University of North Florida Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Parking, because the permits at too expensive.


The worst thing about our school I believe is the school spirit. We're a smaller University and we don't have a football team. You never really seem to know when something is going on sports wise and I never see anyone really enthusiastic about our sports teams. Like I've never seen anyone with there face painted like you do at other Universities and you never really hear anyone excited to go.


We lack a reputation. It is frustrating to leave North Florida and not have anyone know where your school is or what it is.


I feel as though the same people are all around me. they all fit into a specific category, mainly that of a religion. Its too "southern"


My school is a credential mill. It eats away at my soul to be affiliated with it. I do not believe that this is exclusive to just my school


not enough classes and different opportunities. not very focussed on research


I think the worst thing right now is the availabilty of offering different sections of classes. I know they're a young school with a developing staff, but I believe they need to hire more professors in various departments so that they can offere more sections of courses.


Parking services can be a hassle. I think the parking system could be a lot better and more student-friendly.


The worst thing can sometimes be the management. The officials of the school don't seem to comunicate well with each other, and this makes it difficult to get a straight answer from anyone. This school started off very small and has grown very quickly. The staff has not grown in proportion to the size of the school. It feels like the staff of a small community college is trying to run a university, and they don't do it efficiently.


Talk to the school counselors about your major and then talk to the counselors at the college you wish to attend. Every college has different required courses for the same Majors, and if you only talk to someone at your present school they may give you information that does not pertain to the college of your choice. Even if you are at a community college, contact someone at the 4 year college you are hoping to attend and get information about the requirements they have for your paticular major. Remeber check and recheck your requirements every semester.


there are not enough professional advisors on campus to talk with about classes and there are too many mistakes made on the degree audits when you do get to go talk to them


The worst thing is the cashiers office and whoever it is that helps with registration related issues. they always give the run around and send students to another location who then tell them to go back to the original office and its a huge hassle. there is a office called one-stop that was created to help ease the trouble but it makes it worse.


parking lot. there no place to park and parking decals are expensive


paperwork is not on time and not organized


The construction at the moment. UNF is still growing, and the construction will ultimately make UNF better, but right now it is a pain.


I think the worse thing about my school is the lack of school spirit at sporting events. I think this is harmful to the community of our university. We don't seemed to be a campus unified in support for our athletics.


parking is a pain because people park where they do not belong as well as parking tickets are expensive.


I think the worst thing about the school right now is the parking! Everything is really congested right now and the parking permits are ore expensive then some of my text books!


PARKING! it's like they sell 200 permits for 10 spaces.


There are A LOT of pothead bro's and frat boys and sorority girls. They really take away from the experience with their elitist attitudes and embarassing habits.


The lack of school spirit.


Parking, expanding too fast for some areas to keep up


cost of classes