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The fact that University of North Florida is a small school is what makes it more unique than other schools I considered. Even though the University of North Florida has grown, in size and accomplishments, it has retained its most unique feature. UNF has small classrooms with twenty or so students per professor, and a one on one personal learning experience. This kind of learning environment is what distinguishes UNF from any other university, and explains why UNF attracts students from more than ninety foreign countries.


The uniqueness of my University compared to others considered is that it is closer to home.


UNF is a smaller school and the class sizes are great. The professors seem to care about their students and everyone seems so friendly.


I chose UNF because of the smaller campus and class sizes, as well as a strong academic influence. The campus is located within a large conservation area, but close to the beach, shopping, and downtown arts and culture. The campus is also centralized, so everything is within a reasonable walking distance or a shuttle service is available at no charge to students.


It is a great school, getting better every year!


I chose UNF because it is close to my house. I travel forty-five minutes to get to the campus each way, but compared to my other choices, that is not bad at all. Also, UNF's tution is pretty decent. The cost is going up a little, but for right now, it's affordable.




Its art department is like no other that I have experienced. Every jazz concert, art show, opera, and other performance or tour that I have witnessed has sparked more and more interest in me than any other place has.


We are situated in the middle of a nature preserve.


Jacksonville, which is the city the school is in , is a very good community. There are a lot of different types of people on the campus and everyone gets along extremely well. There are a lot of different activities the school offers and they are very good with helping the environment and community around the school.


Our school is a very small school, in which every professor knows their students by their first name rather than a number.


University of North Florida is unique because it is a relatively large campus but has a small school feel. Also, there is not a lot of the usual "college shenanigans" on the campus--most of the students are older and commute to classes everyday, and the dorms are a good distance away from the classroom buildings.


UNF is the perfect size school for me. I feel that the classroom sizes are perfect for all students and teachers. Many schools have huge classrooms and so many students not giving each individual student the time of day. Also at UNF all the staff is very helpful and nice. I felt like I was welcome to ask questions about anything. I received correct answers everytime and wasn't directed to so many different people to get my answer. Many students are actaully happy and willing to make friends and they all seem very layed back and like good people.


It?s a small campus compared to other universities but there are a variety of activities and facilitations that make this school unique. In addition to the standard fitness centers, aquatic center, the gym, and track and field, we also have a skate park, a golf plex, and a wildlife sanctuary where students can go camping and even go kayaking on the river. Campus life has many entertainment options and the size of the rooms is bigger compared to other schools. I was extremely impressed with the schools move towards green standards with LEED certification buildings and its recycling program.


UNF definitely impressed me with its small class sizes. All of the other schools I looked into seemed to consist of 200 student lecture classes with no personal relationship with the teachers in any way. At UNF all of my teachers don't just know my name, they know me.


UNF has no football team, so our school spirit is not based solely on athletics. Basketball is a major source of our school spirit, but not the only source. Students like to get involved with each other and get together on campus for club activities or just to grab a bite to eat.


UNF is unique because it is such an small intimate school. You never feel uncomfortable or ignored and most of the students are very laid back and friendly. Before UNF, I was a full-time student and Florida International University in Miami. Going to school at FIU was a completely different environment, every morning I would attempt to push through crowds of hundreds of students all trying to get to the same place around the same time. I felt ignored, trampled on and alone. UNF has been a much nicer experience.


I would say the fact that I've always wanted to attend this university since i was in high school. I love the atmosphere!


My school is unique because it is very open. It is open to new people, new ideas, and trying new things if they believed it will help every one.


I really like the avialiblity of the shuttle system and the food here is great! The boat house is my favorite place to eat. I took my dad and grandfather there when I showcased my University to them. We really enjoyed ourselves up on the second floor of the student life building. I have great memories on the shuttle after class too.


Relatively young compared to other schools.


My school, unlike other major four year Universities, is not the size of a small town, it is more of a really close knit group of people with very friendly staff. University of North Florida is one of the few Universities that does not have a football team, but, all of the other sports there make up for that.


The most two unique things about my school compared to the other considered is that the professor care about the student's success and they offer all help they can in class and out of class even when your not even in the professor's class anymore. The other unique thing about the University of North Florida is it's a smaller then other campus ,which makes for smaller class sizes and a better learning environment and the professor get to know you by name.


Lots of diversity through the professors and their experiences. The campus is beautiful and the students are pretty happy to be there.


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The actual size and the natural habittat surrounding


Its medium sized, no football team, and lots of surfers


Our school was built on a nature preserve so I always get to see alot of animals.


It's in a great area. It's very rural and offers things such as nature trails and other activities to students but is also close to the beach and the city. It's small but not too small and students can get to know their teachers one-on-one.


Surrounding area.


One of a few 4 year universities that is both close to home and academically satisfying.


Nature trails, great pot sources, shockingly pervasive closed-mindedness and apathy.


It's located on a prairie conservation


The only thing unique about this school is that there is a diverse amount of students on campus. We also have a major emphasis on providing students with learning disabilities the best education possible.


It is really cheap and close to home.


Close to the beach,


This school has a large focus on academics and doing well academically.


I went to UNF because of the affordable college education and availability of on-campus housing.


Small class sizes are what sets UNF apart from other state universities. It makes UNF have a sense of community.


Small campus, friendly people


UNF is a large university education wrapped in a small college mindset. Students will actually get to know their professors and administrators, which makes for a more rewarding experience. UNF may not have all the big campus perks, such as a football team, but it has plenty to offer anyone looking for a solid education and a rewarding college experience.