University of North Dakota Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating part of school is not the school part, is the college part! You are basically thrown to the wolves when it comes to financial aid, registration, payments, deadlines, figuring out what class needs what pre- requisites and how to get into the classes you need! After the first few semesters you figure it out and then are able to laugh at yourself. I had to do a lot of rabbit trailing to get to who I needed to talk to about certain things and emailing back and forth is frustrating also.


The most frustrating thing about the University of North Dakota is probably the attitudes towards drinking. Because many of the students associate acohol with having fun it is extremely hard to dissociate alcohol from any social activity. As someone that does enjoy drinking, I don't always percieve it as a problem, except for the fact that it is so easy to get caught up in the party lifestyle and become unhealthy.


Our school name. The never ending politis surronding the Sioux name have been going on for several years. A large majority of the student body supports the name yet because of the poltics and NCAA. We have been in a a huge legal battle for the last ten plus years over the name. Many of the students are so fed up with it that they don't care anymore. Losing the name will greatly damage school spirit but that fact is lost on polticans.


The most frustrating thing about UND was the large classes as an undergraduate student. I came from a very small school of 24 students K-12. I then went to college were my classrooms had approximately 50+ people. It was very difficult for me to adjust to not having that one on one and the teacher's know you by first name. However that changed dramatically when I got into my program. Teacher began to know you one on one and you were able to go to them with questions or concerns.


The parking!! They totally screw the students. The parking ramp is a burden that we didn't sign up for and the parking permit prices are rediculous!


The most frustrating thing about the University of North Dakota is the amount of drinking that goes around on the weekends. It is frustrating when their are so many other things around campus that are fun and alcohol free.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the schedule of what is going on. I would love to participate in so many more things/events but it is close to impossible to see what is all going on. There should be a schedule or a website just for campus events and clubs/opportunities.


The lack of care some students have for their academics.


It is located in North Dakota, so there really isn't much to do outside of the campus.


It is to far away from big cities and to many aviation students.


The most frusterating thing about this school is your grade really depends on your teacher. There are some teachers who are horrible in some subjects but you could take that same class from a different teacher and have a great experience.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the weather - it is unpredictable and extremely cold in the winter! However, it is a minor detail, because the education I am receiving more than makes up for it.


Going to classes from one side of campus to the other side during the winter.


Engineering teachers that are foerign and u can understand them


Coming from a big, diverse city, I am still getting used to the lack of ethnicity and the convervative attitude of the school.


The conservative, almost never ready for change administrators. Although there are a few that are very willing to think about and actually implement new ideas, there are many that really want to control things, in their own way, without consideration for others. These administrators make life on campus frustrating at times for all students.