University of Northern Colorado Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The University of Northern Colorado is a school that I believe could accommodate just about anyone; it's a university with great students, supportive staff, and endless possibilites.


UNC is one of those school that actually care about their students, between the wonderful professors giving the students there lecture notes ahead of time to the absolutely beautiful and historic campus and the small class sizes it is an ideal school for many.


This school values their students to help fulfill their education to benefit their future and the other possibilities one is capable of obtaining.


Located on a beautiful campus, the University of Northern Colorado is a wonderful school to attend, not only because it's so aesthetically pleasing, but also because fellow students are so friendly and the professors here are knowledgeable and personable.


The perfect sized school for experiencing what college is about!


My school is fun really social and enjoyable its a blast to do and attend I really enjoy going to UNC


The University of Northern Colorado has helped me mold into the student i want to be and has initiated my motivation to excell at the universtiy and achieve the highest possible.


The University of Northern Colorado is a diverse and mellow school; that provides each student with the opportunity to make a difference.


Long-standing community university with easy access to resources.


The University of Northern Colorado is either loved or hated.


The University of Northern Colorado is made up of a strangely diverse group of students who make the school easy to fit in for any type of person.


My school is really great for what I am majoring in, and I really enjoy all that it has to offer, and all that I have, and am going to learn as the years go on.


Being a medium sized school, UNC incorporates a large amount of diversity in academics, activities, personalities, and ethnicities, but lacks the overwhelming qualities of larger schools with too much activity.


The University of Northern Colorado is the ultimate best choice ; it proves its worth over and over again.


The University of Northern Colorado is full of BEAR Pride and Spirit!


UNC is a "just-right" sized school with a huge network of activties that help bring to life who you are as you grow and become you you want to be.


My school is unique in every way.


It is a fantastic school for education programs and I definitley recommend this school to anyone with a further desire to help students to quickly apply to unlock the doors to helping other.


my school is awesome.


My school is the best because their is a great campus life where you feel right at home.


University of Northern Colorado is a well-flavored mix of ethnic diversity, academia, research, elevation, politics, and social opportunities.


The University of Colorado is currently where I go to school, where I hope to graduate, and eventually to use what they taught me to become a validated artist.


UNC is a top notch institution focused on the succes of their students while still creating a positive and fun atmosphere.


The University of Northern Colorado is a fantastic place to attend college because there are so many people to get to know and the education is great in that it isn't too easy but not to hard also.


UNC is part of a "small-town-America" community, about an hour away from the big city. It's quiet and beautiful but, somewhat boring if you don't have personal transportation. The campus is small yet VERY active. Central Greeley is mostly made up of UNC and West Greeley is mostly residential neighborhoods. There's a select number of bars and restaurants and only one movie theater/mall. Greeley is DEAD during the summer when school is out, so I wouldn't plan in living here year round. This school is a great place to study without distractions.


My school, The University of Northern Colorado, is full of fantastic caring teachers who take the time you need for help, they will adjust to help fit your schedule, are more than ready to, and it has a beautiful green campus.


The University of Northern Colorado is a well rounded school with many opportunites to get involved either through academics, sports/activities, or clubs.


The University of Northern Colorado is a small University but a school that takes care of business and does it for the students.


The University of Northern Colorado is a nice place for people who wanted to go to a four-year university, but don't want to deal with either living in a big town or go to a huge university.


The University of Northern Colorado is a very open and inviting community.


The University Of Northern Colorado is grounded in traditional yet is progressive with a fun, fresh, student-centered, innovative flare.


I am actually at the UNC Denver campus; this campus offers short block styled classes, with awesome teachers, a great apprenticeship program, and I love the small classes.


A small school for the north americans to unite.


UNC is a terrific, mid-sized university with several great programs of study including outstanding teaching, music, and business programs.


UNC is a fun, exciting, beautiful campus that is full of life


UNC is a place for people who want the college experience, without the big lecture halls: the campus is small enough where everyone feels like more than just a number but large enough where there are plenty of activties and opportunities for meeting new people.


My school has small class sizes and perfect learning enviornment!


Not to small, not to big, just right. Alot of different activities to engage in. Many different clubs. There are two campuses, central campus seems to be a bit quiter than west campus. Don't be shy, make friends and it will be the best college experience and you will make friends for a lifetime. I wish there were more interactions between students. Since this is a state school its hard to make friends at firts because everyone hangs out with their friends from high school but, don't be afraid to make friends everyone is open and friendly. Awesome!


The greatest university experience.


UNC is small, the town can be smelly, lots of crime and at times scary for a female, but very hands on and overall a good college experience.


I chose the University of Northern Colorado out of all of the other schools in the United States because I was looking into starting a career in education and in music, which this particular university has a strong emphasis in their programs for both of the career paths I want to take, and there is a much greater importance to the individual success of the students by the faculty because of the small number of students compared to many other universities.


There aren't many things to do but find some good friend and there will be lots to do


The University of Northern Colorado is a fun, not-too-big, academically strong school with exciting activites ranging from Bingo to Ochestra Concerts.


The University of Northern Colorado is not a party or sports school, it is a school that teaches those who go on to teach others.


Not too big; not too small; perfect size; comfortable atmosphere; amazing people - both students and staff - a place where you truly can make your dreams come true!!!