University of North Florida Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known about the scholarship opportunities offered.


Orientation is actually helpful!


I wish that I had known that the how long it would take to get to classes from dorm that I'm living in now.


I should bring a skateboard


I wish I had known about the surrounding demographics and crime index. Crime is well above average. I am finding out through trial and error that if you do live off campus, there are some neighborhoods that are safer than others. Regardless, I am happy overall with my choice to attend this school.


I am from Jacksonville, Florida so I knew an abundant amount before attending University of North Florida.


I don't really wish that anyone gave me certain advice because I enjoyed discovering things and resolving situations on my own. While someone suggesting taking less credit hours would have been helpful, I do not feel that it would have had a large impact on my life.


How many people leave on the weekends.


I wish i knew what i wanted to do as far as my major goes, but Its hard to know when your 18. I didnt put much thought into it and kind of went throught the motions for the first couple years. Now at 23 i know that i want to do art education, but it would have saved alot of money and time to know that as a freshman. Try to have a direction and goal through out school and it will make it alot easier to graduate in 4 years.


I wish I knew how little financial help I would have gotten.


As an undergrad, I wish I had been aware of the student health services and counseling center. As a student, I little money and no insurance. These services would have really helped me had I known about them early on.


there is no parking!


I wish that I would have know before begining my Masters in Nurse Practitioner Family practice that I would be spending alot of time doing assignment that did not focus on learning more as a knowledgeable practitioner but rather geared towards a professional writer.


I wish I had known more about the courses available, study abroad opportunites, and programs available.


I wish I had known what I wanted to major in before coming to this school.


Before I came to the Univeristy of North Florida, I wish I had known how happy I was going to be. All through high school, I struggled academically, socially, and emotionally. If I had known that in just four short years I would be attending a wonderful school in a beautiful city in an intellectually stimulating environment, with great friends, great food, and tons of great things to do, I wouldn't have been nearly as depressed as I had been. I'm really glad I chose UNF, and I highly recommend it to future college students.


Before arriving for my first semester at the University of North Florida it would have been nice to know more proper studying techniques. For instance reading (as with most schools) is paramount in your academic success; it took me awhile to figure out how to read properly for classes. Knowing what information is most important in what you're reading and how to filter out the filler is a skill that took me some time to develop. Proper highlighting and notetaking is another skill that I would have liked to mastered before entering the university.


I wish that I had known about the Honors Program that UNF offers before I had applied to the school. There are many learning opportunities and privileges that arise from being an honors student. I also wish that I had known more about financial aid and how early I should have started applying for scholarships and grants. They would definitely have been a great help to have earned, had I applied to them early enough. Also, would have been a great website to have known about before signing up for my first semester of classes.


As with most schools, parking is a huge issue. You need to arrive early to get a spot.


I dont think i wish i would have known somthing more about this school. I was very much informent and familure with the school do to the advisors help. I might have hoped to be offered somemore financial aid though. I was informed that everybody was able to get financial aid but i was denied even with a single mother. So somemore help with money would have been nice but I am very happy with what I've experienced so far. I have not experienced any suprises that I didnt know about yet.


I wish I would have realized how much money my parents would actually be spending on my 4 years in college. I received 2 scholarships from UNF upon my acceptance to the school, but after this semester those funds run out. My parents own a cabinet business and with this poor economy and my out of state expenses, they have really been hurt financially. I wish I would have saved more money before moving to Florida so I could help my parents out with my rent, books, or tuition to make their life easier.


How much motivation I would need, and how important it is to take classes seriously!


I wish I would have known that I could not enter the graduate program of my major if I was in the undergraduate first.


How expensive it was going to be. I knew that college would be expensive, but I was unaware of the fact that the tuition was going to rise every year.


I wish I had better study habits because highschool was really easy. UNF is not too much harder, but I was not efficient enough to take time to study or work on longer papers.


Parking is always an issue.


I wish I knew how easy it is to get behind in school work and that it is difficult to get a job if you dont apply before school starts. I also wish i realized how much everything costs and how important it is to budget.


I wish I had been advised to take more than 12 credit hours per semester...but I suppose that is partly my fault.


I wish I had known and properly prepared myself the amount of focus and determination required to do well academically. The is no doubt that the challenging nature of the courses will more than prepare students for future academic and professional endevors.


How much time I had to do class work while being a student athlete..


How amazing the faculty and staff are. I didn't take advantage of the opportunities as I should have when I first started, and I think I would have taken it more seriously had I known.


what my major would be


I wish I would have known how awful dorm life was. The dorms for the most part are very nice but they are extremely loud. In my opinion, the school should try to better match students with their roommates.


More about scholarships and financial aid


I wish that I would have known more about the programs of study that they offered. It may be helpful to graduating high school students to participate in a walk through to get a feel for what it will be like.


I wish someone would have been able to mentor me on how important it is to do well the first two years. The first two year of college were a repeat of high school. I wish there were metors assigned to incoming freshman that would explain the importance of career and major choices, as well as, what professors to take, which ones not to take, and what is the best advice for planning your schedule. Also, I would have like to have known more about the lack of emphasis that is put on sports at UNF.


How the course selection process towards your major worked.


There is not a huge variety of majors, so if I weren't a Psychology major, I would feel more limited.




I wish I would have been told more about the meal plan options in terms of what and where I can eat. There are limited options on campus, and the meal plan does not fully cover all restaurants on campus.


I wished that I had known how difficult it was going to be to get your choice of classes each semester.


I wish I had known how great this experience would be. I was a bit iffy on choosing UNF but I know I made the right choice.


Study hard its not just a picnic.


I wish I knew the layout of the school better.


I wish I had know that some of the departments at this school is a lot more challenging than others. Some of the classes are very challenging to the point where you have to try to learn the material on your own.


I don't think there is anything that I can think of. . .


about the road construction


I wish I had known that college would be one of the greatest times of my life and how much I would change and grow; if I had known this, I probably wouldn't have panicked so much before graduation.


that it is hard to find parking spot


That taking AP class will help you finish college on time or shorten the time.