University of North Florida Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The thing that I consider to be the best about my school is how helpful and nice everyone is to each other, It does not matter the race or the person's culture. Everyone likes to get to know everyone and does not offend others.


The best thing about my school is definitely the location. We are on a nature preserve and once you are on campus you do not see or hear anything but what is school related. Once you come off campus you are 15 minutes from the beach and down town and 5 minutes to the closest shopping mall and where we can get groceries and other things off campus.


The on-campus activities.


It's tight-knit and self-contained.


The best thing about my school is that is very big and well known, but it still has small aspect feel to it. I feel that I can actually make connections with my professors and have a voice in my school.


The best thing about my school is all the activies that go on. There is also something to do on campus weather it be something from a movie night, to a concert, or even laser tag. There is much to do to keep you occupied and having a good time!


The school supports academics and promotes the arts above all else.


UNF has enough on-campus activities to keep a commuter student happy. Most classrooms are within walking distance from UNF parking garages. An annual premium parking permit is available to students. For those without a premium permit, a shuttle service is included in the cost of tuition and is available to all current UNF students. Transfer students who have at least completed their freshmen year are not required to live on campus. The Boathouse is a thriving restaurant to be at (especially during) lunchtime. UNF already has Starbucks. Fun fact: Jamba Juice is coming to UNF's Fitness Center!


The best thing about my school is that everyone that goes here acts as if we are part of our own community with in Jacskonville and that are campus is on a nature preserve.


The best thing about my University is the size of the classrooms. This being said having a smaller ratio of students per professors help the student learn better and concentrate. Also the students feel the need to come to class since the Professor actucally knows their name. While at huge Universities such as the University of Florida there class room size is huge. This gives students no hands on.


Thus far, the greatest thing about my school has been how much it has genuinuely prepared me to teach in my field. I am an education major and have worked with other education majors from other colleges and my preparedness and those of my colleagues is top notch.


While it is a university, the classrooms are smaller and more manageable. Kinda like a community college


The best thing about my school is the small classes and nice campus.


I honestly love everything about the Univeristy of North Florida, but the best thing about is, I think, is the preparation the counselors give you. Everyone whom I have met who graduated from there already had his or her career set and a job lined up because of the counselors' cooperation. There is nothing more important than getting what you came for, and while attending a University, the purpose is to find a career, and the University of North Florida makes sure you have one.


I live right across the street from it so I can take the shuttle.


I would consider the endless possibilities to be the greatest thing at UNF. The staff and faculty are all exceedingly nice and I actually believe that they care about each individual student. With a degree from this college I will have unlocked endless doors that now I simply need to walk through in order to succeed. UNF offers an unfathomable amount of classes in the English major for which I am enthralled in, so It is possible for me to attend class everyday with an actual desire to do well, all because my school made it possible.


The school spirit at UNF is incredible. This is especially impressive because we lack a football team. Most college students are really into their school because of the activities surrounding nationally known football teams, but at UNF students are just as into basketball and baseball, as well as what Greeklife has to offer.


The best thing about UNF has to be the environment. The small class sizes make it a wonderful learning environment while the campus itself is beautiful and clean making it a great place to live.


I consider the campus life to be the best thing about my school. The housing facilities are amazing, and the faculty are more than willing to help you out and have one on one time with students. Professors are very understanding and they try to personalize the class for you. They want to put a face with a name and make a student's time at UNF the best experience possible.


UNF offers so many different opportunities for so many people. I would say the the best thing about UNF is the opportunity to become involved on campus and within the community. The clubs and organizations offer a great way to gain experience in fields you might be interested in as a career. The career center also offers several resources for finding internships, scholarships and even job opportunities.


I would consider the best thing about my school thus far would be that the classes are small and you have better form of communication with your instructor because most universities have large size classes.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is the focus acedemics and post- gard careers as well as the college experience.


The christian group i go to, the beach close by, and the health program.


In my free time I have tutored a number of my friends. The smallest number being one and the largest being around five. And even with this small number I have learned how teaching styles can differ so greatly when the number of students differ. With this in mind I wonder how friends learned anything in their chemistry class of five hundred people, a class I had with only ninety. As I submit this I am finishing a class I have had with only seven people. a trend I will continue in the Fall with classes averaging only twenty people.


Our school is focused on students. Everything on campus is for the benefit of students. There are many places to relax and enjoy the scenery. The facilities on campus are nice and well maintained. Every week there is some event on campus for students to have fun or support a cause.




The University of North Florida has a great location. It is in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. This gives it a big city feel being only 15 minutes away from a large downtown district with all the excitement that entails, and it is only a few minutes away from the coast. The beach scene in Jacksonville is a really fun exciting place. The campus is also on a nature perserve wich provides the students with beautiful scenery and wildlife.


The location; it is close to where I live and near a shopping center full of all kinds of stores and restaurants.


The best thing about UNF is how cultured and environmentally concious the campus makes students. I think one of the biggest problems in the world right now is the environment and the fact that UNF does so much to make sure their students are aware is a great thing.


The size of classes and the professors are wonderful


The best thing about my school was the sense of homeliness in smaller classes which allowed more interaction with the professors and fellow classmates.


The diversity of choice amongst students to do as they please.


The greek life


My school has the most diverse people I have ever seen and everyone gets along with each other with no problems.


Smaller class sizes.


UNF is a very academically focused school with small classes that allow for much one on one interaction with teachers. We are referred to by our names not our numbers. Although it is small the quality of the education is just as good as a large school.


The absoulte best thing about UNF is the small class size. Its great to know that teachers ususally do learn your name and then will also recognize you outside of class. Even for the few classes that are lecture halls, they also include a once a week class meeting that is a "break-out" from the regular class size. In these sessions either the professor or a TA will further explain the weeks material in the smaller setting so questions can be answered better. Its a great feeling to know people are aware of your presence.


They offer a great program for psychology, my major, with a lot of opportunities for research.


The best thing about my school I believe is the class sizes. I like it because the most students I have had in my classes has been up to fifty. There not to big but not to small. It gives you a better opportunity to interact with the class and the professor. It makes it alot more easier to want to speak up in class when I do not understand something and the Professors know who you are. Plus you can interact more as one big class which I enjoy because everyone can state their own opinions.


I was a new student to the school on the first day of classes, so I had no idea where anything was. Obviously, I was on a time sechedule to make classes on time, and the people that attend this school were so extremely nice and friendly, and very helpful.


the variety or classes. there has always been something i discovered i would like to take and they always had every class i needed available


Friends and some instructors.


I believe playing a sport here is the best thing because I feel that I have made friends here that I will have forever.


my friends, the school, and professors.


Diversity and school spirit are priorites. They try to reach out to every student.


Most people are dedicated to their school work and there is always people around you can talk to. The school has a great environment.


My friends. Also, it's close to the beach which is nice. I have been extremely satisfied with some professors while indifferent to others.


UNF offers a very affordable college education. It's what you make of it. At UNF, it's up to the student to put in what they want to receive. Additionally, the availability of on-campus housing was nice. There were a variety of dorms to choose from, and in decent condition.


environmentally friendly and conscious


The people and the atmosphere that the school gives off. The school is very laid back and everybody is willing to help you out and be courteous. Also the beach is the main place to have a great time around here because the weather is great year round.