University of North Florida Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of Canadian Geese that roam around the campus.


That regardless of the school you are in, you can't run from tax increases.


The staff and administration is very difficult to work with. Staff seems more interested in making a profit for the university than helping students succeed. Advisors are notorious for giving bad advice, resulting in students needing an extra semester or extra year of classes. Financial aid staff is dishonest. I have personally had to spend hundreds of dollars more than I expected and will need two extra semesters of courses due to poor advising.


Parking. he campus continues to add buildings but not parking spaces!




The most frustrating thing about my school is the disorganization of the different school departments, as well as the fact that they do not interact well.


Honestly the Parking, the school is wonderful but the parking situation is difficult as would expect at any university. Since UNF is mostly a commuter school there are a lot of cars constantly on campus and unfortunately a limited amount of close to campus parking spaces. Another lacking area of our university is the atheltic pride that other schools have. We do not have a football team and the other sports teams are less than enthusiastic. Osprey pride could grow quite a bit.


This school is very difficult. Some of the teachers have unrealistic expectations or say one thing and do another. They don't want it to be a commuter college, so not many online classes are offered, which makes scheduling classes very difficult for me, since I live far from the school.


Changing of curriculum which makes class you already took worth nothing and adds more classes to your list. Poor academic advising.


The most frusrating thing about my school is the academic advising department and their inability to all remain on the same page whether it be school wide or college wide.


They don't fully educate you or update you on scholarship options. When you go ask for help, all they do is confuse you more.


I really enjoyed my undergraduate experience except my classes were located off campus and there was always an issue with parking. Initially when I began my bachelors we were located on campus, and parking was also an issue. I began my masters degree at University of North Florida and found that I was doing alot of nonsense writing that was not teaching me anything.


It's small compared to most Universities in Florida.


nothing I can think of for now.


The parking spaces are the most frustrating thing about my school! No matter how many parking garages they built, there is never enough spaces for us students!


The only thing that is really frustrating is the stress of dealing with finacial aid during the first week of the semester.


That they don't have a football team and much school spirit at all.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the financial aid process. It each student undeergoes a verification process sometime within there four plus years at UNF. The amount of paperwork needed, for each student, is dependent on answers to the required /original documents. The more paperwork need, the farther back a student is on the priority list, and the later a student gets their money back. Because of this proces I didnt not get back aid in time to order a meal plan. I suffered by sometimes only receiving one meal a day, with money my mother mailed in.


I think the most frustrating thing about UNF is the fact that it is a commuter school. People come to school to attend their classes, then leave to go off-campus to do their socializing. There is more going on at school than people are aware about.


This is found in many places, but people are afraid to look up and say hello.


Parking and academic advisors.




Getting the run around when it comes to important deadlines, financial aid and registering (advising) of classes to graduate.


The lack of school spirit and a football team.


no football program


The most frustrating thing at UNF is easily the fact that once students leave the classroom, pretty much all involvement with the school disappears. There is no school spirit or sense of being united. There really is no guarantee to make any friends at all, other than joining a sorority or fraternity. The greek organizations are the only ones that organize things for students, and they dont meet everyone's idea of a good time.


The fact that you have to pay to park all year round. Though by many standards the rate is relativley low and you can buy a yearly pass at a discount.


academic advising, they don't know what they're talking about and often have advice that conflicts within your department.


The academic advisors are not as helpful as the should be. I think that we need more course selections for intended majors.


Financial aid assistance


The VA representation could be a little more helpful.


Rude people, students and instructors.


I feel as though most of the time my political views cannot be properly expressed because i am one of few who feel that way. Once my views are shared, i sometimes feel as though i no longer have anyones respect.


I believe sometimes students from sports teams and fraternities do not get along. In addition, I believe it is sometimes hard to get the right amount of academic advising for classes.


the career counselors know nothing about what to do.


Because we don't have football and our other athletic teams do not draw a crowd there seems to be a lack of spirit. Not a lot of Students live on campus and a lot of people leave on the weekend. Instead of the campus being full of life on the weekends it is empty.


There are not many things that are frustrating at my school. The one thing that does come to mind is the school's parking. There are many students that attend the University of North Florida, but there are not as many parking spaces. The staff is already in the process of taking care of this matter and construction on new parking lots is underway. The construction is currently frustrating, but it will be worth it to see the final results of the new parking lots and to be able to find a good parking space.