University of North Dakota Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking for an affordable education and a quality career.


Anyone. It's a good fit for many people but you do need to find where you fit to feel most welcome.


A well oriented person, used to being around nature and family.


To attend the University of North Dakota, you need to be fun, love being outdoors, and love hockey. Everyone on campus is either outside doing an activity or walking over to the Ralph to watch the Sioux hockey team. In the winter it can get pretty cold so if you decide that UND is right for you, make sure you have a warm jacket!


If your interested in aviation, business, engerneering, or nursing this is the school for you. UND is the premier school for aviation in the country but along with that it also has great programs outside of aviation. The oppurtunities in these degree fields after graduation are always there. With one of the best hockey teams in the nation we have the big name sport on campus. Along with hockey we also have athletic programs that are becoming very popular and well known across the country.


Some of you realize what you want to be from an early age. For others, that realization my come many years after high school through adult life experiences. For those of us in that latter category, especially working adults, who had an epiphany on what they want to pursue as a career, the University of North Dakota offers accredited degree programs online.


The kind of person that should attend the University of North Dakota is one who is committed to their studies and that wants to reach their career goals.


Someone who does not want to live in a huge city, but still wants to go to college in a decent sized town. Also, someone who wants to go to college on a beautiful campus!


I think a liberal person who knows how to have fun and maintain a social life on the weekends, while also being able to maintain a focus on course work during the week.


Any student who is actively engaging themselves in and out of the classroom.


An individual who has goals and dreams. This person should have at least thought about what they want to study prior to starting their college experience. This person should be self disciplined if they want to succeed academically.


If you like small town life, then this would be a good school. Also, the small classes are great.


The University of North Dakota strives to attract all different kinds of people. For example, the University provides large scholarships for Indians, showcases multicultural nights every week, offers transgender and gay and lesbian groups, and has an outstanding exchange program with students from China, just to name a few. Walking down University Avenue I see students of all races and backgrounds. Students are not afraid to join-in with students from different backgrounds or religions. To say that a certain type of person should attend this phenomenal school does not apply.


Any person wanting to make a positive change in the world and want to succeed in life such as me.


A person that doesn't mind living rural. The weekends are long, but the school/academics are the best.


Anyone could and should attend The University of North Dakota. There are students from every state, and many different countries. There are also hundreds of student organizations avaible to join, so meeting people is easy. Living in the residence halls is also an easy way to meet new people and live right on campus, but there are also apartments nearby if students would rather live there. There is a huge range of classes and majors that are offered and the professors are great.


Coming from a big city there is little to do in Grand Forks but there are alot of activities around campus so you have to be willing to try new things and be creative in order to find things to do when you are not studying. But I think you also have to care about your school work and be motivated. This is a great place to get an education and it is a shame when people waste the opportunity they have,we have great professors who will work with you, and there are many services offered to help students.


I believe that anyone can attend this school. It's not easy and can be challenging, you just have to be prepare for it.


I believe the kind of person who should attend this school is one who is committed to learning for themselves and gaining a better understanding of the world. They should strive to better themselves so they can become productive and informed citizens in their communities and countries.


A student looking for a good education who is not concerned with a lot of exposure to other cultures. Also, any student pursuing a degree in an aviation field should make the University of North Dakota their first choice as we have the best aviation program in the country. Also, tuition is very cheap for students from North Dakota and Minnesota so if one does not know exactly how they're going to pay for college, the University of North Dakota is an excellent choice.


The type of person that should attend this school should be goal oriented but able to mingle with others, since this school is such an activity oriented campus.


Anyone interested in a great education which is given through highly qualified and intelligent professors.




Anyone of values getting a good degree without having to deal with big city life


Some one who wants to get a four year degree and have fun while doing so.


Anyone looking to stay close to home and looking for a balanced college life.


Any kind of person would fit into this school. There are many different degree options available and many different groups available to join for a common interest. They must also be tolerable to cold weather.


someone willing to work hard and that knows what they want


A person who is interested in aviation.


Somebody who is looking for options, but still wishes for the school to be personal. I never feel like just a number here at UND. The campus is large enough that you are able to do your own thing, but small enough that you still gain those close friendships. The University of North Dakota has everything from dorm life to being able to explore Greek life. We are our own community with a great sense of history and pride. If somebody is looking to find their home away from home, UND is a great place to start.


I think if you are a person willing to go out and make friends and not wait for opportunity you could do well. The type of person that really wants to achieve all the things they can and is willing to put all the fun things aside and work hard can do very well.


Someone attending here needs to be able to bear the cold. You must either be interested in drinking, or be able to entertain yourself, since the two most common activities are flying (if in the aviation program) and drinking (almost everyone).


Someone who is friendly and looking to meet lots of new people.


Any person worried about the cost of higher education would do well here. The University of North Dakota is relatively cheap, but students still receive a quality education. Additionally, the cost of living is lower here in Grand Forks than other places in the continental U.S. Furthermore, any Mens' Hockey fans would love it here. Our Hockey team does very well, and there is a lot of spirit here, especially at the games.


Someone who attends UND should want to study and socialize, all in one of the coldest places you can imagine (for a few months of the year).


Someone that works hard to earn the grade. Someone who is honest, trust worthy, lets everyone in their group.


I believe the people that attend this school are people who are very committed in getting a degree. It is some what stressful at times with work loads but people get through it and prosper. People at this university are from many different places around the U.S. and foreign countries. If you really like the cold. I does get really cold here in the winter but most pull through and have a great time. People are real easy to get to know and will help you out any time you would need it.


Usually a person from a smaller town in northern Minnesota or North Dakota. People from bigger cities usually come for the aviation programs.