University of North Florida Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Awesome! Small class sizes saved my life :)


UNF has an amazing academic program. For biology, chemistry, psychology, business, and education majors, the curriculum contains variety and prepares students for grad school if that's what they're interested in. However, physics, religious studies, and humanities majors are not as well off. All of my professors know me by name and a few of them have tutored me outside of class. They are always available to talk or help during their office hours, which are reasonable. The most unique class I've taken at UNF would have to be Bible and Moral Discourse, which also happens to be my favorite. The professor had five Masters Degrees and was about to publish for his Ph.D. Most professors at UNF are very brilliant. The academic requirements at UNF are sometimes hard to deal with, especially the summer requirements needed in order to receive financial aid, but it's not impossible to graduate in four years. Most students do stay longer than that. I, for example, need an extra semester or possibly a year to fulfill my double major requirements.


The professors usually tend to learn names and create relationships with students, they are very kind, helpful, and interesting people. Most students study 3 hours for every hour they spend in a class. Class participation is very common and encouraged. A lot of the time the professor will make class participation part of your overall grade. The education at UNF is definitely geared toward getting a job once you finish.


It's amazing to me how even though our student population is growing we still manage to keep our student teacher ratio relatively small and not only that, but also the fact that that is still important in the eyes of UNF faculty and staff. There are always classes that students like myself will love or hate for different reasons, but in general I have enjoyed my education so far and I strive to get the best out of it and I think that is just indicative of UNF students. We also have some of the most amazing academic opportunities though things like travel, research, community service, and other hands on experience brought on by the UNF faculty and staff and their resources and experience, but also willingness to go above and beyond.


Professors care