. Most everyone on campus is friendly and nice, including professors and administration and for the most part, they really allow students to have an active say in policy. The school is a good size, small enough to get to know tons of people, and big enough to never have to run into that guy you had a random makeout with one crazy night. I think the biggest thing at UND is hockey. Everyone loves our Fighting Sioux hockey team and are always ranked quite highly. Of course there is continuing controversy over the Fighting Sioux name because of deragatoy associations, but as students, we really unite under that logo. Hockey is the one thing you can not miss out on at UND.


UND is a good school, size is nice but it could be bigger. I would make the costs less, i'm sure there are some things that could be cut out of the budget. When I say I am going to UND, people are surprised because I am liberal. The only reason I have stayed is because it is less expensive than the schools I would transfer and I plan on studying abroad at least twice to get experience- I am an Anthropology major and want to graduate with a good grip on reality and life, and how people are in different cultures. I spend my time on campus working in a coffee shop, in my sorority studying and sleeping, and in class. Yes Grand Forks is a college town, but a small one. UND administration seems to be okay, but they should cut the Greeks more slack and try to make things less expensive. Run things by the students before doing them (parking ramp off of University by Union). And give the Professors their parking spots back. Controversies on campus that I encounter are about beliefs, for an example the war. Yes there is definitely a lot of school pride. My sorority life is something I will always remember, along with a few classes that I have taken which have changed my life. Student complaints are about parking, and the costs of school, (tuition, attendance, books).


The best thing about UND is it's a very simple complex. The classrooms are all pretty much set down University and not just bunched together like other universities I've been to. I really wouldn't change anything about this aspect except for parking, there is limited parking for where I live. There is 1 giant parking lot for me to park in, and it seems like all the really decent spots around campus that are close to the buildings are "A" lot parking (faculty parking). I think UND is just the right size. It's not too unbelievably big like The University of Minnesota. I run into roughly 12-15 of my friends while walking to and from 3 classes I have throughout each day. You can really get to know almost everyone on campus. When I tell people from back home that I go to UND they're all big eyed because I'm going to a school that's over 300 miles away from home, and it's a more credible university. Other kids that I graduated with are going about 30 miles away from home for their higher level education. And a lot of them are going to the "typical" schools in the area. When I tell them I go to UND I seem to get more respect for actually "going places." Well to be honest, I spend a lot of my time in the library, or in my dorm room studying, playing games, or just hanging out with friends. I'm not on campus all that much either. I go to friends houses that I know from classes, or that used to live with me in the dorms. It's definitely a college town. Everywhere you go you can find apparel for UND, and hockey is HUGE up here. Being it's our only Division 1 sport at the moment. Also, Grand Forks isn't as big as most people would think, there's the college, and main street, then there is a bunch of high schools. That's about it. UND's administration could use a bit more... well a bit more. The Math department is really struggling with teachers. The current physics class I'm in, you can't understand the teacher worth jack, and he goes so fast you can't really keep up with what he's teaching. Everyone in that class is really dumbfounded when they leave for their next class. But the other departments seem to be doing O.K. The foreign languages (spanish) is also in need of some improvement, but that's a different story. Well there really hasn't been that big of a controversy on our campus but we're trying to move all of our sports over to Division 1, and that's causing a lot of problems for everyone here at UND. Parking ramps are going up (but they're exclusive, needing to pay $300 for a pass, PFFT!) the credit amount for athletes is changing (which is a real pain in the ass considering we've been on the D2 schedule for the last couple years and now we have to change) School pride is huge. On nights when there is a hockey game in town you won't find anyone on their couch or really on campus because they're all at the game, or they're trying to find tickets at the last minute. The Englestad Arena is really something to see. The 2nd most prestigious rink in the world usually draws a crowd. The football games are the same story, considering for the football games UND student's get in for free with their ID's. Well you just have to get used to the people up here, in general. They're a different breed and I've had my moments where I just can't stand them. But overall they're genuinely good people. They're always willing to help you out, and when I go places with people they never lock the doors to their car. They "don't see the need" So crime isn't really big up here. Which is really nice.


Most importantly i love UND. I am a SIOUX (and always will be even if they change the name). But there are many days when i wonder why in the hell i went to school up here these times may include: -when it is thirty below zero -when it is windy and my face freezes -when the town is smelling from beets, simplot or other. -when nothing opens on Sundays until noon all complaints aside this has been the funnest and most interesting time of my life....!


I think UND is just the right size. It's a very highly acclaimed University, and makes a good impression on people when mentioned. It's amazing how many recruiters in the business world come on campus with the specific goal of hiring UND graduates. It's an excellent college to attend and have on your resume. I spend most of my time in Gamble Hall. All of my Accounting courses are located in this building and I also take advantage of studying in certain rooms after school hours. I have been very impressed with UND's administration. The Accounting professors are phenomenally motivating. You can tell they truly care about the success of their students' education and careers. It's very nice to know they are always willing to help. The biggest recent controversy on campus lately has been the controversy surrounding the Fighting Sioux nickname. I really hope we don't lose that aspect of the University. There is tremendous school pride present at UND, and I think losing this name would be more disappointing than satisfactory. I will always remember my Accounting days. The people in this major are very close-knit and it feels a lot like we're one big family. I've made some great friends throughout my college career and the memories with them are ones I'll carry with me for the rest of my life.


The best thing: The best thing about UND is the overall college experience that is gained. UND is one of the top educational institutions in the region and combines award winning education with high-quality NCAA sports, and countless other opportunities to students and faculty. When I am on campus I spend a majority of my time either in the classroom, at the Union, the library, or working out at the Hyslop. If I wasn't playing baseball I would spend tons of time over at the Wellness Center, a top-notch fitness and training facility. Grand Forks is definitely a town that cares about the University of North Dakota. Sioux pride is always present around Grand Forks, which is excellent being a student athlete. The citizens of Grand Forks bleed Green and Black. The most frequent complaints that are heard on campus has to be the weather. I believe that the weather can be extreme sometimes, specifically the entire months of January and February, but that the extremes in weather strengthen a person. All it takes is a good pair of gloves, a stocking cap, and a very good jacket. The first winter is the worst, then people tend to get used to it up here. Forty below without wind chill brings out the true character in people.


Aviation and friendly people, peoplesoft!, just right, they are happy for me, student union, Admin is ok, Sioux controversy, Tons of school pride esp hockey!, nuthing unusual abt UND, My first winter there, need to clear the roads much better of snow