University of North Florida Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who should not attend this university are those looking to mess around and party their way through college. Even though many students want to have the "college experience", that does not justify behavior that could negatively influence other students or be harmful to the person looking to have a "good time". There are many ways to have a great time in college without committing destructive behavior.


Someone who enjoys small classes.


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Someone who likes a lot of excitement and campus activities, like attending Football games.


UNF has a strong committment to diversity, both on a ethnic and cultural level. Someone who is not comfortable with the LBGT community or with a wide range of religions and nationalities probably would not enjoy UNF's campus aesthetic. However, UNF's policy is one of strict inclusion, so there are clubs and Greek organizations to accomidate majorities as well as minorities. The University does not accept intolerance, so if a person has serious issues with alternative lifestyles or religions, they would do well to look elsewhere.


UNF is a very small university with very little to offer people who want to party, be involved in Greek life and watch footballs games every weekend. There are a lot of people who expect college to be a continual party and UNF does not cater to that lifestyle. These people would probably feel their "education" was horrible if they went to UNF. However, people like myself who are interested in their education would thoroughly enjoy going to UNF with its small classroom sizes, a campus that takes a few minutes to walk the entire length and an extensive library


If you are looking for a school with a large student population, UNF isn't the school for you. it is a fairly small campus due to its lack of a football team. Also, if you would like a school that acts quickly in regards to forms and financial aid, maybe you should look elsewhere.




People who are looking for an easy ride definitely should not attend this school. Every professor I have had dedicates their time and effort for 16 weeks (a semester) to teach you, and if you are not their to learn they do not want you in their class. If you don't like being pushed and driven you also should not attend this school; this is what the professors are great at!




anyone should attend


Cheaters, con-artists, people who only want to take online classes, people who can not afford gas money


You should not consider UNF if you are looking for a big & busy school. The campus is smaller and very relaxed.


UNF and the Jacksonville community at large would not cater to students who need a metropolitan university setting.


Someone who is very very sports generated. This school is not very spirited.


People who shouldn?t attend these schools are people who like very big universities and aren?t too involved within the social environment of the school. If you are not into the campus events and activities as well as taking advantage of free classes and recreational facilities, in such that your primary objective is to go to class and back home, then this school isn?t the right fit. If you like auditorium size classes where you are just a number and not an individual, than this school isn?t for you.


The person who shouldn't attend this school would be a lazy person that is easily distracted. There is a lot going on at this school all the time. So if you can't get your priorites straight then you might get caught up in unimportant activities and neglect your school work.


Someone with a lack of responsibility, respect and readiness to learn should not attend this school.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is something looking to party 24/7. We have fraternites and sororities but they are still farely new and we do not have a football team, so school spirit is on the low side. If you are looking for an all out party, go elsewhere.


There isn't anyone who shouldn't be allowed to attend this school. As long as a person has made the grades to be admitted and has the drive and desire to get a degree and further their education why shouldn't they get the chance?


An individual who does not take college seriously and wants to attend college only for sports. This college is academic focused first, then athletics second. Another kind of person who should not attend this college is someone who is not ready for the tremendous workload in store. There are many professors who give large amounts of work to their students in order to prepare them for the real world. Also, if a person is lazy and non-commited to schoolwork, then the individual then the person does not need to attend college.


The University of North Florida is a smaller school so anyone that wants the college town experience should not attend. It does not have a football team so school spirit is a little lack and atheletics are not high priority.


This school is very laid back, but very into studying and doing well. Anyone who is just out of high school that is not willing to open up a book and do some serious studying, I wouldn't recommend applying for this University. A more affordable, community college would probably be your best bet if your not serious about school.


Someone who wants a medium-sized school without a football team.


A person who is lazy and not ready to acheive great things in life.


The type of person that shold not attend that University of North Florida is someone who doesn't want to do their course work. This is not the toughest school in the nation but if you do not apply yourself you will not make it to graduation. Always go to class and read what the professor assigns. TheUnivesity is not a very strong athletic performer. We just became D1 about a year ago. Perhaps one day we will make a name for ourselves but haven't yet. If college sports is what you want , UNF will not deliver.... yet.


The type of person who shouldn't attend UNF is someone who likes a big campus with large lecture classes. Also a person who really wants to get involved with extra curricular activities such as being involved in Greek life or attending football teams or other sporting events.


Someone, who doesn't want to succeed, someone who thinks that they will be able to survive without studying, and someone who wants a football team.


A person not willing to be involved in activities. Since we dont have a football team it is important to find other ways to be active on campus.


The kind that have no plans whatsoever for their future.


Someone who is interested in learning and advancing their futures


Anyone who really likes to go to sports games, have a sports team that wins, or a school that puts emphasis on sports. UNF is not a school who cares about sports. Also, if you are interested in going into the medical field the science teachers are rediculous. Also, if you just want to study all the time and make get great experience in labs, this is not the school. UNF does not have labs that are of any significance.


i believe anyone could attend this school. it is very open-minded and diverse. this school has things for every race, gender, and sexual orentation


People who don't like knowing everybody on campus


I can't really think of any person who shouldn't attend the school because they do not discriminate and with the different cultures, religious, and political views it would be hard for someone not to find a group they identified with, also if a person has a learning disability UNF has programs that help them learn,


It's prett open to diversity of all kinds.


someone with the desire to have a big school atmosphere , with out the big school worries.


Someone who can't make there own good time. You really have to make friends and plan activities because there is not always a lot going on.


Someone who has huge aspirations.


Someone who isn't organized and focused.


Someone who is looking for the ultimate 'college experience'. No football, no greek housing, not many options for the night life.


If your the type of person that has to party every weekend in order to feel complete, then this is not the school for you. Although UNF and the city of Jacksonville continue to grow, the major focus of this campus is education, not partying.


Someone who like to party alot and not do school work. Someone who has trouble meeting people.


A student who is merely looking for a good time should consider another location. This school expects you to study and attain your educational goals, but does not cater to those who are looking for a heavy sorority/fraternity lifestyle.