University of North Florida Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its natural environment. It is located on a nature preserve. The campus protects over five-hundred habitats. The current president of UNF designated three-hundred acres of natural area on the campus as a preserve. The campus is a state protected Bird Sanctuary. Trails on campus were recognized as National Recreation Trails. The University of North Florida is also recognized for small class sizes compared to other universities. There is an average 1:21 teacher-student ratio. It is easy to get to know professors and get needed help. Professors are easy to contact.


UNF was built on a nature preserve and is very clean and enviromentally friendly. All of its programs are evolving and I cannot really say that UNF is really only known for one thing, but being professional and acedemic focused in all departments.


UNF has preserved lakes and nature trails, and both are part of its wildlife sanctuary. Canoes and other Eco-gear are available for daily check-out to current students, beginning around 11:00am EST. UNF is known for its campus recreation and sports. UNF also has a program called Eco-Adventure that connects both students and non-students with several outdoor trips each semester.


The Coggin School of Business and Brooks Health Program


UNF is a very small school that does not carry a lot of notoriaty. However, UNF was voted one of the best educations for the tuition a few years ago in a magazine and is considered a hidden gem in the city. People who go to UNF love it for its small, intimate size. It is also known for its affiliation with many big-name hospitals around town, such as Mayo Clinic or Brooks Rehabilitation.


Great student to teacher ratio, learning in the community through internships


UNF is best known for the business programs.


It's growing! UNF is building a solid academic reputation. The class sizes are exellent, the campus itself is beautiful, and the atmosphere is very relaxed.


My school is best known for their extrodinary colleges of engineering, computing, construction, and health. They also have a beautiful campus located on a nature preserve. Due to this, my school has also been known to have many students attacked by the killer canadian geese that own our campus in the months they migrate south. We also have great greek life and student government.


The University of North Florida is best known for top-notch education in a setting that appeals to students that want more one on one interaction than many Universities can offer . At UNF you never feel like a student number , I am able to communicate with my professors and instructors directly and I am always made to feel important . UNF is the perfect school for anyone who takes pride in their education and wants control over their own learning process . UNF takes pride in maintaining a managable class size for their students and instructors.


Our school is known for our Jazz, Nursing, and Business Programs.


Do not go here! The fees here are rediculous. The amount of fees that we have to pay can pay for about another class. Also, you will have problems with your financial aid almost every semester. Since my first semester, I have had problems with loans not processing right, given the wrong amount of loan money, and received a very late refund (almost 2 weeks after promised). The tuition is cheaper but there is no football team. It's dead on weekends. Even the library closes at 6 on Fridays. Too expensive for a college this small.


University of North Florida is known for it's beautiful campus. I remember when I first walked the campus as a transfer from Florida A&M University, which is an older school. The first building I walked into was the UNF Fine Arts Center and I was floored. It was almost as if beauty of the art made in that building manifested itself in the architecture.


I believe that UNF is best known for its animated ambience; simply walking outside of the library you will see young adults interacting with eachother, teachers, staff members, and even the wildlife. My school is always alive and buzzing, its amazing how many clubs and activities it offers! At any sports game the bleechers are alive with movement, yelling, and even a few men running around in nothing but paint and shorts. Here at UNF everyone is proud to have a sense of belonging and togetherness, and here at UNF we are all "Ospreys".


My school is best known as a commuter school.


"No one like you, no place like this."


The school is best known for small classrooms, cultural diversity, and a friendly environment


Low tuition prices. Location


I would have to say it's friendly environment and small class sizes. Very good faculty to student ratio.


International Business Programs, and our Music Programs (most noteably our Jazz Program)


Famous industry professors.


Definitely NOT the football team. We don't have one.


My school is best known for the phrase: "UNF-You never finish".


Being unorganized.


Our school is known for its challenging cirriculum. Its helpful and encouraging staff. It's also known for its small class sizes.


UNF is known for being a "best value college" meaning reasonable tuition as well as the services offered. Professors and Counselors can work more individually with students because the student/teacher ratio is smaller than say UF. Also, UNF is known for being one of the top Business schools in the nation! When students graduate, they can find a great job in the Jacksonville area, especially if they are a Business/ Logistics major. I believe Jacksonville is very versatile in that aspect and finding a job in most fields should be relatively easy.


Im not really sure. I has a very good nursing and business program. Highly recommended.


My school is known for good value tuition.


Being a medium friendly environment that is open and welcoming. It is far enough away from your parents for you to be able to become an adult but generally close enough to your parents to be able to go home more than just on the big holidays.


The University of North Florida is best known for it's area surrounding the school. It has many hiking trails, lakes to kayak or canoe, and bird watching. We are also known for our baseball team.


Degree programs such as Education, Nursing, Business, and Engineering. My school is also known for community based learning, meaning that we have many oppurtunities to intern with businesses around the Jacksonville area that relate to major work.


This school is best known for a very excited and liberal student body.


Achedemics. Very good Nursing School, good college of education, business, engineering, and fine arts


environmental protection and college of buisness.


Best Jazz program in the nation!!! Our Jazz band travels all over the world to perform. My freshman year they had just gotten back from playing on the Great Wall of China! Our printmaking program is also up and coming. One of the better ones in all of Florida.


The University of North Florida is best known for its top-notch academic ratings. It was recently rated in the top five best colleges in America. The campus is known to have plenty of areas (besides the large library) to be able to sit down and study or research on the Internet. This university is also known for its athletic teams, such as baseball (Go Ospreys!). UNF is also extremely close to Jacksonville Beaches and is known for its beautiful campus covered with palm trees and tropical flowers.


I think our school is best known for its nursing program.


small class size and serene beauty around campus


The University of North florida I feel is best known for our small class room sizes that provides a great education.


you never finish