University of North Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Do NOT be in a rush to join campus organizations. Get to know the different organizations for at least a semester and then consider joining them. Whether this organization is an academic one, sorority/fraternity, or social group it is always good to know the people and the mission of the organization you are looking to join.


Do NOT be in a rush to join campus organizations. Get to know the different organizations for at least a semester and then consider joining them. Whether this organization is an academic one, sorority/fraternity, or social group it is always good to know the people and the mission of the organization you are looking to join.


Overall if I had to call one thing the "worst" about UNF I guess it would have to be that the name does not seem to carry as much weight as The University of Florida (UF) or Florida State University (FSU) do.


There arent many things I would consider "bad" about the University of North Florida. However, there is no football team. Therefor, the worst thing about my school is the fact that there is no football team.


In all honesty there is nothing bad about the University of North Florida at all. However, one drawback about the University is that they do not have every major but in retrospect, neither does other Universities.


The worst thing about my school is the new housing policy. Freshman, known as First Time in College students (FTIC), are required to live on campus, and purchase a mandatory meal plan. The university campus is beautiful, and the dorms and residence halls get good reviews from students, however, the mandatory housing rule inconveniences me financially. I am a Florida resident who already lived in Jacksonville before getting accepted to UNF; living on campus is unnecessary in my opinion. Purchasing a housing and meal plan adds to college expenses. I do not have enough financial aid to cover my expenses.


The worst is parking because it is a nightmare. The spaces are not near any of your classes and you will easily be walking quite a bit to get to class.


The worst thing about our school is the parking lots. It is difficult to park at our school. You have to arrive on campus 30-45 minutes early, just to find parking.


The worst thing about my school is that the parking absolutely sucks and they are quick to tow your car. The administration is not so hot as well or helpful.


I don't really think there's anything bad about the University of North Florida.


I believe that the worst part of my school, if any, is not having a football team. Unfortunatley our school is smaller and just slowly starting to grow so we do not have the proper requirments yet to establish a football team. Although a football team seems like a minor necessity to a university it is the qualities and opportunities that the program can bring to the school, such as pride and unity. A football team brings these aspects to a school because it gives the university a face or symbol to believe in and support as one team.


The worst thing about my school would have to be that we dont have a football team and as of right now we don't have a real gym for the students.


The worst thing if the people working in the financial department are ill-informed, and in my opinion not qualified for their job. It is one of the most crucial processes to taking care of your college career and it is difficult when people don't know what they're doing and give you the run-around.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it does not offer enough classes for certain majors. As an English major, my school doesn't offer most of the classes listed under possibilities for major courses. This limited variety makes scheduling hard and frustrating for most people signing up for English courses.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of programs that is offered to students that get us enthusiastic about our campus. We students don't have much "Osprey Pride". The school is wonderful in itself, the Professors are incredibly knowledgable and good at what they do, but the entertainment programs are lacking and athletic programs could improve.


The academic advisors are not helpful.


There is nothing I dislike about my school, it is great the way it is! I love the size, the staff and the students that are everywhere.


The worst thing was probably the lack of school spirit/unity of student body. We had no football team and I think that would help tremendously to increase school spirit and unify the student body.


I dont like how the school doesn't have a football team. I love school activities and i think it would be a lot nicer if we had a football team so we could all go to the games on friday nights and have school spirit.


University of North Florida is terrific in many aspects . I would say the only place that it may fall short of other comparable Universities in the involvement of the students in on campus activities . I think that there could be better marketing efforts by the school itself , to keep the students interested and involved on campus . There are alot of great organizations and resources on campus and it sometimes seems that the work does not get out to the students that may be interested in these resources.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the extra fees one has to pay such as printing, library, parking and so on.


I would first consider attending the community college and living on campus to save money. From the faculty in order to recieve the answer you need you have to be specific with your questions and stay persistant. The food of course is extremely expensive so just in case you don't drive and are unable to go to the store those are the options.


UNF was originally made as an exclusively commuter school in the 1970s. Unfortunately, its nearly forty years of growth and history have not been enough to overcome that commuter culture. In recent years, UNF has seen tremendous growth on campus, with new residence halls, a student union, etc. However, the lingering commuter feeling contributes to underachieving campus activity, lackluster school pride, and UNF not living up to its grand potential.


Not being able to turn left coming out of the parking garage. I have to go all around campus that way.


The worst thing about UNF, besides the fact that eventually, I will have to leave, is the parking services here. They are really strict about parking tickets and parking passes are really expensive.


The worst thing about University of North Florida is no football team!


I would have to say the worst part of our school is how dead the campus is sometimes. This, I think, is because of two main reasons. First, we do not have a football team. It really is pretty horrible. The second would be that we do not have any kind of fraternity, sorority, or campus ministry houses on campus. So I guess those both lead to the worst part of our school: we have a pretty dead campus on weekends and such. I mean there are activities that go on, but it is kind of sad.


The worst thing about my school, for me, is its English program. English is my major at the University of North Florida, however, it does not offer what I am most interested in. The English major at UNF focuses on either Literature or Drama. I want to study English writing or compostion. UNF does not offer an English major that deals with writing, nor does it offer sufficient writing classes. The only writing classes UNF offers are the two composition classes that are general education requirements anyways. I feel that as a university, UNF does not meet my educational standards.


The worst thing about UNF is that it is surrounded by a nature preserve, making it difficult to leave campus if you do not own a vehicle .This means that during lunch or dinner time when you have a 2 hour period in between classes and you hear your stomach start to groan and tell you its starving, you must stay on campus to eat. Unfortunately, every single little store/restaurant/cafeteria is extremely overpriced; so you'll end up paying $8 for a stinkin PB&J!


I hope to be the first person from my family to obtain a degree, but the 15 percent tuition increase will potentially make me forfeit completion of my degree so my family does not suffer. My husband and I pay for tuition out of pocket because the government says he makes too much money to qualify for any financial assistance, but we are barely scraping by. We had to put our child in daycare so I can finish my degree, adding nearly one thousand dollars a month to our budget.


Fine arts department. There is this rotation of classes where they are offered a particular term then not offered untill it comes back around in the lineup so were you to need a particular class to graduate you would have to wait for it to become available.


The worst thing about the university is the Prices for the dorms. They are ridiculously high. It is kind of hard to pay for classes when most of the finacial aide you recieve goes to pay for housing. It really hit home this semester because I could not take all the classes that I wanted.


That I have too much on my plate and I can't say no. I rarely have any time for rest and relaxing. I'm involved in too many things.


The worst thing about my school is that there is no football team so you often see students wearing other schools because of the football team.


The worst thing about my school is that the on-campus housing is very expensive. I am also having to pay for classes and paying for housing on campus is financially draining.


No football team. The school has been working on increasing school spirit, but it's just not the same without a big football team.


Money, tutuion keep going up.


The fact that we don't have more majors in the health field, and we don't have a football team here.


The worst thing for me is stated above "rude students and professors" I pay good money for my education and I except to get what I pay for, if they do not care about their education or career maybe they should find something else to do!!!!!!!!!!!


The complaints people bring about the campus. It is a beautiful campus on a nature preserve, but some people have to complain about everyone.


The worst thing about the University of North Florida is its lack of weekend events. For people living on campus, there is very little to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon short of going off campus for the day.


Parking Services


The worst thing about the University of North Florida is if you need help answering questions about financial aid it's hard to get one answer because I could go to one person and they will tell me one thing and I can go to another person and they tell me something totally different.


The school is dead on the weekends! Needs more school spirit. UNF is starting to drop it's "U NEVER FINISH" moniker.


The worst thing about my school is that it is some what small, so there is often not much to do around campus on weekends.


I would say the financial aid. I also think the some professors are not born to teach, they use toooooo much powerpoints!!!! They need to use the marker and the board. They should also try to ask the students to get more involved in class. Sometimes i feel like the professors just want to get the class over with!


The worst thing about UNF is the pond next to the pond. There are turtles, fish and ducks that swim in the pond and it looks so dirty and not a good place for the ducks.


The Comm department somehow messed up my file so they thought i had not done my internship, thus after graduation I had to see the dean to get it straightened out. It really gave graduation an anti-climatic feel.


I think that the worst thing about my school is the fact that school spirit is almost non-existant. Although athletics (mostly basketball, mens and womens) is trying to get more involvement from students, the lack of a football team encourages students to take pride in other colleges.


There is no football team so school spirit isn't very large on campus.